why people do not jump for long wheat?

many people are telling that long wheat is doing wonders in their body.

it looks ,

it is a diet which does not disturb the nutrient balance in the body.

you can eat all the necessary grains , fruits and vegetables.and proteins

only the wheat or rice is just substituted by long wheat.

in perfect consonance with the demands of the body.

in that case, why then ,people do not run for it?

but remember keep the calorie limiting.

that is ,do not over eat anything.

thanks to mr george.

good luck

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  • Availability is main concern. Except for a few states in India ,it is not easily or regularily available though many are willing to give it a try.

  • Yes.availability and identification of correct long grain wheat is a problem

  • Soooo, one cannot determine what one wants.

    And, when one can, the product is not available ??

    Why not just cut down on carbs ??

    No will power ??

  • I am in Pune, Maharashtra, India. If anybody wants to know the address where you can get it , pl let me know.

  • Vithal Gangaram Mankar Kasturi Chawk, 526 Ganesh Peth Pune 2 02026386428

    or at Bharati Store in Alaka Talkies Chowk.

  • katdare

    yes.I am in pune now. kindly give address in pune

  • Vithal Gangaram Mankar Kasturi Chawk, 526 Ganesh Peth Pune 2 02026386428

    or at Bharati Store in Alaka Talkies Chowk.

  • Yes, I would like to know the address where it is available. Kindly email the same at my email id : marksap@gmail.com.



  • I don't think one can load up on carbs and expect "long wheat" to perform a miracle :-)

    And, if one is anyways restricting carbs, the utility of "long wheat" greatly diminshes.


    Type 2.

  • As far as I remember you had left this forum and engaged yourself in a forum of like minded people. It was what you wrote. If I am wrong please correct me. This is for Type2.

  • He also said he will be coming he4ew less often. He did not say he will not come here at all. Or it was a nudge just because he follows LCHF and spoke what is right?

  • Patliputra,

    WRONG. Cscon is right. But, I really do not want to get into unnecessary scraps. I am following a LCHF regime and with a couple of Metformin daily am keeping my blood sugar levels well in control.

    As I have always said, to each their own :-)


    Type 2.

    PS---I might not read any replies for days, weeks, months together as I do not access this site as regularly as before.

  • Well said. Carbs control is the key and when Carbs are cut, it has to be replaced by good fats and that's LCHF :)

  • Some lighthearted person remarked that if people stop "thinking", all mistakes will vanish. Reason being, after every mistake people say "I thought ... ... ..."! :-)

    What do you say type2?

  • Completely agree with you, Shooter :-) In actual fact, we are exactly on the same wavelength on this "thinking" matter :-)

    Cheers, Shooter !! Nice to interact with you again after a long time.

    Hope things are going good with you. I am doing just fine :-)

    Type 2.

  • Nice that you are doing fine :-)

  • However, I have to say, that most of your theories about "diabetes" being curable are absolute CRAP. Feel free to shout about them, though. No skin of my back :-)

    Cheers, Shooter, enjoy life with loooooong wheat,

    Type 2.

  • Many old books tell very wise things. One such thing is that a tree can be assessed by its fruit. I extrapolate it to say that a person ... from his/her words.

  • In Delhi, where can we buy the long grain wheet.

    Is it a kind of wheat only or it is something special wheat.

    please advise.

  • see if this reply by george is of use.


    Hi ivanpatrick,

    Long Wheat is a food grain available in Indian Open Market. It is almost twice as costly as common wheat. It is mentioned in some Sanskrit Slokas in connection with treatment of patients for whom sugar excretes with urine. This was told by my maternal uncle, who was an Ayurveda physician. I know neither Sanskrit nor Ayurveda. Since existing accepted therapies (modern or ancient) does not offer a cure for Diabetes, I decided to try my uncle's words & applied my logical sense to formulate a special regimen using Long Wheat. That is it.

