Dr Krisha McCoy, MS (Medically reviewed by Cynthia Haines, MD )

in everyday health on line magazine says

Making the right food choices is an essential part of managing both type 1 and type 2 diabetes, but there are some key differences.

No matter what type of diabetes you have, good nutrition is an important part of your diabetes management. A diabetes diet can help keep your blood glucose under control, keep you healthy, and ultimately reduce your risk of diabetes complications.

Whether you have type 1 diabetes or type 2 diabetes, your doctor probably will recommend that you consult a dietitian or a diabetes educator, who can design a diabetes diet plan tailored to you.

Your plan doesn't have to dictate exactly what foods you will eat, but it will give you general guidelines to follow so that you will consume the right combination of fat, protein, and carbohydrates to meet your needs — and live well with your diabetes.

The Essential Diabetes Diet

In general, people with diabetes should make sure their diet is balanced and healthy, which means including:

Plenty of fruits and vegetables

Lean, skinless meats, like chicken and turkey, and fish

Fiber-rich foods, such as peas and beans

Whole grains, such as whole wheat bread, brown rice, and whole wheat pasta

Low-fat or fat-free dairy products

Limited intake of fat and salt

Beyond these basics, diabetes diet recommendations do differ somewhat for people who have type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes.

Type 1 Diabetes Diet Recommendations

When you have type 1 diabetes, your body doesn't produce insulin on its own and you need to take insulin, usually by injection. Since your blood glucose levels can change dramatically, depending on how much food you eat and how much activity you are doing, you need to carefully balance your food intake with your insulin dosage. This may involve:

Working with your diabetes health care team to create a personal meal plan — guidelines to help you choose foods for three meals and between-meal snacks

Monitoring your blood glucose levels and making adjustments in your meal plan to keep those levels under control

Carbohydrate counting — closely monitoring your carbohydrate intake — since carbohydrates have the biggest effect on your blood glucose levels

Learning how to adjust your insulin dosage to handle special food situations, from office parties to holiday buffets

Diabetes Diet: Type 2 Diabetes Diet Recommendations

In some cases, insulin is required to manage blood glucose levels in people who have type 2 diabetes. If this is the case, it is important for you to balance your insulin with your food intake, as described above. But for most people with type 2 diabetes, blood glucose levels can be managed through diet, exercise, and oral diabetes medications.

The goals of type 2 diabetes diet recommendations are generally to achieve or maintain a healthy weight and reduce the risk of heart disease and other common complications of type 2 diabetes. Weight loss is often an important part of a type 2 diabetes diet plan, since obesity is a major risk factor for type 2 diabetes.

Dietary recommendations for people with type 2 diabetes typically involve:

Eating a balanced diet that is low in fat

Avoiding consuming empty calories that come from foods that are high in calories, but low in vitamins and minerals

Watching portion sizes and calorie intake in order to achieve or maintain a healthy weight


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  • Indiacratus was crying hoarse about the same balanced diet for diabetes, which is universally accepted and followed .

  • Whatever can reduce dependance on drugs and let a diabetic achieve non diabetic numbers is the real balanced diet. Rest all is same old wine in a new bottle. Million who are against such a low fat theory and attain great numbers decades after decades can't be wrong too. If diabetic reduces insulin by 50 points and yet attains A1C of 5.5 his diet surely can't be any bad, no matter what the experts say. But, it is not surprising that doctors keep silent when they are told that numbers are being achieved on lower drugs.

    Recently a Type 2 from Bangalore went off Blood sugar drugs, statins and BP medicines within 12 days of switching to what some call Unhealthy (without any proof) here. Sugar readings same as non diabetic, BP normal. he is thrilled so will soon start educating other diabetics in Bangalore. Internet has really become a powerful medium and nothing works better than "seeing is believing". We see how health has gone down across the globe on a so called healthy diet.

    Medical reports are the best experts.

