all the 20 proteins in vegetables

the issue described in the post earlier to this :

Michael Bluejay describes that all the 9 essential amino acids and the total twenty amino acids are available even if we take a random mix of vegetables and fruits.

in other words we need not think that a vegetarian has protein deficiency .

it supports the view that vegans gets a supply of all the nutrients.

a vegan is a person who consumes only plant based food.even milk is objectionable for him.

kindly comment


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  • Protein isn't an issue; vitamin B12 is!

  • I have started B-12.

  • Vegans who do not take milk or milk products are deficient in B12. So they have either to take milk or its products OR take B12 supplements .

  • agreed.

    i think if they take whole grains they may get enough.

  • Unless whole grain is fortified with B12. Yes.

  • thanks for the information.

    however i am taking only the small yellow tablet per day.

    who knows whether it is also some fake tablet.

    many in our market is fake.

    earlier i was taking becadexamin capsule.

    did not find any difference in change over, in my personal observation.

    good luck

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