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The New SGLT-2 Inhibitor Class Diabetes Drugs Can Cause Diabetic KetoAcidosis

There's a new class of "wonder" oral drugs for Type 2 which are being marketed to diabetics for removing sugar through urine. While the idea sounds very novel and technically great on paper, many had predicted about UTI and other complications related to this drug, a new serious issue has come to forefront about this drug causing diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA). Read this before you pop this new "wonder" drug:


For those who don't know, Ketosis is not the same as Diabetic Ketoacidosis. I am making it a point to mention this because those who do not understand Low Carb High Fat diet always tend to mix up the two and then spread an unfounded scare against the diet, and this includes many doctors also.

None of Type 2 on LCHF (including those injecting insulin) diet that I know have ever gone into DKA. It's more of a TYPE 1 phenomenon.


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