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Study Finds That Nearly 35% Of U.S. Adults Have Metabolic Syndrome

Nearly 35 percent of all U.S. adults and 50 percent of those 60 years of age or older were estimated to have the metabolic syndrome in 2011-2012, according to a study. The metabolic syndrome is combination of health conditions (such as obesity, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, poor lipid profile) that contribute to cardiovascular illness and death.

So, how healthy is the healthy high carb low fat diet?

This shows that the longer that you live on it, the worse you would get. The so called healthy diet is making people sick.

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It is over eating that causes this problem.When up to 1000 cal burgers are flying off the shelves like there is no tomorrow,it clearly means that nobody is following any kind of diet control.This fact is underscored by another observation that among children, obesity levels are sky rocketing beyond acceptable levels,primarily because over eating and not participating in physical activities at least for an hour daily.I would rather blame the TV and game show consoles for this problem


It's the carbs that cause the main problem. America's outdoor recreation industry is six times the size of entire Indian tourism industry so one just can't believe that Americans are lazy.

Average expenditure on things like cycling and outdoor sport is more than what average American spends on flight tickets. 50% of people above 60 having metabolic syndrome just can't be blamed because of no activity or burgers. The cereal demand in America is down and that's why companies like Kellogg's are struggling year after year in America and developed countries but finding great market growth in India, Latin America etc.

Why is it that this epidemic has blown up after the low fat FAD? We just can't be putting all the blame on burgers. Problem is High Carb Low Fat diet. Period.


Yes, PUFA loaded oils are most heart unfriendly oil, irrespective of what white collared scientists in labs say. Who funds their research?

Indian numbers are slightly better at around 15% I think, but the way high carb low fat HARMFUL diet is being marketed, it won't be surprising that we will beat America in a decade or two.


Yes, India, Latin America and emerging markets are next destination of the high carb low fat food industry. That includes the mighty Kellogg's and General Mills both of which are losing business in developed world as people are rejecting their cereals and switching to healthy options like eggs, nuts etc, all high fat :)

A look at their balance sheets will reveal the real truth. Best way to get over with this is LCHF diet. Revolution doesn't happen in textbooks. Indians are now challenging even the history textbooks which were written with Jawahar at the center stage :)


over eating any thing becomes stored in the body and became fat. it is like e a bank balance if we put money it increases and ifwe withdrawn money it will loose . Similaily our body also having some food . if we consume limit the food of the body capacity then there is no diseases. If we take heavy more food it cannot digest and

un digest food became fat for which heavy consuming the food burden to liver and blood circulation so all diseases occur it has high chances body resistance power .

American country all are rich people they use car for everything They use heavy mutton and eggs For I do not perfectly but one nes found me that Americans may have CVD and Ckd diseases and also Diabetes.


Find a reason why they overeat?

All experts say they overeat but never tell you WHY?

Problem started after the 80's when carbs started increasing and fat started decreasing. Experts only said sedentary lifestyle but never blamed the politically forced dietary changes aka USDA Food Pyramid. They still don't.

Australia is also rich but there diabetes is just around 4%. Why?

India and China isn't that rich but these two have highest % of diabetes in the world. Why?

If your liver doesn't store more than 150 grams glycogen, even healthy people don't need more than 150 grams carbs. Simple. Don't care what ADA/AMA/AHA says. Their dietary recommendation is responsible for epidemic and not sedentary lifestyle or richness.


Despite these numbers, ADA/AMA/AHA/USDA will still defend a diet that is causing this. Why? Because more money for everyone.


Precisely. Insulin market in India alone is over 1000 crores. Who will suggest LCHF which will reduce this market by 50%. This is the reason why no so called scientists or so called world bodies will ever recommend LCHF. In fact they will spend millions to sponsor some FUDGED studies against it and justify the most harmful High Carb Low fat diet so that sales increases more. The so called world boy care more for how to extract more money by feeding more drugs. The best way to do is sell HIGH CARB LOW FAT diet.


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