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I was a diabetic since 2013. After Allopathic medication for a year, now it is under control. My FBS was 98 mg/dL & PP was 110 mg/dL. This test was done very recently ( Dated. 30-04-2015)

I was suggested by the well wishers in this forum that to maintain the sugar level, if Costus Igneus , an insulin plant, which is also called as SUGAR KILLER commercially, if taken 2-3 leaves daily in empty stomach, will control the sugar level.

I was also told by some of my well wishers that if it is consumed daily, though it will take care of sugar level, it will damage the kidney of the person , who takes this leaf regularly.

I want to know from Ayurvedic, Allopathic or any medical practitionerexperts or any diabetologist suggestion that is it really harmful?. I am getting mixed reaction. A section of people is for and some section warn me of the negative consequences. I am in a fix.

I therefore through this forum request qualified doctors to throw some light on this issue. It would be well appreciated.

I would love to get well wisher's response in this matter. Eagerly waiting for sincere reply




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