Most of the fat that you eat should come from unsaturated sources: polyunsaturated fats and monounsaturated fats. In general, ..... .read on

this article is from the CDC USA[center for disease control]

the government of usa publishes many articles on health and disease for general public.

these articles are reliable and extremely simple and easy to understand , and are

some of the best sources of information .

they are clearly above, in status, the text books for medicine students, in some restricted sense:

they are continuously edited and can be considered the consensus opinion in the the subject.

kindly encourage all to begin medical education from such sources.



Most of the fat that you eat should come from unsaturated sources: polyunsaturated fats and monounsaturated fats. In general, nuts, vegetable oils, and fish are sources of unsaturated fats. The table below provides examples of specific types of unsaturated fats.

Monounsaturated Fat SourcesOmega-6 Polyunsaturated Fat SourcesOmega-3 Polyunsaturated Fat Sources


Vegetable oils

Canola oil

Olive oil

High oleic safflower oil

Sunflower oil


Soybean oil

Corn oil

Safflower oilSoybean oil

Canola oil



Fish: trout, herring, and salmon

photo of olives, walnuts, canola oil, olive oil and fishPolyunsaturated fats can also be broken down into two types:

Omega-6 polyunsaturated fats — these fats provide an essential fatty acid that our bodies need, but can't make.

Omega-3 polyunsaturated fats — these fats also provide an essential fatty acid that our bodies need. In addition, omega-3 fatty acids, particularly from fish sources, may have potential health benefits.

How do I control my polyunsaturated fat and monounsaturated fat intake?

In general, nuts, vegetable oils, and fish are sources of unsaturated fats. The table below provides examples of specific types of unsaturated fats.

Monounsaturated Fat SourcesOmega-6 Polyunsaturated Fat SourcesOmega-3 Polyunsaturated Fat Sources


Vegetable oils

Canola oil

Olive oil

High oleic safflower oil

Sunflower oil


Soybean oil

Corn oil

Safflower oilSoybean oil

Canola oil



Fish: trout, herring, and salmon

Below are tips for including appropriate amounts of unsaturated fats in your diet:

Replace solid fats used in cooking with liquid oils. Visit Choose MyPlate – Daily Food PlansExternal Web Site Icon to learn more about your daily recommendations.

Remember any type of fat is high in calories. To avoid additional calories, substitute polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats for saturated fats and trans fats rather than adding these fats to your diet.

Have an ounce of dry-roasted nuts as a snack. Nuts and seeds count as part of your meat and beans allowance on the MyPyramid plan.

More Information on Fats

Dietary Fat

Trans Fat

Saturated Fat


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49 Replies

  • good source of information.Does it mean saturated fats are harmful

  • dear rao,

    no.roughly speaking and easy for memorizing:

    saturated fats10%

    mono un saturated 10%

    poly un saturated 10%

    thus the total 30 percent of dietary calories should come from fats.

    but recently the US recommendation shifted to 7% limiting in case of

    saturated fats.

    but NHS uk still continue with the 10 percent.

    it seems they mostly follow european union standards.[?],this last sentance i am not pretty sure.. australia and new zealand .these are eu countries , i know ,you know.

    for -other than US standards i just look in the diabetes UK.

    good luck.

  • please all,

    there is what is called indian national institute of nutrition NIN under icmr .

    they have a book and also we get in the net ..

    in this book they give combinations of oils.

    please read.

    "Hence, the choice of cooking oil should be as


    Groundnut or Sesame or Rice bran+ Mustard

    Groundnut or Sesame or Rice bran+ Canola

    Groundnut or Sesame or Rice bran+ Soyabean

    Palmolein + Soyabean

    Safflower or Sunflower + Palmolein + Mustard

    Use of more than one source of fat/oil has the added advantage of providing a

    variety of minor components in the diet. An additional way of increasing alpha-

    linolenic (n-3) acid intake is to ensure regular consumption of oils and foods rich in

    kindly read in the original by them =DIETARY GUIDELINES


    - A Manual


    Hyderabad – 500 007, INDIA

    good luck

  • This is why India has highest growth of CVD/CHD among developing nations.