  • Ultraduo u are good knowledge and good control diabetes without drug . can u share

    1 what is your age and and in which age u are noticed as diabetic

    2 What r the drug u consume when noticed diabetes

    3 what is your diet system whether veg or non veg

    4 share your complete blood test report when u noticed diabetic and now it helps to other members to followed to control the diabetes without drug

    5 As best of my knowledge there is no diabetic diet is found . As per Doctor and dietecian advised we may followed the diet system

  • Nataraj -

    I specifically did not answer it immediately on purpose as I was expecting a jab from someone who has never posted any such detail that you have asked me. It didn't take long -- their behavior is so predictable. So here's the reply:

    1. 54/47

    2. None. None so far also.

    3. Primarily an egg eating vegetarian. Though I do not mind eating chicken twice or thrice a month. 2 Eggs with yolk is inseparable part of my life. All dairy is full fat.

    4. Complete blood reports would be too long to post, running into a 20+ page Done around 6 months back and since my reports have been consistent, now i do complete profile check once in 2 years now).

    But relevant info for you as a diabetic -

    A1C 5.4

    HDL45/LDL90/TG90/VLDL18/hsCRP negative/ESR 4/

    KFT/LFT normal/Thyroid normal/CBC normal/Electrolytes normal/ VitD lower (at 22) , B12 normal

    Changes: My HDL (38) has increased, TG dropped from (180) the day I was dx'd diabetic. Serum creatnine has dropped from 1.1 to 0.7, SGPT dropped from 54 to 30. A1C from 7.8.

    Other parameters have remained almost consistent for 7 years.

    5. Sorry, I don't follow that stupid high carb low fat diet.

    Before you ask, I follow LCHF diet, as per what I mentioned in my reply to your other post.

    2TBSP VCO and 1 TBSP VOO are also inseparable part of my life. Add to this ghee, butter, cheese etc for cooked stuff. So 3 TBSP oil alone gets me around 390 kcal with zero carbs. Add 100 grams nuts and it adds up to around 1000 kcal with just ~20 grams carbs. So this gives me freedom to enjoy 1 Butter loaded paratha (not Long Wheat) everyday, along with raita, daal, salads, vegtables etc.

    I haven't seen any of my cardiac parameters go bad on such a high fat (lot of saturated fat included) diet. PUFA loaded industrial oils where toxic chemicals are used to extract and process, I avoid. They are unhealthy and heart unfriendly.

    If seven years did not do any visible damage, I am sure even seventy will do none. I believe my medical reports more than what Ancel Keys said about SFA. And, I am not alone to say this.

    I think you have asked many LCHF critics and few self-proclaimed diabetes experts here to post their diet /drugs many times but have hardly found them respond to you. But, in less than 18 hrs someone lost his cool, just because I didn't reply. Amazing!!! I am expecting another long copy paste of a rant against High fat diet soon.

    My diet will not help skeptics, but it helps people who are willing to change. I just hope that now you don't ask for my birth certificate, marital status and full pdf report, ecg graphs, anatomical details, and a full CV with photo etc.

  • very nice and genuine reply ,wholehertdly answerwed. thanks duo. :). how i wish others can answer with the same integrity and tone.

  • Thank you!

    When I look back at posts from other LCHF diabetics, some have answered. Few who do not believe in LCHF have spent most of their time and energy just attacking LCHF. Now American Nutrition panel has suggested removing dietary cholesterol restrictions and also ease FAT restrictions. Wonder what happens to all the WebMD articles once this becomes the guideline. I think Mercola, Attia, Volek and others will have the last laugh :)

  • Mr Nataraj and Sridhar

    Can you analyse the diet followed with the recommended diet in the post and inform the difference ?To my understanding the difference is in the low fatdairy products and limited consumption of fat and salt. Is my understanding correct or wrong? If wrong where is it wrong?

    If one has hba1c reading of 5.4 can he be diagnosed as diabetic? If not which doctor recommends medicine or dietary restriction? Why is it necessary to follow the diatary protocol even after reversing diabetes as claimed?

  • BTW, I am presuming A1C 5.4 is wrt my post. My A1C at Dx was 7.8 and I was a confirmed diabetic by any standards.

