secondary diabetes

of all diabetics some 90/95 percent is t2 DM and

t1DM is about 5 to 10.

but then,

there is a rarely discussed category

called secondary diabetes.

cdc statistics say they are of 2 percent.

this 2 % :

they have an underlying disease which causes

the hyperglycemia.[or contributes to it in part]

no amount of standard diabetes treatment can help them completely.

but if you can address the underlying disease:

it [his hyperglycemia -high bs]will be cured immediately [or managed].

a person having thyroid dysfunction will find it difficult to manage his blood glucose.

address the thyroid,

then he is able to manage.

similarly if a person has disease of pancreas ,infection etc--

management of the higher glycemia then becomes easy.

but if these persons are unaware of their secondary diabetes contribution ,then they begin

misunderstanding and declare .

" i cured my diabetes without medicine"

in other words an underlying disease can cause great misconceptions about the very scientific picture of any disease[situation]

obesity is one like that.

the other causes are

good luck

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  • The issue of secondary diabetes,as far as i remember,has not been raised in this forum ,in recent past. So it good to have a new issue raised.

    Secondary diabetes is a pretty broad category,because it includes a wide range of health problems that either damage,injure or cause destruction of pancreas. The diabetes is NOT the main illness,it is SECONDARY condition that results because of main illness. IF it is possible to treat the main illness or cause,the diabetes may/will disappear.

    Generally speaking cause may be either hormonal,genetic,malignancies or caused by chemicals or drugs. Some of the important causes may be pancreatitis,which may again be due to alcoholism or infection,cysts,over production of growth hormone or cortisols etc.

  • dear patliputra,

    i had pointed out this some time ago; dont remember when,.

    i had done this in the context of some anecdotal success and people misunderstanding --entire standard medicine..

    this principle somehow applies to other diseases also.i mean an invisible disease causing a visible disease.

    attend to the invisible cause. the visible one disappears mysteriously.that becomes then an anecdote-success.

    that then, happens with the rare medicine man and the medicine.

    some examples.

    TSH =-

    hypothalamus - thyrotropin-releasing hormone (TRH). TRH- the pituitary gland -TSH.thyroid dysfunction.

    comorbid disturbance of blood glucose level.

    obesity/overweight is one of the most common and evident cases.

    over eating.

    many people simply get cured of diabetes purely by stopping their over eating..but they must be people at mild hyperglycemia-borderline.

    good luck

  • Clarify the TSH blood test is necessary for T2 persons for yearly routinr check up Generally Doctors not prescribed TSH tests What is the necessity of this test

  • TSH is a test to see if the thyroid is under functioning or over acting.There may not be any symptoms but test is ordered to rule out thyroidism,particularly among elderly patients.

  • For details of relationship between type 2 diabetes mellitus and related thyroid disease, please visit-

  • dear nataraj,

    plese go through


    Currently, screening for thyroid disease in the healthy adult population is not warranted[6] but more limited screening should be performed in:

    Neonates, with the heel prick test for congenital hypothyroidism.

    All patients with diabetes (types 1 and 2) at the time of diagnosis.

    Women with type 1 diabetes pre-conception, at booking and three months postpartum."

    i am not able to interpret their telling

    "more limited screening"

    but this web site

    is one of the 3 most authentic websites of uk.

    the others being nhs and diabetes uk.

    if a diabetic is having good financial conditions, i think then thyroid screening may be done at diagnosis of diabetes.

    others kindly look for thyroid dysfunction symptoms.

    good luck

  • Indiacratus and venkataramana your answer accepted The same thing Doctors also says that T 2 persons TSH is not necessary otherwise any symptoms of thyroid problems noticed But some lab have packages in the name of diabetic package they included TSh parameter .

    In early your posting about secondary diabeties I am seen personally in one hospital the old man may be 74 years he was diabetic before 8 years but from last one year he has not taken any medicines but he tested FBS and PPBS every month in lab the result is normal value

    he was not consulted with Doctors from last years and also not tested other pacakages

    But suddenly he was became hypo and coma position his parents admit the hospital The same day iamgoing with my Doctor the Doctor said this information and advise to all T2 persons be careful for this symptoms and keep your BS level always some more than norma l value to avoid hypo and avoid critical position

    Thanks for your post of discussion this help me to remember last year the facts

  • thanks nataraj,

    kindly write small sentences

    good luck

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