    Check the Sydney Diet Heart expose on PUFA versus SFA. That study actually showed SFA is better than PUFA :)

    CDC's guidelines perhaps has cause CVD/CHD to be ranking as the top killer in America.

  • Indiacratus as per your coment ONLY 30 % FAT RE


  • dear nataraj,

    no.please read carefully

    saturated fats10%

    mono un saturated 10%

    poly un saturated 10%

    thus the total 30 percent of dietary calories should come from fats.

    these restrictions are for the healthy man.

    according to the world medical institutions,

    the diabetic also should follow the same food of the healthy man.because we need fruits vegetables and the like.

    every diabetic should follow the balanced and calorie limited food.

    and the doctor prescribed medicine.

    there are many people in this forum who are above 80 and perfectly healthy and is on insulin or tablets.

    you can find out

    good luck.

  • good advice.

  • dear somaiya ,

    please beware that there are false advices.internet is like a market place. all sorts of half learned persons advise against even the indian national institute of nutrition hyderabad.

  • How much has team of "FULL LEARNED" people at NIN reduced CVD in India? People who know nothing can never answer these questions because "cut paste" knowledge is no knowledge at all.

    India has highest growth of CVD in Asia. Can the NIN Hyderabad people answer why it is so and what have they done to control this (besides copy pasting CDC/AMA/AHA) and how much were their recommendations helpful?

  • @ultraduo

    Some are advicing others against advice from internet on the same place. :D

  • Shrisamarth -

    Yes, two sets of rules at play here. So, while they would never answer pointed questions, they want us to take "RANDOM" questions. This is height of HYPOCRISY :)

  • Indiacratus my comment not completed since the problems in internet the computer not able to connect the internet and i switched off .


    1 Your topic saturated fat 10 %

    2 mono unsaturated fat %

    3 poly unsaturated fat 10 %

    Totaly fat to be consumed by the person is 30 %

    so it is the diet programe fixed by ADA / W H O etc blog

    30 % fat 50 % carbohydrate and 20 % protein .

    O K most of the experts were think it is given by the drug company diet for diabetic persons and they said that it is stupid and nonsense food diet for diabetes.

    But it is apply only for healthy person

    My opinion Saturated fat may not bad for healthy persons and also diabetic / Since butter and Ghee is good which may be used entirely in India For coconut oil it is mainly used in the westren ghat section of karnataka and in Kerala States Some of the persons used VCO it is also coconut oil But this is not harmful

    My experieince that Butter and Ghee may not harmful iam not using VCO or Palm oil or Olive oil so I did not comment about unknown matters.

    further heavy protein consuming also damages kidney problems

    In my opinion heavy protein and heavy fatty oil ( It may be saturated poly unsaturated or mono unsaturated oil is by the persons diabetic who also have H B P and heart problems Diabetic and heart problems persons also more than 65 years may not used is good it definitely harms their body

    So it is better above 65 years of aged persons specialy diabetic avoid by using heavy fats and also proteins in very limited quantity

    This applies most of 90 % peoples provided some rare persons there resistance power and digestion capacity is good

  • Further In my opinion most of foreigner countries persons have more CKD and CVd than asian countries furher in India also most of non vegetarian persons have more CKD /CVD than carb eater vegetarians Since

    carbohydrate digested quickly only non digestion portion is stored in the body as fat If the person go for fast consuming only vegitabales in 1 or 2 days the fat portion from carb is digested completely it may not harm Though BSl level may raise some 5 or10 no. it is not harm it may controlable easily .

  • Sorry, most CVD related deaths are in developing world. India has the highest rate of growth in CVD as per WHO. Per capita consumption of carbs is the highest in these countries with higher CVD.

  • dear nataraj,

    the first para:


    if you quote from men like medfree

    nothing can be said.

    he always gives wrong knowledge polluting the forum.

    who says westerners have more disease?

    they have computers.

    here the doctor writs something in a paper.

    does anybody take statistics.

    even the medical shop man cannot read it.

    how it goes to statistics then?.

    most people do not test. dont know their disease.

    short life span you can take from death registers.

    it will show that they have a longer life span.

    second para.

    idont understand .

    write simple sentance.

    if you spend your time reading medfree writings

    you will waste my time.

    quote from mayo clinic,

    ida, ada and the like articles.

    you get into a whirlpool of doubts by reading medfre like persons

    then try to correct it

    it is great wastage.

    i cant help.

    do not read any of his presentations.

    good luck

  • Ask 160+ who switched to LCHF while Medfree was here if he was polluting. They will never agree with you or your theories.