    5.4 is with LCHF since around 6.5 years and in the most recent report. We believe in protocols which every diabetic on LCHF talks, because we don't believe in diabetes being "cured".

    Remission =/= cure. None of who achieve this prefer to switch back to eating what caused diabetes. We just follow our own medical reports.

    About fat & cholesterol the thoughts are changing even among the nutrition advisory panel in USA -

    Yes, they will take another 35 years to stop blaming SFA (they took 35 years to step back on fat and cholesterol). So we are at least 35 years ahead of them for SFA now. We are sure it will change.

    The difference between posted diet and my diet is in HIGH FAT (includes lot of saturated fat too) that I eat, restricting carbs down to ~20% of total energy needs. Give or take few basis points.

  • @ rajivrao, Sir,would it really matter. At this point of time can u change your diet even if proven otherwise correct. Why this meaning less debates.

  • sridhar1

    Three million in Britain alone must also be fake because they follow the dreaded Atkins diet according to a survey.

    I say dreaded because that's also anti ADA diet. And the surprising part is more than 2/3rd of them recommend it to others, although AHA claims that Atkins diet causes heart attack etc, but when challenged by Atkins staff, AHA failed to respond to request. So wonder how sound is AHA's claims.

    Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Sharon Osbourne (there are many, I am just naming two popular ones) have also claimed that they follow Atkins diet.

    You want to know another astonishing fact?

    "And only one per cent of Atkins dieters in the YouGov poll thinks that recent medical research proves it poses a serious threat to health. The success of the Atkins Diet has been blamed for a slump in sales of pasta, potatoes and rival slimming products."

    So, obviously Atkins diet will be painted in bad color. If one death occurs in 3 million Atkins diet is BAD, whereas one diabetic dies every 7 seconds but High Carb Low Fat diet is HEALTHY. Nice logic!!!

  • @duo., the problem lies in adaptation. i am convinced about adaptability to any diet with conviction. it works. finally alls well that ends well.

    ex. healer bhasker., jon gabriel etc.

    even if illogical according to ADA., they were quite the same time ADA cannot be taken lightly in view of their research be it funded or otherwise.

    where things boil down is the BODY responding favourably to stimulus.

    here it zooms to everybody fighting their own battle., with generic diets like lchf or toatlly vegan or paleo etc.

    all of them work. which suits whom is nobodys guess. but obviously on a larger scale LCHF wins handsdown.


  • sridhar1.

    Dr Aseem Malhotra is a "young" Indian origin cardiologist in the UK. I said young because the real hope is going to come from younger generation.

    He took on the might of Sir Rory Collins on STATINS through an article published in BMJ. There was an editorial oversight wrt one number and Sir Rory Collins wanted two articles (one from him and one from another author on same subject STATINS side effects) retracted.

    In the long drawn battle do you know what happened? Sir Roy Collins (who hold Statins very close to his heart) bowed down and agreed to look into the safety angle of Statins. He was told to submit a paper to counter Aseem's paper, but he did not ;)

    But, arrogance prevails and he said he cannot release the safety data supplied by Pharma company for others to scrutinize. Only he will scrutinize. What do you think the outcome will be? This is what happens when authority translates into arrogance.

    Want to know another number? Dr Aseem Malhotra says that there's data that in the US, 1/3 of patients get no benefit from drugs that they are given. And he says it with conviction all over BBC. Fortunately no one will call him quack because he practices mainstream and says "DITCH the Drugs" because GP's are overprescribing :)

  • Ragivrao

    Your coment is good one.

    1 For non diabetic persons whatever consuming the food which may be marriage occasion or anything high loaded sweets with banana leaves heavy full meals then also his fugure after meals tested it must be below 140. this person is non diabetic .

    2 For diabetic persons should always calculated his food , and his adjusted quantity of carbohydrate quantity very less and tested his figure will come below 120 - 130 For this he cured the diabetes on my method of diet it is surpriasing one one of the 8th or 9 th wonder of the world .

    For survival purposes all diabetic persons to be adjusted their diet for to reach the level of normal range .

