Heart Health-A BETTER WAY

Is Your Cardiologist a Pill Pusher?

by Jack Wolfson, DO, FACC

My father was a cardiologist who started his practice in the 1970’s. In those days, the beauty and art of medicine were in the diagnosis of heart disease. They didn’t have many “tools” to treat patients. There were only a few pharmaceuticals and surgery was new on the scene.

Fast forward to 2015. If you walk into a cardiology office you will walk out with a stack of prescriptions and orders for testing such as treadmills and ultrasounds. But what are the benefits?

Cardiologists are Glorified Pharmacists

The most common drug the cardiologist will prescribe is a statin drug to lower your cholesterol and presumably to lower your risk of having a heart attack. If you refuse the drug, the doctor will be very upset. We wouldn’t want to upset our doctor, would we?

But the reality is that statin drugs do little to help the majority of people. Never mind most (if not all) statin trials have Big Pharma ties. The list of side effects is longer than the list of chemicals in the standard children’s cereal. I have seen so many patients with memory loss, muscle pain, and generalized fatigue who all improved once we stopped the drugs.

The question is not, “Do the drugs work”, but at what cost and is there a better way. My goal in treating heart patients is not to reduce their risk of a heart attack from 6.7% down to 5.2%. My goal for my patients is zero percent.

By going after the cause of heart disease, we can prevent it. Our body is not deficient in statins, blood pressure drugs, or aspirin. Heart attacks are from poor nutrition, chemicals, pollution, heavy metals, stress, lack of exercise, and lack of sleep. Fix these and you are well on your way to heart health.

Cardiologists Make Big $$$

When I started in practice in 2002, I was taught how cardiologists make money: See lots of patients and order lots of tests. The reality is that stress treadmills with radioactive chemical injections are a totally abused test which only serve to line the pockets of doctors. It is the patient who suffers.

A stress treadmill without the nuclear material is a good test in a person who has symptoms of chest pain or shortness of breath. If further imaging is needed, a stress echocardiogram can be done. A good history is usually all a doctor needs to determine if symptoms are heart related or from another cause.

But the nuclear stress test makes the cardiologist a ton of money. This test leads to the dangerous, invasive angiogram (another moneymaker), which itself can lead to a stent or surgery.

You may think finding these blockages is a good thing, meaning heart attacks will be prevented and lives will be saved.

But you would be WRONG in that assumption. In patients with symptoms, procedures help with….symptoms. Heart attacks are not prevented and lives are not saved. (Caveat..if you are in the midst of a heart attack, these emergency procedures can be beneficial).

There is a Better Way

The natural approach to heart disease is the way to go. Cholesterol elevations are just a response to poor nutrition and chemicals. Clean up your diet and avoid toxins such as laundry agents, personal care products, and household chemicals. Get 8 hours of sleep. Practice relaxation techniques and remove the stressful things in your life. Stay physically active. Use evidence based supplements.

All these ways and more are discussed in my new book, The Paleo Cardiologist. I hope you will check it out. Just do me a favor, show it to your cardiologist, and never see him again.

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  • This post was pasted by me after picking it from "health impact news" It critises role of modern cardiologists and highlight that high cholestoral is a natural response to nutritional deficiency. Although I have no heart health issues,I felt it may educate those who have.

  • Further medifree and others have also said drug s like statins are not useful in managing heart health.

  • Statins are useless for 99/100 cases. Cost to teat the side effects are more than the statin pill itself. Dr Patel in USA advises LCHF even to cardiac patients with 3 to 4 stents.

  • Thanks.

    i was just looking for such an authentic peice of information.

    Some of my very CLOSE relatives are after me to restart my statins.I dumped my statins about 15 days ago.

    I need some more proofs against the STATINS.


  • Thanks

    Had just seen this article

  • it would bemore useful to post synopsis instead of just web sites

  • I came across one more article which appears to be relevant for maintaining health holistically instead of consulting a professional who specialises in treating spare parts of our body instead .The authorhas offered advise.


    Dinesh Maheshwari

    CEO at MDA Inpro (India)


    Health and Wealth BOTH

    Apr 8, 2015

    FOOD THERAPY ( Bhojan Dwara Swasthya Labh)

    WHAT I HAVE UNDERSTOOD AND EXPERIENCED SINCE 2000 ONWARDS THAT food is the basic need of any human being to remain healthy as we know that there are only three activities which is being communicated in Ayurveda i.e. BHOJAN (eating), PACHAN KRIYA (Absorption) AND NISHPADAN KRIYA (Discharge).

    All these three activities constitute major importance to food as if



    TO BE HEALTHY ONE IS AWARE ABOUT THE CAUSE OF HIS/ HER ILL HEALTH, as one is not caring, that is the cause of illness and increase in health problems as I have experience since 2000 onwards when I have started discussing with people around for their health problems and causes around.

    AS EVERYONE KNOWS THAT SELF HELP IS THE BEST HELP.WHICH IS TRUE TO BE HEALTHY TOO AS I HAVE EXPERIENCED THIS SINCE 2000 AND REMAIN HEALTHY or I can say in better health which otherwise may not be possible.If I can remain healthy with no medicine use, I have the right to guide people around for better healthy living.

    As we are aware that the peoples are suffering from Diabeties, Asthma, Arithrities, skin diseases, weight problems, psoriasis, cancer , weakness, constipation etc. The major cause of disease is our lifestyle i.e. our eating habits and also not following any system of nature to be healthy.

    When we are in bad health, we can remain in better health provided we change eating habits, change in lifestyle and try to follow NATURE. As we are the creation of Nature, our Growth is dependent upon Nature very much, if we can follow the system of Nature to remain healthy wherever possible, WE SHALL BE HEALTHY AND WEALTHY TOO AS we know Health is Wealth.

    I shall be pleased to Guide and Support people around if interested to take my guidance for keeping themselves healthy by knowing WHEN to eat? WHAT to eat? And HOW to remain in better health inspite of busy schedule and running towards earning livelihood.


    H-13, IIND FLOOR,




  • Eve opener article. Thank you

  • Triglycerides is one of the the main cause of all health problems and it is HIGH CARB which pushes the triglycerides up. Not that the experts don't know this, but they defend a broken diet for letting medicare business flourish.

    Even the most healthy don't need more than 150 grams/day carbs.

  • Dineshji thanks will u help me with ur idea for food habits my mail purushottam.mohta@gmail.com

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