    He seems to have been the most sought after person here as people were wanting him back when he left (not banned) . One or two people's opinion about him is irrelevant becuse they have nothing more than AMA/AHA to talk about and they refuse to even discuss medical reports --- I have checked many old posts on this forum to gather the real information about Medfree!

    Now the number is 400+ and no one says that they are misguided.

    (1) Can you disprove 50% Americans above 60 having metabolic syndrome?

    (2) Can you disprove that 1 American dies of CVD every 39 seconds?

    (3) Can you disprove one diabetic dieing every 7 seconds across the globe?

    Always remember, people who switch are not without their own mind. In fact they look at their medical reports more diligently.

    Let's talk numbers -- ie STATISTICS!!!

  • Please furnish the Statstics if avilable

    1 how much of diabetes in the world country wise ? also non veg and veg

    2 CKD /C VD diseases in India and other countries

    3 Food style

    1 LCHF 2 HPLC 3 HCLF 4 Consumption Fat

  • Search for yourself as I don't want to be attacked by you again. Sorry! I had posted about global percapita consumption based on developed/developing/other countries few days back after i was called FAKE by someone if I remember correctly..

  • Ultraduo seen your comment

    1 I am not against u in personnel but the difference may be from matters

    U think I am a member of Indiacratus But it is not sure .

    2 But I am against the critisises of Doctors and any blog which gives health tips at least for considering tips .

    3 So I am not against DR Berkinsten and DR mercola blogs also similarily any blogs

    4 I do not against members either in this group or any other groups.

    5 I will stright forward person to put the comment

    6 Now i am some busy let us meet onwards

  • Nataraj,

    I really don't worry about who is member of whose group. Grown up people don't think and act in groups. Group and Gang is OK for Gangsters, Politicians or KIDS. I am not from any of them. I am not looking for a "Pat On The Back" like some are craving for here. These are the guys who call others FAKE, Clone etc. I never expected grown up's to behave like kids.

    People who operate in gangs communicate over private message and then hit REPORT button, just like a KID goes crying back to momma when someone breaks his toy.

    We criticize doctors who push UNHEALTHY diet just because ADA/AMA/AHA says it is healthy. And, we jut don't criticize based on hot air, we have medical reports to back for what we say.

    And, some people who never tire self-glorifying themselves, they never answer any pointed questions on numbers. The guys spend all his time and energy to attack medfree or do some copy paste from some website and keep reminding visitors that he has been to Canada, Newzealand, USA, UK. He may have been to Timbuktu, how does that concern a diabetes blog? Visiting countries doesn't make anyone "intelligent".

    Just to self-glorify someone wants to rename LCHF to LCCF :)

  • 1 How much of Diabetic T2 persons die in every year age wise

    2 Whether the person Die for CKD /CVD only by complication of diabetes or other thing ?

  • i live in an english country some times.

    there you cannot get medicine with out a computer print out doctor precription.

    it goes to the central computer and so on.

    they have statistics.

    we do not know who has dvd or ckd.

    it is all his whim he propagates.

  • So even with computers they don't know how many are dying because of CVD every year? Then what use is that computer if they don't even know the data. The numbers are out in the open through various researches. Hunt for it. We don't make baseless claims because we research a lot -- I repeat a LOT more and much beyond 3 or 4 websites :)

    Staying in English country doesn't equate with knowledge.

    Ref AHAJOURNALS 2012 update and you will find 1 CVD death every 39 seconds. We don't talk on whims and fancies. But those who do always shirk away from discussing the REAL numbers and keep ranting that ignore medfree or don't follow LCHF diet :)

  • One of the reasons for high BP in diabetics is higher insulin levels in blood. Insulin is vasoconstrictor, besides of course higher insulin leading to depletion of Mg etc which also hardens arteries.

    On the diet recommended by so called experts and called as healthy for everyone, insulin level will always be higher so damages will always be greater. This is directly visible on ground also.

