diet blues of diabetics

in their news letter titled” Diet and nutrition “ dated 9th april 2015 has given tips for diabetic diet written by one MichelTheobold and reviewed by RoslynCarsonDe witt MD who appears to be a medical professional.

The tips essentially speak of advising diabetics to follow the following food groups for better health and diabetic control.

1.vegetables, 2 wholegrains,3 fruits,4 low fat or fat free dairy products and 5 lean protein sources such as chicken, fish, lean bacon etc.,

In the context of healthy diet for diabetics, another web site advocates low carb high fat diet .

There is one more website which advocates a diet called “south beach diet” which one of the bloggers in this forum has analysed and feels it is a diet different from LCHF and based on “kill the hunger” by high protein diet although not very sure. It appears to low carb high proten low fat diet.

In any case the surprising fact is all these diets claim to be healthy for diabetics although on critical analysis no worthwhile information that they will not cause harm to kidneys is presently available, an issue raised by me in this forum under heading “Kidneys and their failure in case of diabetics which invited heavy reaction from several bloggers who are following a particular diet (many of which sarcastic, vipurative and personal abuses which the good administration has deleted ) without touching the issue raised by me

There appears to be a contradiction as to which diet is good for diabetics to control blood sugar as all the diet styles are originated from USA. and believed to mitigate health hazards for diabetics

It is a known fact that diabetic condition of the body will not cause death directly by itself but through harming body organs and impairing them

In my posting titled “Kidneys and their failure in case of diabetics” I had raised issue of diet causing kidneys getting over worked and the repercussion of their failure. It is essential that professionals such as doctors, biochemists, dieticians, nutritionnists and other members of this forum (who are not committed to this or that diet protocol ) to open up their minds and give adequate response to issue raised by me in the interest of knowledge based debate.

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  • I am fully aware of this site and regular visitor to understand the cross section of the views.

  • further the purpose was not to support or dispute but highlight between low protein high fat and high protein low fat vis a vis ADA protocol

  • Problem with diabetes management is,we have no issues regarding medication,exercise and life style changes.Mostly, we know what to do and stick to it.When it comes to diet ,so many shades of opinions,advise and scientific data are made available and that makes the choice difficult.For example,I read from a reputed source that oats and sweet potato are among the two super foods out of ten for diabetics.But when I verified with my clinic,they vehemently opposed both the foods.So,I have now decided to go moderate in quantity of food consumed and use common sense to decide which foods to avoid.So far,the going is good as far as my kidneys and liver are concerned,but if some thing crops up,may be I will have to tighten my diet.But I do agree with you that radical diet changes that put extra load on the kidneys and liver are a no no for me.

  • I don't think LHCF puts strain on kidneys more than ADA diet. An example, which no living medical professional dares to discuss is Dr Bernstein. I am sure lot many experts will prop up after he is dead, like they do with every "supposed to be radical" approach. For us, even high carb low fat is very radical approach.

    Sweet potato and oats are recommended on a high carb diet.

    Medicines,we have all the problems and that's why we are on LCHF so that the dependence can be educed.

  • I have some concerns about the effect of excessive dietary fat(as compared to my present levels) on my kidneys and liver.I do not know for sure one way or the other about the long term effects of LCHF. There fore, I do not have any thing to state about it.My diet style has served me for 73 years and I am reasonably healthy.Why make a major change now?Regarding LCHF being radical,it is a question of perspective.If you take a diagonally opposite view against the traditional and generally accepted present day medical advise,I think it can be termed radical(and I do not per se consider being called radical as some kind of disagreement).And,regarding Dr.Berstein,I have to say he was a great human being and extraordinarily courageuos. We can learn a lot from his life.But his situation was different,he was T1,almost a cripple at a very young age and perhaps would not have survived at that stage of medical advances.So,he broke the conventions and came out victorious.But an average diabetic (T2) is not in the same situation now.Hisdisorder is much less severe and there fore a different approach is called for.

  • Long term effect?

    Ketogenic diet has a history of 90+ years. I don't think it's a question of long-term effects. Dr Barry Groves lived for 5 decades on LCHF right from young age of below 30 years.