    Further even some of person HBA1C below not only 5.4 also 5.1 if cannot control the diet as the same manner his bood sugar may spike increasingly if tested as whatever diet he may consumed his HBA1C

    definitely eon above 8 or9.

    once noticed as diabetic healways diabetic there is no wonder to happy as I am controled ?

    The diet challenging the food should continue to our life.

  • A beautiful response indeed...

  • Very informative.Please read what AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION has to say about the same subject in the link below.

  • But, dietary cholesterol has no relation to serum cholesterol or SFA. LIPIDS improve when carbs are cut down to 20% and fats increased. How come?

  • Well and good.You have no faith in ADA,AHA,MAYO,HARWARD etc.That is understandable.But some others like me do have faith in them and getting satisfactory results(as per our expectations,of course).

  • Ramana 42 your opinion is accurate .. Some of lchf followers not believe in Doctors and ADA AHA MAYO etc they believe only Diet Doctor and Dr Mercola blog. But that is also good But blamed Doctor and drug companies is not good I am already posted above that Some of Doctors may not treat properly and may give higher doses and higher cost of medicine But for this do not blame Doctors and Drug companies Some of 10 % people may have bad opinion and they may be suffered but remaining 90 % people believe and Drug company.

    For just think If Doctors and drug companies is not more what the fate person.

    Diabetes may be control in early stage by strict diet and reduce maximum amount carbs But later stage when the body resistance power reduces gradualy disease also on higher side . For diabetes the insulin production gradualy decreases then at least drugs and insulin must used .

  • Nataraj

    What you say about every diabetic needing drug maybe true but I cannot comment on that since I haven't reached that. So, even if i can avoid drugs for 15 years that takes me to 62 years of age from being diabetic. 15 years of drug free life as a diabetic is a great life isn't it? I think I can reach that age without drugs if I look at the consistent levels that my medical reports show, unless of course pancreas conks off for no reason.

    However, i beg to differ on "early stage" diabetics benefiting from diet alone. Diabetics with 2 decades of diabetic history have gone off drugs completely for everything - sugar, bp, lipids. Resistance power is more related to immunity whereas diabetes is more related to carb intolerance. Some prefer to cover the intolerance with drugs, we prefer to eat less of it and avoid drugs.

    Also, the phrase "early stage" is confusing. If sugar levels are 350 and A1C of 13+ at diagnosis is that early stage? Even with those reading people have come down to A1C of 5.1/5.4 without drugs.

    On there's a diabetic on ketogenic diet with grandchildren and he still takes no drugs. I think you can find many such cases. At the end of the day, it's the HIGH carbs that is doing the damage in diabetics, bit by bit.

  • dear mr ramana,

    please keep the faith with out fail,

    otherwise next time when a person beloved for you

    gets sick

    you have to use the all american MRI.


    why go so far. even the thin needle of the diabetics syringe could not have come except for laser technology.from usa?

    more than 50 percent of all Nobel prizes in physiology and medicine after the

    1950s went for US scientists

    one person in this forum who has been constantly saying mayo clinic nonsense has been consuming thyroxine

    with out knowing it was developed by the mayo clinic doctors.

    it is impossile take any medical or technological something with out the american connection.

    the very computer we type now from Charles Babbage onwards to present day super computers is an all American innovation.

    dont use computers-- it is american finding!!!

    good luck

  • Dear Readers,

    The site keeps us logged for hours and whenever a reader interacts with information provider, the result is usually a BIG BLANK. Are you feeling the same problem , if yes please speak out from the core of your heart.

  • dear dev,

    could you get the long wheat? how is your son?. hope everything ok.

    good luck.

  • No, Sir. My son is getting thinner & thinner, finding absolutely difficult to walk at all. I think it is a curse that we are to look after him at this age( more than 70 years) of parents. Tax rebate u/s 80 ddb is nothing as compared to the agony borne by parents and the patient.