  • dear nataraj,

    these things the specialist scientists sit down for years to study and come out with a recommendation.

    we cannot alter it with out the same amount of studies,years.

    my knowledge is that

    if a person has usual and good lipid profile from his usual food, that of course be balanced , so that he gets all NUTRIENTS--then he need not worry about

    any fat imbalances.

    but if he takes unbalanced food, then also some people can get a balanced lipid profile.

    this does not prove that the antecedent food intake was good.

    it was BAD if that was not BALANCED.

    so be within the

    scientific recommendations.

    take a simple case.

    i will not elaborate--

    lot of typing..

    one person refuses to take carbs enough

    but eats fats in place. the indiacratus lccf.

    his body finding

    no carbs

    redirect the catabolism to degrade proteins for glucose in blood..


    1] protein deficiency

    2] work over load for liver, kidney and eventual damage due to the nitrogen removal works.

    we cannot study all these things and eat.

    follow the great men.

    you are really a person with a honesty of purpose.

    but follow the right weblinks.

    good luck

  • "but if he takes unbalanced food, then also some people can get a balanced lipid profile."

    Not some, almost ALL except those who are HYPER-RESPONDERS. People have gone OFF dangerous STATINS also.

    "this does not prove that the antecedent food intake was good. it was BAD if that was not BALANCED."

    Medical reports show nothing going wrong and at the same time drugs reduce drastically. So how can it be UNHEALTHY and NOT BALANCED?

    How and why? Just because AMA says so? AMA's theory of PUFA as healthy has been BUSTED, but people in authority take decades to accept their mistakes. Too much EGO at work I guess or too much money involved.

    AMA/AHA's theory of FAT is killing one American every 39 seconds because of CVD and 50% of population above 60 are suffering from Metabolic Syndrome USDA Food Pyramid???). ADA's diet is killing one diabetic every 7 seconds across the world, despite the drugs. How can that diet be healthy and balanced?

    There's no such thing as LCCF. No one refuses to eat carbs. Practically impossible. No protein deficiency as we eat proteins :)

  • I ndiacratus please understand my views

    1 I am not quoate any person idea either Medfree or any other member and also i am not favour or dislike of any person or any blogs

    2 i am like any healthy tip from any person or any blog I am not hesitate to keep it up

    2 Further please comment only things for the concerned topic but any members either in the forum or not ?

    3 It is my opinion that foreigners have great CKD /CVD

    more fatty food and also junk food ?

    problems since they consume more protein like eggs and

    4 it may not only in foregin countries also in India vegetarians is less CKD /CVD diseases than non vegetarians it is un officialy from sources from more famous hospitals

    5 I am not follower and also not favour of any blogs or links

    6 Further always u may said not understanding my

    english ? What wrong why my sentence not understand Of course some computer problem some spelling may be placed either any side ? It is not an english exam No members cannot says these words If u not wasteyour time to comment I may not help it is left to u

    7 scientests were make research and sting always but we may not believable?

    8 if u know the drugs avilable in 1990 now is banned why ? Then scientests cannot work properly ?

    9 So much drugs not only for diabetic also typhoid fever capsules like Reclor and terramycetin now not avilable ? is Why wether research fails or Doctor failes topush it or drug companies why stopped these drugs ?

    10 lastly so much anomaolies in the all fields health field is not only but we cannot make any thing

    for this we may criticise the Doctor or any blogs or drug companies there is no use

    india is independent countries all are free whatever cado So any system of diet or method may follow their interest but not critics not attacking any blog or Doctor and person so much difference is that is why different peoples are there no matching completely one to another

  • ok

    in the past i had seen you always asked mr medfrees doubts.

    he has created many clones .

    i had even doubted you are one of them.

    as you said

    it is my freedom to doubt.

    good luck


  • What U mean Indiacratus

    This is not good to seen the persons in inferior complex

    1 Is it fault I am asking Medfree or any other members comment and I ask what basis he said Similarly so many discussions yourself also however so much answer may be good but most of answer is only book content or website content ? How much believable ?

    2 Now I am also doubt about your coment what purpose ?

    3 Medfree as I am asking he give his Blood test report and share height and wt and he accepted he is some over wt but it not affected his Bs level and also he is drug free .

