balanced and calorie limited diet

balanced diet is one in which

all the nutrients are available.

and not more than just necessary for the body.

nutrients needed : neither more nor less is the principle.

for eg

if the body requires less than 2300 mg of sodium [=one tsp of salt]

then the sodium chloride limit is one tsp per day.

if proteins needed are 56 gms per day then the food should not contain more than this 56 in a balanced diet.

fats are convertible from carbs.

but not all . in general essential fatty acids [efa] [the linoleic acid]

cannot be synthesized within the body.

so the balanced food should contain these efas.

5 grams[efa] is enough says the nutritionist.

the rest, the body will convert from carbs.

but the Linuspauling institute however modifies this by telling:

ok, but the body may not produce enough consume efas to the extent necessary.

if you open a 'text book on diabetes'

then ,you will find the longest chapter is NUTRITION.

not the type of attention catching books like 'diabetes killed with out medicine., diabetes reversed and dot coms of these variety.

good luck

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  • One short two line answer if you are trying to attack LCHF diet:

    LCHF diet that we follow has all the nutrients covered. I can come up with numbers but no point wasting my time on this. I (like most on LCHF diet) let the blood reports do the talking.

  • Even Dr Bernstein is an Engineer first.

    So looks like engineers have this itch to challenge the "orthodoxy" and come out winner in every field :)

    Dr Peter Attia is another Engineer first and Surgeon later from Stanford. Stanford I am sure is not a "road side dot com" university :)

    Dr. Berstein’s philosophy is unique in that he believes diabetics are entitled to the same blood sugars as non-diabetics, something that we diabetics on LCHF strongly believe in.

  • Diet which keeps one healthy is a balanced diet. In case of diabetics (and some other deceases) it is LCHF.

  • a correction.

    in place of

    "so consume efas to the extent necessary."

    please read

    so consume fats to the extent necessary.because the linuspauling institute talks about fats in general.

    by the way ,Linus Pauling was probably the greatest chemist of the 20th century-[am i correct ?]

    good luck

  • India is a free and democratic country and as such each one has the birth right to say any thing and every thing. It said that wise open their mouth only when they have to say some thing of relevance but ........ Cc .please note that it is my exclusively personal opinion and I have no web site to authenticate it.

    I do not believe in the theory of individual calorie requirements. This theory is based on experiments based in a closed environment. I also do not believe that calorie is a calorie is a calorie. All researches done in vitro and not vivo. So according to me it is futile to discuss how much carb,fat or protein to be eaten.

    At a future date ,perhaps I may come up with greater detail.

  • ON FAHFA there's a PATENT --

    When there's a patent, you can be sure that there will be some expensive drug released in the future if it becomes successful.

    The biggest issue with diabetes (or any disorder/disease) research is that it is focused on Drug Centric approach to favor the pharma industry. Since no money can be made from LCHF, there will be no research no study ever on LCHF diet.

    There's has been a lot of talk on brown fat also. At the end of the day, he cheapest and healthiest solution is DIET -- LCHF.

  • dear george.

    there is no contradiction.

    fats are a necessity for body because most of the cell wall is made up of fats.

    about 600 cals of food should come from fats in a 1800 calorie diet .[30/35 percent ]

    that is 60 grams of fats should be consumed.[600 devided by 9].

    in the 60 grams at least 5 grams are to be compulsorily essential fatty acids.

    if we don't take fat at all ,

    the body can synthesize 55 grams from carbs but not the 5 grams efa .

    they have to come from outside,diet .


    the Linus Pauling institute says

    better consume enough fats,

    as not everybody's body may be successful in synthesizing the 55.

    good luck.

  • Body can live without CARBS but can never live without FAT and Proteins. This is a FACT.

    Pl don't ask me for textbook or univesity link because textbooks or links of your choice perhaps did not teach about USDA Pyramid also to many ... or they covered it up just because it proved to be Big Failure after decades of pushing it.

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