  • yes sir .i agree . this is a great agony.

    in old age if children have problems our life hapiness is gone.

    have yo got grand children.

    some how take confidence and pull on.

    never give up sir . fight back till the end .

    all my mind and good wishes with you.

    good luck

  • Some of lchf followers used 100 gms carb and some of them says 140 gms and others used 45-55% of carb to be consumed Can u explain detail how much carb should be consumed by a diabetic persons and what is the ratio for insulin / carb

  • Mr Nataraj

    You have asked the details of age,diet etc. 18 hours back, from the person who had the temerity to blog nonsense here every hour or two earlier.He is silent now after your questioning. Why? He is a fake for someone who has been not coming here since 15 days probably the owner of a site for such nonsense He cannot expose himself. Earlier one with ID HIDDEN was appearing now disappeared. He was none other than Medifree banned long time back. This HIDDEN about four months back had confessed in this forum that he was drinking low fat milk and eating low fat cheese. It is not high fat diet by all standards. He is also not seen now He appears to have realised that he is a fake. It is unfortunate that such persons come here ,criticise genuine medical information and conveniently disappear.

  • Since I replied, I think your judgment of being FAKE etc bites the dust. I don't blog nonsense. How can anything that makes sense by medical reports be nonsense, unless of course medical reports and thyrocare (or other labs) is also nonsense.

    Someone, the other day, called the largest study on SFA having no relation with CVD as FAKE. I think then Dr Axe (whom you quoted the other day) must also be talking nonsense, because he also says cancer feeds on sugar:

    and also talks about coconut oil and palm oil:

    I think Nataraj will tell you that many haven't answered his same question. They postponed their answers ad-infitum, whereas I just took 18 hrs and your patience ran out? So, by that measure are they FAKE too, because they still haven't answered?

    Rest of your post also made no sense since I have replied. Looks like LCHF has done so much good to our brains also. We don't get irritated at all and no one on LCHF will ever talk LOW FAT dairy for sure. In LCHF circles we say Low fat milk is not even a good Cat Food. For cheese we look for the hardest variety with highest fat :)

    As for the HERO Medfree, check this out:

    He left after convincing 160+ diabetics to switch to LCHF. He was never banned. He deleted his own account before leaving. Those who know the fact will never say he was banned. More here:

    It did not take me long to know the details by using a simple search box :)

  • Nataraj -

    We follow 20% CARBS for energy and that's what we talk about as LCHf.

    LCHF can be a lose term if you try and understand from ADA's perspective. As per that, anything below their recommendation is low and anything above their recommendation for FAT is high. So 40% C, 40% Fat becomes low carb high fat. Sorry, we don't go by that definition.

    As for I:C ratio, it will vary from one person to another, but probably can be correlated with Insulin resistance more specifically.

  • Mr Nataraj

    ADA standard has flexible approach to diet for

    diabetics. They say that diet has to be

    individualised looking to each diabetic based

    on his age his sugar level evidenced by

    medical reports checked by the doctor and his

    physical activity interpreted by him. The doctor prescribes diet in terms of k cal and not in terms of grams of food intake. The information given here is basically confusing and possibly deliberate. I have tried to understand what he says and this is the position.

    Suppose the doctor recommends to you a diet of 2000kcal per day,40% carb comes to 800kcal and equivalent @ 4grams/per lcal works out to 200grams.In case of fat if it is also 40% works out to 800kcal.Since fat is more dense and assessed at 9 grams per cal it works to 89 grams. Now balance 400kcal of protein which is a form of sugar @4grams per kcal works out to 100grams

    The ratio in short for C:P;F in terms of weight is 200:100:89 or in terms of percentage is 51:25:23 .

    The real confusion is not ADA prescribed diet but converting kcal into grams which a layman

    depends upon.

  • Ultraduo Thanks for sharing your input. Most of lchf followers and also non lchf followers are not sharing their reports only they comment But together with comment it is necessary to how they maintain in health about what they comment the theory .

    Further any member may not insult to another members and forced to use this type of or another type of diet or medicine

    Firstly this is the forum for which it helps to share the experience and knowledge one to another

    My self I am already for several times share my blood report what I have tested for if u want to it please search previous discussions

    Further If u going job u may good luck but do not leave this blog At least acting members and their knowledge is important

    I am not forcing your date of birth or any certificate to

    justify the result of blood test I believe every member and their post which is their knowledge. But there may be some different opinion Good thing is if we not agree that comment we may leave it and help to friendly discussion in this group.