    4 But u can only share the link of the blogs and did not share your practical experience in this forum

    5 So much discussion I am asking more than 4 or 5 times why u are silent ?

    6 You may some knowledge from studing websites

    7 But when u comment and guidance posted in the forum it must be support of your practical experience

    8 When I may ask 4 or 5 times in previous discussions why u are fail to share your experience ?

    9 it shows your theory u may also not

    adopted ?

    1o What wrong u will find my sharing the discussions ?

    11 Can u point out in the discussions I may so much against LCHF members coment /They are also think I am a member of Indiacratus Group ?

    12 LCHF forum is not bad as u think ? Carbohydrate consumption in limit is good Only difference in consuming fats

    13 I already informed excess of fats for aging persons may not digested ? For this LCHF members like Meetu 77 and Ultraduo were against them However they may not used words like U

    14 There is the difference opinion in the discussion but we may treat as friendly matter and not attacking as enemy mood ?15 I think u understand my views

    15 Further any discussion start or any thing is left to your choice .

    wish u good luck God bless U

  • Nataraj:

    Actually there's only ONE complex - inferiority complex.

    Superiority complex is nothing but a defense mechanism to hide or conceal the inferiority complex.

    So I don't care about people who try to show off as being superior, because they are just concealing their inferiority :)

  • @natarj., dear nataraj., please understand indiacratus does not have diabetes.he has only psoriasis as per his admission in one of his posts. so please relax.

    2. be comfortable with whatever you eat. lchf or no lchf. actually u are doing well., and all this arguments are unnecessary with anyone. if medfree or ultraduo or meetu tell their ststistics., its good and encouraging for anyone to form a idea to select their menu or lifestyle accordingly. select your food according to body response and be happy.

  • indiacratus -

    Someone from from Anti SFA school of thought has created a clone of himself. Want me to name him? Please behave in a manner that suits your age (guess u r 70+) and not just make irrelevant statements.

    And , get over with your HATE & JEALOUSY against Medfree. Many have told you this in the past (as evident from old posts) but you seem to be overly obsessed with that user.

    For you anyone who talks LCHF is Medfree. This is precisely what is known as Hallucinating.

  • In the US one person dies of cardiovascular disease every 39 seconds. So this CDC/AHA/AMA recommendation is useless and junk science.

    Let them first demonstrate improvement on ground in the U.S. rather than talking same old failed thing again and again. Their degrees and education holds no relevance if they can't improve the figure with their recommendations and drugs being advised. CVD industry in America was worth $300 billion in 2008. Who would want this number to reduce.

  • Revisit of FUDGED (at that time) Sydney Diet Heart study busts the myth about PUFA being safer than SFA.

    First one clearly stated that AMA/AHA guidelines for PUFA are "Misguided". No wonder one American dies every 39 seconds of CVD, despite the experts and no wonder 50% Americans above 60 are suffering from metabolic syndrome.


  • Hi indiacratus,

    We've often been told of the connection between obesity and type 2 diabetes. Many Authorities advocate attaining a healthy weight.

    Most people are familiar with the advice that if we make an energy deficit of 500 kcal per day, by being more active and/or eating less, we will lose about 1lb of body-fat per week.

    I just thought I'd point out that when we do this, the 1lb of body-fat that we are using for fuel per week is animal fat, since we are mammals.

    As we are so often reminded, the majority of animal fat comprises of saturated fat.

    It's a rainy day here in central England.

  • Exercise more, drive hunger and then either "starve" or sit to eat carbs again. This is like "Keep Chasing Your Own Shadow" and never get to the target for long-term. Gary explained it beautifully in his award winning book why cal in cal out is a broken concept.

    It's rainy day too here, where I am In India :)

  • dear concerned,

    no doubt. loss of calories will have to lose weight.

    discrepancies if observed by anyone is only

    incorrect observation.

    the weight and calories is bound on the law of conservation of matter and energy,

    and what you talk about saturated fat:

    do you mean that

    since the stored fat inside the body is saturated fat

    our diet also could be composed of saturated fats.?

    how can this be significant and make sense.

    in that case the cow must have as well,

    saturated fat as its natural food.

    its natural food is zero fat grass.

    from the saturated fats the body makes cholesterol more rapidly . the hydrogen saturation ,the double bond and so on..and cholesterol in not needed beyond a limit.

    this is easily provable by mere statistics.

    reduce saturated fat in food,

    in cholesterol high people,

    and observe the hyper cholesterol emia also gets reduced.

    it is true that some people can handle saturated fats better.

    their cholesterol levels do not shoot up as much as in others.

    but then a general advice is tailored for all.

    with the advice- you watch your cholesterol.

    good luck..

