Long term effect of low carb diet


Studies of general populations consuming diets high in fat, particularly saturated fat (low-carbohydrate diets have shown increased risk of cancer diabetes, and heart disease. Mixed diets high in animal protein have been shown to increase the risk of kidney problems osteoporosis1 and some types of cancer. These studies raise concerns as to whether low-carbohydrate diets, which are typically high in saturated fat and animal protein, might pose the same risks. In addition, because fiber is found only in plant foods, and high-protein, high-fat, carbohydrate-restricted diets tend to be low in plant foods, these diets are also typically low in fiber. In studies of general populations, low fiber intake is associated with increased risk of colon cancer and other malignancies, heart disease7 diabetes, and constipation. Again, these studies raise the question as to whether similar problems occur in low-carbohydrate dieters. Analysis of Health Problems Associated with High-Protein, High-Fat, Carbohydrate-Restricted Diets (ATKINS DIET) was conducted by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine Their on line survey revealed the following findings

As of December 15, 2003, 429 individuals reported experiencing problems with high-protein, high-fat, carbohydrate-restricted diets via the online registry. Table 1 lists the common health concerns identified on the online form. Table 2 summarizes health problems noted by seven or more individuals in the write-in section of the form.

Table 1. Common Problems Reported by Registrants

44% reported constipation

40% reported loss of energy

40% reported bad breath

29% reported difficulty concentrating

19% reported kidney problems: kidney stones (10%), severe kidney infections (1%), or reduced kidney function (8%)

33% reported heart-related problems, including 13 individuals reporting heart attack, stent placement, or bypass surgery, 26 reporting arrthymias, 42 reporting other cardiac problems, and 58 reporting elevated serum cholesterol levels

9% reported gallbladder problems or removal

5% reported gout

4% reported diabetes

4% reported colorectal (1%) or other cancers (3%)

3% reported osteoporosis

Table 2. Other Problems Reported by Seven or More Individuals:

31 reported severe gastrointestinal problems including irritable bowel syndrome, diverticulititis, ulcers, heart burn, vomiting, severe abdominal pain, or cramps

19 reported severe mood swings, apathy, general malaise, or depression

18 reported peripheral neuropathy, pain, cramps, tingling, or numbness in their limbs

16 reported chronic or severe diarrhea

15 reported experiencing hypoglycemia or feeling fatigued, shaky and weak

15 reported vertigo, dizziness, fainting, or lightheadedness

15 reported severe or repeated headaches

10 reported menstrual irregularities or severe menstrual problems

8 reported chest pain

8 reported high blood pressure

7 reported nausea

7 reported increasing weight or failure to lose weight

A detailed report can be read on line at the following link. Those who wish to read and comment can do so.


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  • where is the confusion?

    mr rao has presented an article .be democratic

    if you don't like it. reject it.

    no medical institution in the world accepts atkins [high protein ] or high fat consumption.atkins is a profit making company.

    it gained success initially but the nutritional and diabetology scientists of the world,

    by around mid 1990s began advocating a balanced diet for both the diabetic and the non diabetic.

    .if you want to prove yourself right , just contradict and show evidence.i am interested in the year in which the European union and ADA accepted the non diabetics diet for the diabetic.

    it looks their argument is

    if you are not having enough insulin inside

    give it from outside.

    instead of making drastic alterations in food.

    what satisfaction you get ultimately.

    you have flouted the world bodies-took no insulin-no medicine.

    you are medicine free.!!!

    who says medicine is bad.if a glass on the window of a house is broken , just replace it -insulin.

    do not leave the house and go to a farm house.

    mr rao has given us a good article.

    but the registry they talk is very limited it looks--

    any way better than having no registry at all.

    good luck

  • Mr indiacratus

    Now I have come to know that there is a super intellectual on this earth and incidentally on this forum ( that is this person ) who is the wisest person not only on this planet but other planets as well who knows every thing . I would appreciate if he reveals a bit of his profound knowledge of "truth and science" of his diet by countering the statistics posted by me with his own statistics and prove his super intelligence to the forum members . I have thrown for comments whatever information I could mobilise with my poor knowledge of his diet.

  • yes .

    he has no right to say:

    "Pl do not think that u r the only person on the planet who knows everything."

