How to add weight for a diabetic

I am 60 years old. I had not undergone medical checkup for 15 years. When I underwent blood sugar measurement on 21st Jan 2015 at the insistence of my wife and son, I was in for a shock. My fasting sugar was 267 mgdl and post prondial was 420. Then I did the following:

1.Cut off simple sugar from my diet

2.Did a yogic kriya called Laghu Shankha Prakshaalana in the morning

3.Did Pranayam in the afternoon and meditation in the morning and night

4.Did Cardio (20 minutes) and resistance exercise in the evening

5.Did 20 minutes brisk walk after every major meal.

6.Took homeopathic medication

On 30th Jan 2015, my fasting sugar was 178 and Post Prondial: 293. The fall was almost 100 in fasting and 130 in post prondial in 10 days.

I continued the same regimen and even substantially reduced my intake of milk and milk products. On 12th March 2015, My post prondial was 221 (As I got up late Fasting sugar was not measured). My HBA1C reading was 7.8. I intend continuing the same regimen and am sure that in the ensuing month my sugar levels will be within n

ormal range.

My problem now is I am 175 cms tall and weigh only 61 Kgs. My dietician says it is OK. But I want to put on weight. I seek suggestions as to how to put on weight.

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  • your bmi is19.9 .

    18,5 is the minimum in the range[ 25 is the maximum in the range ]. thats why the health care person said so.

    for putting up weight[which is not necessary at all] you may take peanut butter.

    see if the lipid profile is disturbed by doing so.


    in my opinion you may go down to 18.5.

    but cosmetic factors!!! no comments.:

    exercise may match a compromise.

    good luck

  • It is rarely beneficial to gain weight for the sake of it. I would take-up bodybuilding/intense resistance exercise to build muscle.

    Even then, gaining ten pounds of pure muscle per year is a greater achievement than most people attain. A pound of muscle contains 600 kcals, so you would need less than 16 kcals a day above maintenance levels (the amount you need to sustain your weight) to facilitate that growth (which can be had from only 4g of cheese for instance).

  • What is your LIPIDS? I would be more interested in TG and HDL.

  • I do not find any reason for you to think of adding weight at the age of 60.Instead,you should concentrate more on reducing your sugar levels.It is alarming that in spite of the steps you have taken,the results are not optimal.Since you are optimistic in near future,keep monitoring closely and ensure that the sugar levels comedown well below present levels.

  • It is better to remain healthy without becoming obese.If your BMI is OK dont bother to increase weight etc.

  • Use Flex seed - 30 Grams twice a day, you will gain weight, but it will be in limit, without any problem in health.

  • Once yr bs is under control hopefully y will gain wt marginally over some time, but nothing to worry, keep healthy and good luck

  • Since HbA1c is high you should focus on reducing your BS levels.

    Add support of some natural remedies to your routine.

    1.Soak 1tsp of meethi seed overnight in a glass of water, drink water empty stomach in the morning. Keep the soaked meethi seed in a container for sprouting.

    Now it is summer time so the seed will sprout in a day or two. Take the sprouts along with your breakfast. The bitterness of methi seeds is reduced in sprouting.

    Meethi sprouts is a rich source of digestable protien, fibre, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and zinc.

    2. Add 1/2tsp haldi powder to 20ml fresh amla juice and take it before meethi seed water every morning.

    Preferably walk after meals but not a briskly. These will support you in reducing your BS level quickly.

  • I don't see any point in gaining any more weight.. Any particular reason for gaining weight? It will still be difficult to manage diabetes with gained weight.

    Your latest BS level - 221 and HbA1c - 7.8 is not at all considered safe. I think you should seek medical advice immediately. Once your BS levels are controlled you can try LCHF diet; its making some news recently.

  • Known DM and you want to put on weight?

    what for and for whose sake?

    your dietitians advice is not ok.

    try to keep your weight preferably under 60kg

  • i feel you should reduce sugar level to normal. Weight is not a problem until you feel nervous.

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