How to acquire knowledge from the internet.; about diabetes or any other medical discipline?

How to acquire knowledge from the internet.; about diabetes or any other medical discipline?

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How to acquire knowledge from the internet.; about diabetes or any other medical discipline?

Before the advent of internet we had no other alternative but approach a doctor for a piece of medical knowledge.

But from the doctor how little knowledge can be acquired?

To study from a text book of medicine is also a difficult thing because medical textbooks are big and expensive.

Moreover you cannot just read and grasp the meaning because a lot of substrate knowledge is necessary for that.;

Just as you cannot pick up a book on differential geometry and begin reading it.

But the so called hypertext linking made it easy. “ Hypertext allows us to go from one document to another by clicking on highlighted words or pictures”. The blue highlighting that we all have seen and used.

But internet is like a market place. All sorts of false knowledge is available.

How to get rid of it . when we have a doubt we ask a professor .

That is the university teacher.

But knowledge has various levels especially when we try to impart it to others..

Let me classify the the listener , ie students.

1] a house wife, who just has good command in English but passed up to predegree only.

2] a person who is just a graduate

3] one who has a degree with some biological science as part of it.botany ,zoology, a medical student etc.


All three wants to know

What is keto acidosis.?

For the first group of persons. The best thing

is to go to the net , type ‘keto acidosis

ada’ click search, and find the article given by AMERICAN DIABETES ASSOCIATION

in ada articles ,now you see just by putting the mouse pointer on ‘insulin’for instance the reply is available –you need not even click after opening the link above- wonderful !!

the ada answer is tailored for extremely simple person. It is very concise too.

But if you go to mayo clinic you get a more elaborate answer

This can be used by the person in the second category.

you can take all the set of articles.

If you go to webmd ,you will find a little more complex article for the third group.

I will not discuss now the national institute articles for- lot of typing.[ this can also be treated as belonging to the second category mentioned above.]

I will just mention the fourth set of articles =are from the NIH and the various universities of the world .

there are also places much advanced where they describe things like acetyl-CoA --Acetoacetate, beta-hydroxybutyrate, and acetone etc – these things are for the biochemistry or medicine students.

I mentioned it because you will be confused thoroughly if you go advanced articles and after half hour reading – will ask back what is keto acidosis?

Ascending the ladder of acquisition of knowledge has to be in a graduated scale[ this is from sankaracharya the great medieval Indian philosopher- adwitha ]

Go to first few of these places for the genuine and authentic acquisition of medical knowledge.

Ignore the people who dissuade us from approaching the university or university equivalent web links.

They will only take us back to the bullock cart age.

Gandhiji and Nehru [ and men like indiacratus]they fought the British colonial, imperial yoke, [quit India],not the British culture or the western science.

be patriotic ,transfer the right knowledge to our citizens.we have to catch up with them. The purpose of the forum should be that;,no other go.

Good luck

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  • indiacratus, a well meaning post.Some times your sense of humour surprise me , for example your equating yourself with Gandhiji and nehruji.Here you are not fighting a colonial rule, but exploitation of ignorance and distortion of data and information. AS you yourself said internet is a Mandi , where rumours ,manipulation and distortion of facts , is a rule rather than exeption.

  • One should have humor to survive these boards.

  • Good post. Wikipedia articles are also good. They improved their standards.

    Somebody who has patience can also search the topic adding edu and you can get some reputed university materials.

  • coolj,


    adding dot edu or dot org will take us to superior articles.

    Wikipedia i think,

    one problem is

    they don't keep a uniformity of explanation.

    i mean many articles can be understood only by people

    with biochemical or physiological back ground.

    another thing is the author and latest date edited.

    my purpose is

    to show a pointer to newcomers as diabetics:

    as to

    what they do in the west.

    in the western countries they give

    what is called diabetic patient education .

    'diabetes education program' they call it.

    where can we get it -the material they teach there?

    this program in its entirety

    one can get from the national institutes of usa or the mayo clinic..

    consise and easily understandable language.

    can you collect a list of those articles and institutes which restrict themselves to the minimum [and complete]of what is required by a will be a lot of job but will be in the right direction.

    we are a country with out diabetes educators.

    good luck

  • Good article. In the net shell, it is eye opener to everybody.

  • thanks sir.

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