    I am also member of so much forum but here all kind of people there so it is not one way so difference of opinion

    Another member who also follower of lchf he also used words and attacking some of members ( They also attack with each other ) But totaly out of whichno one cannot share their blood test reportandhow they control practically .

    it may not use for me but according their comment and guidance but it may help all the members how they control in practically

    O K Good luck in new job and continue this blog and active

    justify the test result .

  • If you go by numbers, LCHF diabetics have shared more secrets right from day one than those who spew venom against them. That said, speaking for myself, I haven't attacked or insulted anyone here so far, but got insulted by a few here. They start it as a matter of habit it seems as they seem to be at complete loss of decency. Some of them don't even understand polite requests and keep issuing certificates of being fake or genuine. Looks like everyone who follows LCHF is FAKE or is Medfree as per them. If that's so, then there are 400+ Medfree's now :)

    Someone called me FAKE for no reason. I have replied politely to him and waiting for next round of insult :)

  • Did the contents of the post say anything wrong on the diet.?

  • Mr.Rao,I have a small doubt.Pl clarify.The human brain is reported to be consuming 20% -25% of our energy by way of glucose energy.That goes by default.But,when the body is facing hypo or during fasting,it can also use energy from ketones.My question is,by restricting carb intake to 20%of our diet,are we not creating a situation,where per force, the liver has to supply ketones to keep the brain going?Are we not deliberately creating ketoacidosis,which reportedly very bad for health?

  • Ketosis =/= ketoacidosis.

    Most common mistake that most make when talking against LCHF.

  • Keytone levels are different in ketosis and ketoacidosis.

    When one is consuming 20% energy from carbs that person is not said to be in ketosis.

  • Do you think one can metabolize stored FAT to ketones while body is going into HYPO -- presuming HYPO is drug/insulin induced?

    I doubt, because most hypos insulin is running very high and this can never allow fat to metabolize to produce ketones. That's why one faints.

  • Mr Ramana42

    your doubt can be clarified as below

    There is no doubt brain is greedy of glycogen as its fuel. In case of this being not available in case of starvation body tries to convert fat by complicated biochemical process into glycogen but this process can happen if our body has some amount of insulin. Other wise there will be uncontrolled conversion to ketones which is known as ketoacidosis which is acidic in nature and harmful. In case of diabetics2 the possibility of availability of insulin through pancreatic action depletes with age and in such a situation

    there is possibility of uncontrolled release of ketones which circulate in the blood .There is thin difference between controlled release of ketones and un controlled release of ketones. It is all a matter of number. Main thing is as we age we need to worry about ketoacidosis as against ketogenesis.

  • BTW, FAT converts to Ketones not glycogen by and large. DKA is mainly a Type 1 phenomenon, though 1 latest class of drug which releases sugar through urine is said to have caused DKA in Type 2.

    Blood sugar levels will also be very high before DKA sets in. For those who monitor blood glucose at home, DKA will never be a concern, no matter what the age is.

  • Great.

    Dr Andrew Weil is another doctor and critic of High Carb Low Fat theory.

    He said -

    It now appears that many studies used to support the low-fat recommendation had serious flaws.

  • LetsGetfFree your comment with experieince is good u are T2 for 15 years now u stopped 3 tablets. O K your controling diabetes is good HBA1C is also decreases gradualy keep it Godbless u with good healthy.

    For diabetes in early stage if we noticed then at moment if we care take by strict diet and go thorugh small excercise or walk at least15 minutes it is completely curable until we have doing the same thing

    In early stage we neglect and diet system not done carefully and we may not given body to any pain then body became fat ove wt and obesity forms this is more chances of unutilised insulin.

