diabetes education program.'diabetes education program' they call it.where can we get it -the material they teach there?

all are kindly requested to add pros and cons to the

response i gave to mr coolj

on the aquisition of right knowledge

in the context of diabetes.

my post earlier at :


dear coolj,


adding dot edu or dot org will take us to superior articles.

Wikipedia i think,

one problem is

they don't keep a uniformity of explanation.

i mean many articles can be understood only by people

with biochemical or physiological back ground.

another thing is the author and latest date edited.

my purpose is

to show a pointer to newcomers as diabetics:

as to

what they do in the west.

in the western countries they give

what is called diabetic patient education .

'diabetes education program' they call it.

where can we get it -the material they teach there?

this program in its entirety

one can get from the national institutes of usa or the mayo clinic..

consise and easily understandable language.

can you collect a list of those articles and institutes which restrict themselves to the minimum [and complete]of what is required by a diabetic.it will be a lot of job but will be in the right direction.

we are a country with out diabetes educators.

good luck

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  • I agree ,there is no organised Diabetic Education Programme in India. Here it is done in a disorganised way by different govt. and ngo's. If you mean specific education programme for persons diagnosed as diabetic or a pre diabetic, as done in western countries, is not available in India.

    I very much appreciate your good intention . Wish you best wishes for your selfless effort.

  • dear patliputra,

    i will tell you an anecdote of a discussion.

    before coming to this forum i used to go to the yahoo diabetes chat room.[later, yahoo abandoned the chat room]

    there one woman told her friend:

    i have given a dose to Indiacratus.i have straightened him.you can now,

    chat free with him.


    no,no,it is not easy to straighten this type of persons who quote statistics, percentage numbers!

    the friend again:

    mr indiacratus, i am a well educated person.

    indiacratus was wondering !telling himself.

    what is this ,

    she telling educated,

    is it a big thing in the west.?

    it took quite sometime for him to realize--

    she was talking about her diabetes education program.

    the chat room and the rolling bar. all disappeared by then.

    good luck

  • when the personal computer began coming up

    in the book stall-herd.

    one man to his friend :

    so ,you have come to purchase which book?

    no, i came to purchase windows for my computer.

    the first man wondered!

    what for is widows for a computer?

    many people out of modesty or willing to conceal ignorance do not ask back

    what for is widows for a computer?

    good luck

  • When talking about windows,let me tell you a joke.

    A lady was alone in her house and her hubby was out of town for a few days. Her husband called her to know her welfare.On being asked the lady informed that weather is very bad and there is heavy snow fall. Everything is not alright as windows is not opening. Hubby consoled her, nothing to worry ,just put hot water over it and call back. Wife did exactly what was told. Perplexed she called back said still windows is not opening. Husband advised her to use a hammer and try to open it. Wife did the same and when hubby called back to ask if window opened, she said computer is in shatters.

  • ok ok agreed .there are such husband and wife

  • Sorry, but I am at loss, if you get to the joke?

  • Try Google search and get it.

  • Nice! :)

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