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2 Minute Maggi Has Dangerous Lead Levels -- Nearing BAN In India?

Nestle has been pulled up in India. Maggi has been called off by Indian Army from all canteens and steps are being taken to BAN Maggi sales in India once sample from all states come. Nestle has been ordered to recall all stocks within 15 days from Delhi. Many department store chains have already stopped selling even before official ban.

High lead is a dangerous situation. So, what next?

Neslte has already lost 8000 crores in market cap after this news first came out.

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These type of noodles are useless and even harmful as a food item.


Well on TV it advertised as whole atta noodles so healthy, just because of more fiber and "Whole" atta :)


Finally it is BANNED.

They were selling MSG loaded stuff with a label of MSG free.

Banned in Nepal, Banned in Singapore if imported from India.

UK will go ahead with tests. As usual, Nestle will try and find fault with Indian labs as the CEO said that he is surprised to find such a big difference between India and their lab.

Lead content was 3X the permissible limit.


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