    The balance maintaining the insulin from the person is main important

    Genaraly T 2persons hav some insulin difficiency or his body not used insulin properly. That is why Doctor prescribed tablets

    not only tablets we must strict diet follows and some excercises and walking body became flexible and helps to insulin movements when the insulin movement is O k then excess sugar in the body is easily digest .

    For lchf system restricting the carb is main it is good Because main source of diabetes is excess of sugar in blood Grains have more carbohydrates it esasily spikes the BS level

    Further for saturated fats and others u are already posted

  • Ultaduo Good matters fromany sources i am the first person to accept itand try to follow .

    But following your comments is not good for society and as human being .

    1 Why u are always rashing about ADA mayo and other blogs and drugcompany and drug ?

    2 Since u were any effect fromthese medicines and these forums it is better to ask in personal to that blog and drug companies But do not use this discussion forum foryour attack

    3 Same thing another member he join this group on oct 26 2014 Very first his discussion he attacking several members of this forum and Doctors and ADA and drugs . U are also join this forum just 15 days may 20 2015 u are also do the same thing

    4 both u are join this forum to attacking some members and Doctors and drug companies /

    5 Please remember in your any series condition happens u are given only Lchf food system u cannot taken the help of Doctors and drugs

    6 without any drug and medicines without Doctors is is possible to maintain the health in all diseases Either MD or Ms these are necessary ? All r thinking in your own way then all Doctors and also medical colleges to be closed with immediate effect And all drug companies should be closed and burried immediately

    7 This is possible by u or your friend .

    8 For what purpose u and your friend join this forum after more than one year passed in Dlife India forum.

    9 I appreciate the Dlife India forum their administration and other members their activity i am also member of that forum

    10 For any question against for Doctors u will always coated Doctors interview with Anup.

    11 yes it is common One Anup is good character and good control diet person but all of u is it possible He noticed diabetes immediately within 3 months he controled by strict diet But everyone is not possible to convert Anup and his character and his thinking capacity and also his behaviour to other members.

    12 For this I am already given answer for his quiery in previous discussion u may also read it or now time search .

    13 further any system u followed there is no objection to others but do not press others and criticisng diet pattren of HCLF This forum also non lchf followers have good control in their diabetes and no complication faced until more than 20 years also.

    14 my figure is also very good when comparing to your figure. i am taken limited drugs

    Glimiryl 1-0-0 and metaformin 0-1-1

    But your self or most of lchf followers consumed

    1 ALA 300 mg 1-1

    2VCo daily 30 or 40 gms for one month

    3 Butter and ghee may be 1 kg each

    4 suprydan multivitamin tablets quantity ?

    5 Vitamin B12 and Vit D

    6 Almond peanut and pista quantity yourself share

    7 paneer and cheases

    for non veg eggs and mutton and chicken

    Further Dal and vegitables id not count because all of them may use

    15 Lastly if u c oment these type by Attacking ADA mayo or any blog drug company and Doctor there is no use in this forum. u are not having solution here . It is better u may go to drug companiies and c protest do not prepare drugs if any friends help and support u may use their help Wish u goodluck your attacking nature will success .

  • Sorry by mistake Vco i 30-40 gms per daily

  • My diet helps me keep my mind cool.

    So I don't give character certificates or pass judgments on fellow bloggers :)

  • U are also one of the fellow bloogers your advise for ADA Mayo or Doctors or durg companies not necessary U may not use any medicines u may not going to any doctors there is no bother to others and also no one cannot beg u come with me take drug and consult with me take treatment .

    Every person have to control their diseases their own way by doctors advises and medicines every person knows completely that any series conditions or any incidets happens then Doctor and medicines only help them

    That is why this forum have more lchf followers but they are not coment any thing similarily other members also because they are not waste their time in these non solvable issues further I am also not interest to continue with u these discussion u always think that My cat can not drink milk

  • I don't think there's any official gag order that one cannot criticize ADA/AMA/AHA/Mayo/Drugs

  • if u get any benefit from any one to criticise ADA/AMA/AHA/MAYO/drugs u can do it We do not bother for your benefit yes your benefit will incresases more and more God bless u good luck for your benefit may double or thrible at an early Date thanks for respond

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