    More information can be seen at:

    appropedia.org/Diabetes... LWMDR

    appropedia.org/Diabetes... Pictures for comparison, Preparing LWM

    appropedia.org/Diabetes... mode of operation

    appropedia.org/Diabetes... Caution

    appropedia.org/Diabetes... Name in different languages

    appropedia.org/Diabetes... The pit- falls.

  • these pages do not open ,it looks

    see this one


  • @indiacratus

    All the Six mentioned links come with the same response

    No text available....

    Anil Krishnan

  • Hi anilk486,

    Thank you indiacratus for propagating the information and thank you anilk486 for your interest.

    Please have a look at the post healthunlocked.com/diabetes... ---MYPOST 5 to see why the links in the earlier response did not open.

    All those are sub-links to different sections in my web article, link to which indiacratus has given above & it works.

    Just for the sake of completeness those six links are reproduced below:

    appropedia.org/Diabetes_mel... LWMDR

    appropedia.org/Diabetes_mel... Pictures for comparison, Preparing LWM

    appropedia.org/Diabetes_mel... mode of operation

    appropedia.org/Diabetes_mel... Caution

    appropedia.org/Diabetes_mel... LW pictures & Name in different languages

    appropedia.org/Diabetes_mel... The pit- falls.

  • Please have a look at this post to see why the links in the response of indiacratus are not opening properly healthunlocked.com/diabetes... ---MYPOST 5

  • I fully endorse the comment by Mr Type-2.Long wheat is a difficult thing to get.Anyway restricting carb is the theme for DM-2. Thanks

  • In my opinion wjeat rice ragiand all grains have more content of carb But brown rice and long wheat may some less carb ? Can u clarify the difference beteen long wheat and wheat

  • dear george,

    in my opinion,

    long wheat contains some chemical that can reduce blood sugar.

    it may be like an insulin secretagogue, may be like a dpp4 inhibitor

    because it works in ppbs as well.

    you cannot get so much of ppbs reduced through metformin like activity.

    or several hypothesis(s) can be made ..

    the chemical

    increases the half life of insulin.=

    delayed clearing.

    it works to prevent the re absorption of glucose in the kidney.

    it sensitises insulin [or to be more correct tissues].

    only a diabetologist can make a preliminary hypothesis and then others to find out what it is.

    otherwise so many people telling they have benefited cannot happen.

    but the same lowering of bs happens in a low carb diet as well., not necessarily high fat ,.

    that then disturbs the nutritional demands of the body.

    LW does not and cannot disturb.because you can still eat fruits and vegetables.

    good luck

  • "but the same lowering of bs happens in a low carb diet as well., not necessarily high fat ,. that then disturbs the nutritional demands of the body."

    4C+4P=9F = constant.

    So low carb (we consider 20% carbs as low carb) will have to have high fat.

    It doesn't disturb nutritional demand of the body, not at least by medical reports. And, a much harsher version of LCHF - Ketogenic diet, here's a 5 year study:


    But, as the article says, despite every data presented, some will still keep seeing the elephant in the room and to defend that thought they will come up with some 5 or 50 day study which proves that there's elephant in the room. Mainstream will keep burying studies like above because billions of dollars are at stake.

    BTW, 400 have benefited on LCHF, with some switching after failing with LW.

  • Any proof beyond you that LW cures diabetes? You have been promoting LW since 9 years so I am sure you must be having many cases of people being cured.

    LCHF we don't claim cure yet 400+ are enjoying great numbers. We don't believe that diabetes can be cured as of now.

    As for changing diet back to eating lot of carbs, why should we when eating lower helps with better medical reports? Eating less carbs for us is a healthy way of living and healthy is not defined by how "good" one feels by eating lot of drugs. Our take is always least amount of drugs, preferably zero.

  • Even though this is cliche I am forced to repeat when the question is repeated verbatim to me, even if the interrogator appears to change.

    As my limited knowledge goes, the effect of LW on DM was known (invented) before the Ashttaamgahridaya. That is why it is in that book.