    We already know the "Short Term" (in less than 4 decades look where all the diseases have moved) effect of HIGH CARB LOW FAT - People are getting sick -- diabetes, obesity, cvd/chd/cancer etc etc -- and Medicare Companies are getting Rich.

    Dr Bernstein "IS" a great human being (and not WAS) as he is still alive. Medical advances are in terms of only patented and expensive drugs, and then designing and peddling a diet that ensures that these drugs sell by truckloads.

  • I do not understand what you are trying to convey.

  • It was a point by point answer covering "Long Term" ghost impact, dr bernsein being "was" etc.

  • Mr Venkataramana

    I have read your comments. It makes enormous sense to me. However when you say there are no issues regarding medication and exercise my experience is other wise specially on the prescribed medicine. The main problem is dishonest opinions of those medical professionals who are consulted. Quite a substantial number of doctors are prescribing drugs aligning themselves more with pharma companies who are able to influence them -a betrayal of trust which is more a recent phenomenon than earlier. I am cautious whenever i have a health problem or need annual health check up by depending on reputed hospitals with doctors whose credentials are verified by them before appointing them as consultants.. Even the laboratories are not dependable. This aspect has been highlighted by a few bloggers here.

    In so far as exercise is concerned I find it is increasingly becoming difficult to exercise the same way which i was doing a few years back .Age is a factor influencing this important health factor although i am able to walk as a regular feature at least for a a kilometre as against 4 to 5 kilometers a few years ago. This an unavoidable health hazard with no solution at least for older generation .I do not know how you are managing.

    In regard to diet i am in entire agreement with your experience. Recently I came across a website which says –a healthy diet should be 50% vegetables,25% carbo hydrates selected out of low glecemic index grains and 25% proteins and no fat at all. Even in this advise the selection of vegetables is held as important.While some consider carrot is essential while others feel it is harmful Same is true regarding bottle guard cabbage etc..By and large selecting a particular diet has become more of a game plan rather anything else.

    .The fact appears to be similar to the proverbial story of six blind men trying to find out how a elephant looks like by ouching its trunk, legs ears etc, and coming to conclusion that it is a fan, piller a tube,rock etc.,

    I finally thank you for mature and practical advise on the diet issue.

  • I think I am lucky as far as doctors are concerned as I could find some ethically sound doctors/clinics pretty long time back and stuck to them loyally.I,of course avoid corporate hospitals who render good treatment but their major priority seems to be revenue generation.

  • I have read Dr bernestein’s book on diabetic solutions as well as other two books 1):Reversing Diabetes” by Dr Julian Whitaker.MD who is also running an hospital in USA and treating hopelessly bad cases successfully without drugs but with alternate theraphy of nutrition simple diet (not fat based) exercise and relaxation technique.2 :”Diabetes free”: by Dr David Pearson who claims to reverse diabetes within 14 days. In this book he emphasises on getting rid of body toxicity specially in lever by taking Epsom salt -a strong purgative on empty stomach or fruit based diet as breakfast at least few hours befor taking purgative and following a diet limiting carb proten and fat - almost starving for 14 days I have yet to read fully this book to understand.

    Both the books give suggestions on diet more relevant to Americans rather than us.

    I had also seen a video broad cast by Dr Richard Breinstein on line down loaded from website of “diabetic daily”. The doctor looks besrivelled at least on his hands as i could see.and practically without any muscles .In the vedio he spoke on ketones etc.,which meetu77 has also written here This vedio dt 8-4-2015 has been preserved by me but unfortunately cant be pasted here being in HTML format. He is a diabetic 1 and avoids practically all carbohydrates and has survived his diabetic life with his strict diet based on LCHF as mentioned by meetu77 here. Obviously we being D2 and having our own concept of what is high fat cannot copy the diet followed and feel safe that it works for uslong time unless we wish to be skeletons without able body frame. Caution seems to me more pragmatic approach for us in this country particularly diabetics of young age and diagnosed within 6/7/years

  • is all Indians no Americans. It was started precisely for this reason.

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