  • "in that case the cow must have as well, saturated fat as its natural food.

    its natural food is zero fat grass."

    Have you ever seen a cow fed in villages? Have you ever seen the mix where they add oil cakes (they still have some fat left as checmicals are not used to extract oil in villages) to the feed? They add FAT to even COW's diet. Oil cakes are not ZERO FAT ;)

    The animals in zoo under a "DIET CHART" are more unhealthy than animals in jungles. We are humans We don't need scientists telling us what to eat.

    BTW, is cholesterol food natural for rabbits? If not then why did the great Russian scientist feed cholesterol to rabbits to prove cholesterol versus plaque theory to begin with? I am just asking because you switched from Human diet to Cow's diet. I know you will never answer because you normally have no answers to pointed questions.

    "it is true that some people can handle saturated fats better."

    WRONG, all on LCHF diet (except hyper-responders) handle SFA WELL.

    (1) How many in America do you think have normal LIPIDS, despite AMA/AHA/STATINS?

    (2) How many people with normal LDL die of heart attack in USA?. Answer is -- More than 50%. So this cholesterol theory FAILED in 50%+ No science (except JUNK & UNCERTAIN SCIENCE) will ever allow this big a margin of error for any theory. Oh yea, they may call this PARADOX and get away with it. Not for long though, because Internet is exposing them :)

  • The first law of thermodynamics states that energy is conserved in a closed system; our bodies aren't a closed system. Since you chose to bring up the laws of thermodynamics indiacratus, you can't just choose to ignore the second law. A calorie is a calorie would violate the second law - a study was done entitled that - you may want to take a look.

    Our bodies are not 100% efficient.

    You can keep your eye on your cholesterol; I'm ensuring my metabolic syndrome stays controlled. Let's compare experience in 20 years.

  • dear concerned ,

    this reply doesnt look like from you.have you got it from some one else. man or web?

    i am not interested , last, year , medfree brought a weblink from peter atia like this which i sugested

    as :

    improper application of the second law.

    if two men ingest equal calories do you think both will absorb the same calories from the

    intestine.not necessaeily.that is all the thermodynamics doubts of these people.

    peter attia was probably poor in maths and physics so left it and became a man talking half knowledge in medicine!!! i have only half read his exposition and felt he does not understand thermodynamics.

    .why should i study such a paper ?just because medfree or you sugest.?

    there are hundreds of other papers.

    if i sit down to explain medfrees doubts i will have no other time for any other work

    because he just goes to hundreds of website half reads it and come out to project it to the forum.

    at that time i also gave him

    a condition.

    if you want me to read your reply,

    give the relevant paragraph and a proper expression of the doubt.

    do not simply throw a paper onto me.

    he did not care .

    i dropped out.

    good luck

  • Your reply looks like we should do as you say and not as you do :-D We should pay attention to the first law of thermodynamics that you directed us to, despite the limitation that I outlined, yet ignore the second law, which is valid.

    The abstract is of course sufficient to outline the study and its conclusion.

  • mr concerned,

    i fail to understand you.

    let us close after one explanation from me since you have asked me for manners sake..

    the first law tallies only in side what is called the calorimeter.

    i have done all those experiments in my physics lab.

    inside the human body you have to take all precautions similar to the conditions of the harris benedict equation,

    you have to check up even the temperature and thermal capacity of the human excrement.otherwise how will you know how much heat escaped through that path,

    the sweat, the atmospheric temperature,the temperature of the air expelled and so on.weight density of air expelled....

    in general the body weight will fall if some one has consistently reduces food calories.a calorie is not a calorie is some mad man telling some nonsense.

    if you explain what you mean by the first calorie word then only the second calorie can be qualified.otherwise nonsense.

    the second law has absolutely no bearing in this calorie and human weight context.

    that is a statistical law regarding the kinetic nature of matter and mechanical transfer of heat on collision of molecules.

    when it was formulated by kelvin and Clausius ,Clark Maxwell formed a paradox out of it.that itself will tell you it is a probability.

    its nature explaining i will not be able go to sleep today or tomorrow ---sit down to teach for a month!!!!

    some one poor in physics just said 2nd law 2nd law 2nd law , that is all to it.

