Cure for cancer

Giloy is getting popular for its role in cancer and even many trials are going on for its immuno-modulatory capacity in treatment of AIDS patients. Ayurveda practitioners use guduchi satva for almost all the diseases and all their prescriptions do not go out without prescribing giloy satva to their patients, because it is rasayana and balances the tridosha and helpful in almost all the diseases.

How to use Giloy satva in Cancer - Just take 500 mg to 1000 mg dosage, twice daily in case of cancers. In case of blood impurities, skin diseases, gout, the dosage can be 500 mg twice daily

Buy 200 gram Giloy sat and make 400 equal dosages and wrap them in paper to make sachets. Each sachet will contain about 500 mg powder. Consume 1 sachet twice daily or 2 sachets twice daily

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  • which brand or co is reliable for giloe satwa please help

  • Thanks for prompt reply god bless you

  • From where can it be purchased. Im from Sri Lanka

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