    More than half century ago my maternal uncle, an Ayurveda physician & researcher discovered from that book. During a chat he told it to me four decades ago. I told it to many patients known to me but nobody tried it.

    When I became diabetic, tried it & got cured.

    Now it is only less than a decade now, in addition to the following limitations.

    1. I am not a medical person.

    2. The whole world believes that DM is incurable.

    3. There is no money in cure but there is lot of money in incurability.

    May I most humbly ask you whether you have read the book titled "Hundred Great Scientists" or any history of science book? If the answer is yes you will know that one decade is a very small duration for the society to accept a radically new finding/experience of a person from the exterior of the field to which the finding/experience belong.

    More over LWMDR is not as simple & straightforward as LCHF. In addition LWMDR has originated in India, unfortunately.


    When you get time, please follow the link xenodochy.org/ex/quotes/kno... for more clarity.

  • Very good thoughts but disagree fruits.

  • Thank you very much Sir for your valuable information. Thanks

  • You are welcome, makarim.

  • have you seen , some more person says his ppbs reduced last two days.

  • yesterday by kprk.

    please collect a list of names and complete data prior and post of LW

  • on the contrary if the

    ppbs fall noticed is due to an insulin analogue like activity then

    it is a fantastic discovery in the history of diabetes medication.

    you know why.

    for more than a century no one produced an insulin or analogue that can be orally effective.

    so let us find out if others are there ,i mean a type 1 who can be benefited by lw for ppbs.that will be george and cratus invention.

    good luck.

  • Just cook "hard" Durum wheat and eat it like LW dishes. You will get the same result. Nothing unusual here.

    It just proves that it has no secretagog so your theory #1 just got BUSTED :)

    Wait for some more time, your theory # 2 will also be BUSTED.

    Do you have the data of Moh's hardness numbers for different wheats? If not Moh's even Rockwell or BHN will also do -- in fact any scale will do :)

  • there was a mistake in my earlier presentation . here is the corrected one

    this is a special case. you know why?

    mr.kprk is a type1.dm

    as such there is no production of insulin in his body.

    so lw acting means lw has a metformin like activity.if it works for fbs only. pointing to the fact that lw then corks the liver during night.

    but many of the people talk about a ppbs improvement.with lw.

    but during this few hours of ppbs

    liver does not send out glucose. that means lw acts as an insulin analogue.jack fruit also may be so acting.

    hope i have made it clear the

    two phenomena as distinct.

    people who hold the view in the forum that pppbs zindabad, fbs down down etc do not recognize the significance of the independence between them.hope you can make out whom i mention.

    good luck.

  • We know the difference and know what's really happening -- Try replacing LW with hard durum wheat and you will get similar results :)

    Do you have the data of Moh's hardness numbers for different wheats? If not Moh's even Rc or BHN will also do -- in fact any scale will do, just in case you have them.

    BTW, it's not ppbs zindabad -- it's LCHF Zindabad as some LCHF follower put it, so when you quote please quote correctly :)

    And for LW, don't try and include your name in the discovery -- it's ShooterGeorge.

  • Hi Indiacratus,

    I have not seen it. Thank you for pointing it out. When more data is available some persons (sorry that I do not remember all the names, so not specifying any) can collate & draw conclusions as to how best it can be used by healthunlocked.com/diabetesindia for the good of the global diabetic community.

  • Well, as long as it is anything but LCHF, it is ok for some guys here. ADA is only quoted when it is LCHF :)

  • Hi Mr. indiacratus,

    I have been using rava of long wheat for 10 months and found amazing result. Many many thanks to Mr. Shooter George for his valuable guidance.

  • i advocate the use of long wheat on the basis of the following.

    everybody is supposed to take a balanced diet.[fruits and vegetables included]

    this long wheat and jack fruit are foods that do not interfere with the

    general scheme of balanced diet.

    good luck

  • Hi rankx001,

    Thank you for the positive report.

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