LCHF Diet - A Boon For Diabetics -- Part -2

Lot of water has flown under the bridge since I wrote the first part of the article :

And this includes LCHF diet being called LCHF even on a newly launched forum here -- Low Carb High Fat, instead of some other names like LCCF or Low Carb Compensatory Fat etc etc as some have been trying to challenge even the nomenclature. So that should rest the case, unless of course someone can't resist arguing just for the sake of getting visibility. It is LCHF -- 20% CARBS max and 60%+ Good Fats, rest being protein (normally remains unchanged compared to High Carb Low Fat)

Now, the most common response to LCHF by people who do not understand LCHF at all is that FAT will clog the arteries and is bad for heart. Many have been doing this to scare a diabetic waiting to switch to LCHF on the sidelines away.

(1) No FAT doesn't choke arteries. It's the CARBS that do because fat in blood is TRIGLYCERIDES which comes mainly from CARBS and not from butter, cheese, eggs, coconut oil etc etc.

(2) Saturated fat is the best drug for improving HDL and fixing BROKEN LIPIDS (unless you are genetically inclined to be otherwise). Many have even gone of dangerous and useless for 99% - STATIN Drugs.

(3) Eating FAT doesn't make you FAT. Eating CARBS can make you FAT in no time and this is what has been happening ever since the dangerous HIGH CARB LOW FAT diet has become the norm of the day. Look around you and you will find obesity, diabetes, cancer, cvd/chd becoming and epidemic. This diet has created more profits for the drug industry. USDA Pyramid FAILED after being pushed for decades and replaced by PLATE. Even the PLATE will fail just like Pyramid. Why?

Because HIGH CARBS == High Insulin In blood == Obesity

(4) No relation has been found between saturated fat and CVD/CHD.

(5) Dietary cholesterol has no relation with serum cholesterol. This has been proved again and again, but if someone doesn't want to believe it just to defend a nonsensical High Carb Low Fat diet, then so be it.

(6) Avoid TRANS FAT completely.

(7) Minimize consumption of n-6 PUFA loaded vegetable oils. PUFA is one of the worst inflammatory triggers. So the so called HEART FRIENDLY oils are MOST HEART UNFREINDNLY. Check the recent expose on Sydney Diet Heart study. The original researchers had CHEATED the world when they said PUFA is better than SFA.

(2) If someone says that LCHF is good only for diabetics who have a history of 3-5 years, you can be sure that they simply don't understand LCHF and are just saying for sake of saying something.

LOW CARB HIFG FAT Diet works great for:

(1) Reduces blood sugar and also minimized drugs for sugar control. Some have even gone of drugs completely despite a history of 20-30 years of being diabetic. After all 400+ INDIAN diabetics who are enjoying great numbers on lower drugs be wrong and few scaremongers be right.

(2) Fixes broken LIPIDS

(3) Reduces neuropathy problems.



When I wrote the last article, there was a flurry of copy-paste articles where people didn't even read what they are copy passing and so brought some study of a convinced-for-medical-fraud study to attack LCHF. Every time some one tries to attack LCHF with HALF Baked Knowledge (ZERO PERSONAL EXPERIENCE), LCHF grows. That's how what started as one man movement on LCHF more than 2 years back here has such a great following, despite desperate attempts by a few here to make sure that no one follows it --- shows that Scaremongering doesn't work and will not work against LCHF.

LCHF = Low Carb High Fat great for diabetics.

HCLF = High Carb Low Fat of ADA/USDA (Pyramid/Plate doesn't matter) is worst diet for a diabetic.

So, switch the LCHF and see how quickly you can tame your diabetes, neuropathy, lipids etc and reduce DRUGS drastically. Drugs should NEVER be the first line of approach if DIET alone can fix so many things.

Let's see how many copy-paste articles come after this post. It doesn't matter. People will still switch. The number is growing and will keep growing everyday because LCHF WORKS. Numbers don't lie.

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  • BTW, n-6 PUFA loaded oils like Canola, Sunflower, Saffola are worst form of FAT. They are worst when it comes to inflammatory triggers. Virgin Coconut Oil is best source of Saturated FAT.

    We diabetics on LCHF have shunned these so called heart friendly oils long back as they are most unfriendly cooking oils. Good just for lighting lamps in house.

    Read about how researchers CHEATED in Sydney Diet Heart Study to prove PUFA is better than SFA. Decades later they got exposed and the truth came out and was published in BMJ.

    Always learn about LCHF and FATS from a diabetic who has been living that LIFE and not from few cop-paste experts who know absolutely nothing about the subject.

  • can you name the food items falling under LCHF, catogory and the amount one should take. Your article is very interesting

  • Glad that you found the write-up good.

    Please refer the first part of this series --

    On the above URL, two sites are given -- one for Indians specifically and the other is for westerners where western LCHF diet is followed.

    You can pick anyone, whichever suits your style of diet and then get hold of things. LCHF hasn't betrayed any diabetic who has tried it. All this talk of longt-term complications etc is nothing but coming from diabetics who haven't even tried it and are relying on some food and drug company sponsored studies to lash out at LCHF. After all, millions of diabetics on LCHF since decades can;'t be wrong and few experts at ADA right. We don't believe in preachings of ADA.

  • All leafy green vegetables, nuts, Virgin coconut oil, virgin olive oil, whole egg, dairy product from full fat milk etc.

    Carbs have to be restricted around 20% of your calorie needs. It will depend on your tolerance. It can be anywhere between 80 to 130gms/day. Protein quantity has to be restricted around same 20%. Rest of the calories are from fat. (no trans fat and processed food).

    You can visit - and search there for CLHF.

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