    "Study well and offer comments please."

    is he your class teacher?

    this is why i often used to say

    these are not the manners of a science corner.

    he could have criticized the contents of your article.that he did not.copy pasting is easy.

    that is why i used to say some people do not maintain the protocols of a science laboratory.

    this is like political mud slinging.

    my solution for such people:

    remember the names of such persons and skip.you also report to admins , they are strict nowadays.

    the basic purpose is not

    'time pass' as one of them said.

    but to transfer the vast scientific knowledge in diabetes to our country men.the universally accepted pieces of diabetes knowledge.

    one person's experience , how can it be science?

    experience has to be interpreted by the sage.

    we must follow the sage.

    if someone says -

    it is my experience , my result,

    i took karkodaka oil , it worked.

    so you also take it.it is experience but unscientific.

    science is explanation of a given experience.

    i will quote from the famous Indian philosopher:

    the subtle human body is composed of the


    the karmendriyas,

    the panchapranas , manas, ahamkara and budhi.

    knowledge arises

    when the budhi operates on the what the panchendriyas bring.[experience]

    thri dosha is a technique by which the millions of herbs and

    the symptoms are corelated. ayurveda.

    who says it is not science.

    it is ancient science.unani, , old greek.chinese, all.

    when we have new science , we try the new one.

    good luck.

  • No, it's experience of millions of diabetics around the world some of whom are on forums with more than 2 decades on LCHF.

    Please don't talk of decency when you call names and have been using foul language against anyone who did not agree with you. List is huge and many have even told you on your posts to stop that. Offer solutions.

    BTW, are you diabetic?

  • "no medical institution in the world accepts atkins [high protein ] or high fat consumption.atkins is a profit making company."

    Drug industry makes more money out of food companies making sick. So better not talk of money making. The whole problem is because drug and food companies want unlimited money. Even ADA takes money from Sugar/candy companies to talk in their favor.

    Why did the USDA Food Pyramid Fail?

  • Another long -term effect of HIGH CARB LOW FAT diet FAIELD experiment on diabetics.

    12+ year experiment designed to prove that HIGH CARB LOW FAT diet with exercise will help in CVD/CHD.

    At the 10th year if study they found that the whole presumption was wrong.

    So, what did they do, they silently DUMPED the study and it did not get the desired press attention because it was a FAILURE of HIGH CARB DIET + Exercise on Diabetics.

    The sample size was 5000+ and also, it was not some "Poll" based study.

    I am not good at copy pasting so you can google for the study.

    Bottom Line: High Carb Low Fat diet to diabetics is Horrendous.

  • Check this:


    Actual diabetics on LCHF sharing their actual experience from another region :)

    LCHF just works .... those who switch do it after due diligence and watch their medical reports rather than go through sponsored researches.

    The indian LCHF site for diabetics is already known so not posting it here.

    Can't recall the name of the doctor who had some personal agenda against Atkins, but he himself was later convicted for serial medical frauds, frauds including in clinical trials. Same doctor whose one isolated video turned out to be last hope against LCHF for few.

  • "In addition, because fiber is found only in plant foods, and high-protein, high-fat, carbohydrate-restricted diets tend to be low in plant foods, these diets are also typically low in fiber."

    Just check how much fiber is there in 100 grams peanuts :)

    After that I will prove that this again is a MYTH that LCHF is low in fiber.

    Meanwhile I have some PAID assignment for articles writing for US finance site, so will check back later and reply if you have replied.

  • Oh yes LCHF works and those who follow it also follow their medical reports and believe in numbers rather than believe some sponsored studies. After all,

    (1) If TG goes down

    (2) If hsCRp is perfect

    (3) If insulin in blood doesn't show IR

    (4) IF HDL picks up

    (5) If lp(a) is great

    (6) If apo A1 and B are great

    Then --

    I am not sure what's the basis of claiming that LCHF will cause heart problems. After all, one doesn't become green by eating vegetables. So fat that diabetics on LCHF doesn't eat doesn't choke arteries. It's a MYTH and scare mongering. :)

    Most who criticize LCHF here don't even know what LCHF diet we are following, so every day there's a new element brought in to scare based on "hearsay". Today I read about fiber being low ... I am willing to bust that MYTH if numbers are provided :)

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