    , and in internet it goes on repeating like

    the 58 percent of protein converts to carbs.


    if protein , repeat if at all converted then the carbon skeleton is 58/60 percent that is the right answer.this was proved in the beginning of the 20th century.

    this i told him this 2 years back.

    yet he goes on repeating the same nonsense always.

    these calorie weight etc can be only aproximately varified in such case as the humans.

    that does not mean they are not valid for humans.

    if he wants to know he should become a student .

    not pretend to be a professor talking to another professor!!

    this drama i have seen many times.

    good luck and bye.

  • Why do you think I don't understand, just because I disagree?

  • Concerned - It's usual drama of self-glorification. His language speaks a lot. It's a one way ticket. He keeps on repeating the same old boring stuff against Medfree again and again :)

    Check one of his reply, he is now doubting you also to be someone else, just because you also talk low carb high fat. This guy is a non diabetic, out here just to show off his so called knowledge from so called 3 or 4 best websites. He thinks he knows more than Dr Peter Attia :)

  • To understand upto 58% protein converting to sugar first you have to understand ketogenic diet and ketogenic ratio. Learn that first by becoming a student yourself. Currently you simply lack the knowledge to discuss without abusing others. Who is mad? Let others decide :)

    Also, improve your sentence construction.

  • "if i sit down to explain medfrees doubts i will have no other time for any other work because he just goes to hundreds of website half reads it and come out to project it to the forum."

    I don't think you have the requisite knowledge or practical experience to counter whatever anyone (including medfree) on LCHF prove with their medical report. Medfree never had doubts, he clarified doubts and that's why he was loved while he was here, and people wanted him back when he left.

    Remember, when he left, number was 160, now its 400+. So no point trying to run him down. It isn't working ... I am sure you know that as you have been trying this since long I guess.

    Now, there are 400+ medfree's :)

    We all lead by EXAMPLE (medical reports) and not some publicity literature from AMA/ADA/AHA.

  • Saturated Fat fear is already dead among LCHF followers.

    National Dietary Advisory Council USA has already DITCHED the useless Cholesterol Restriction theory and relaxed limits on FAT in 2015 recommendations, after more than 35 years of wrong advise.

    It will take them another 35 years to ditch SFA theory. So we are decades ahead of them :)

    Time to end the "UNCERTAIN SCIENCE" guiding Nutrition policy:

    "Over the past 50 years, we cut fat intake by 25 percent and increased carbohydrates by more than 30 percent, according to a new analysis of government data. Yet recent science has increasingly shown that a high-carb diet rich in sugar and refined grains increases the risk of obesity, diabetes and heart disease — much more so than a diet high in fat and cholesterol.

    It’s not that health authorities weren’t warned. “They are not acting on the basis of scientific evidence, but on the basis of a plausible but untested idea,” Dr. Edward H. Ahrens Jr., a top specialist at Rockefeller University and prominent critic of the growing doctrine on dietary fats and cholesterol, cautioned back in the ’80s. "

  • What's happening here is another scientific law - a body (or mainstream opinion) will remain in a state of rest or uniform motion unless acted upon by an external force to do otherwise. And they continue to shut their ears to contrary evidence because they think they know better, or admitting their evidence is flawed may leave them susceptible to prosecution.

    Ignorance is no excuse in the eyes of the law, but if they continue to plead ignorant to the rising body of contrary evidence the ways of holding them to account seem limited, so for now they don't even have to admit they're wrong.

  • Millions across the world are proving them wrong. They will wake up on being thoroughly EXPOSED. USDA Food Pyramid Failed and got replaced by Plate. Give another decade and plate will also FAIL as nothing much has changed between the pyramid and plate.

    Currently Arrogance prevails, but that's not going to last indefinitely. Thankfully, we aren't listening to them as we know their advise is motivated by MONEY :)

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