salt per day

the salt advised,recommended is

2300milligrams of sodium per day.[including all that is in preservatives-- sodium metabisulphite etc and so on.]

this will work out to one teaspoon a day of salt=sodium, 5ml

of sodium chloride.

if you go by atomic weights of sodium and chlorine remember the density of salt .otherwise you will be in trouble in calculation..

but elderly people,

it need be half a tea spoon a day.

in general people are taking more than 1 and half a teaspoon a day.

how to get rid of the pinch measure?

calculate the the total sodium chloride per MONTH for the family and keep so much only

on the window sill of kitchen.

indiacratus tells his wife :

if you want more? next month please.

good luck

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  • @Meetu... how comne u r so terrifically fast in finding the opposite or counter argument? i am just wondering., :)

  • quite an answer., we become what we know., brahmavid bahmaiva bhavati.... good.

  • Contradiction and controversy is universal and there is hardly anything about which there is uninanimanity . People tend to forget that a coin has two sides.😀😔

  • what controversy they talk?

    i am not reading the responses of some people in the forum . because ultimately some irrelevant .com they bring in as standard reference

    good luck

  • see for example.

    it was diabetes uk that funded the newcastle study.

    it is most often called the 600 calorie experiment .

    in diabetes uk it is written 600

    but some person:some dot com has been brought to say it is 800 calories.

    everywhere an attempt to show .

    good luck

  • hey Meetu., i just got 35%. donno what it means really in real life context.

  • @cscon.... really i am bombed. i never knew that a relation was there between low salt and IR. i was on *.*ing low salt diet for so many years.

    i sincerely thank not you but Indiacratus for opening my eyes. grrrrr.

  • Thank u cscon.. and all the forrunners of lchf namely medfree., kcpl, bhaskar pillai., meena, meetu, and Anup etc.

    Thank once again venkataramana sir and makarim for kind concerns. ( i really wanted to express thanks not thanksgiving ceremony. as i shall continue participation)

  • The salt substitute is called Senomyx and according to the Weston A. Price Foundation:

    @ cscon.... grrrrrrrrrrrrr.

  • Behind every stupid dietary advise you can be very sure that there's a food or drug industry's hand at play.

    75% salt intake in America is from Processed food. Did these experts try and relate hypertension with dozens of other nasty additives that go in processed foods? NO. They never will.

    Biotech experts in the US are working overtime on how to manipulate and control "Human Taste" through some patented chemical. Senomyx is one such company. The name figured in Pepsi's use of ABORTED fetus cells in one research.

    Food and drug industry can and will go to any extremes. Pepsi was forced to close this research on public outcry. I am sure, there will be public outcry against ADA/AMA/AHA and their BROKEN Dietary guideline. Till then they enjoy the proceeds of profits of food and drug industry.

    The more the self-proclaimed geniuses out here try and attack diabetics on LCHF, more truth like these will come to fore. We have read and imbibed in 5 years what someone may not have in 50 years. Obviously they will call us as they simply have nothing to talk beyond what ADA/AMA says :)

  • mY Father who is nor more becos of diabetes., adviced me 25 years back., " finally u r your own doctor". I never thought it has so much meaning. doesn't mind even if we r called roadside etc.

  • If after 6-7 years of education, all that the GP does is follow some "guidelines" issued by a "Cozy Club" (or so called Not For Profit bodies) then what use was that education? And, doctors who don't follow the same in the US are either sent on leave or shunted to administrative jobs.

    Diabetics who take the control in their own hand will always be attacked as the entire diabetes care industry is a huge business. Who in the chain would want to see a shrinking customer base? LCHF can be a huge loss to the diabetes care industry. So all sorts of filth will be flung at it. Use of terms like roadside is one of them :)

  • Atrocious ..............(the content of links).

  • Salt or Lavana is an indispensable part of our life . From our body to food , salt is present everywhere .

    Etymology : According to Shabd kalpadruma – nirukti of Lavana is “ Lunati iti Lavanam “ i.e having cchedana property .

    Attributes and Actions of Salt : The salt is pachak ( digestive ) , kledaka ( liquifacient ) , deepan ( stimulant ) , chyavana ( inductive of defluxion ) , cchedan ( depletive ) , bhedan ( disruptive ) , tikshna ( sharp ) , sara ( fluid ) , vikasi ( penetrative ) , produces avakaash ( deobstruent ) , vatanashak ( curative of vata )

    It alleviates stambha (stiffness) , vibandh (obstructions and accumulations) , is sarva rasa pratyaneek ( overpowers the rest of the tastes ) and increases lalasrava ( salivation ) . It liquifies Kapha and mucous secretions . It is srotoshodaka ( clarifies the passage , softens all the tissues of the body ) , gives relish to food ( ruchikar ) , and is used in food . It is neither very heavy ( guru ) , very unctuous ( snigdha ) nor hot ( ushna ) .

    Complications of Excessive Use of Salt :

    Ayurveda prohibits excessive use of salt .

    Salt though , possesses above said qualities , but its excessive use provokes pitta , increases blood , heat , thirst , causes fainting , dislodging of teeth , decreases fertility , impairs the function of sense organs , induces premature wrinkles , grey hair and baldness .

    It also causes blood and skin disorders , acidity , gout , alopecia etc .

    How to know Salty taste : On keeping in mouth , it dissolves , induces moistness , deliquescence , softness and mild burning sensation .

    Types of Salt : There are mainly five types :

    1) Saindhava Lavana ( Rock Salt ) : It is considered best among all the salts

    2) Samudra Lavana ( Common Salt )

    3) Bida Lavana ( a type of Black Salt )

    4) Sauvarchala Lavana ( Potassium nitrate )

    5) Romaka Lavana ( Earthern salt )

    Sodium and Chloride are the major components of salt along with other minerals. They regulate the fluid balance of body , helps maintain acid base level , proper nerve conduction , muscular activity , blood pressure and movement of water between fluid compartments .

    salt awareness week 1

    Uses : It is used as an anointment , in oleation and sudation procedures , basti , shirovirechana , vamana , shastrakarma ( surgical procedures ) , abhyanga , utsadana ( unction ) , anjana (collyrium ) , varti ( suppository ) and food .

    Salt is an ingredient in many Ayurvedic medicines e.g Arka lavana , Chitrakadi vati , Lavana taila , Agnitundi vati , Lavanabhaskar churna , Saindhavadi varti , Lavanadi anjana etc .


  • Why salt is to be taken in

    limited quantity ? What is rock salt ?

  • dear patliputra,

    rock salt as the name suggests is salt that appears on land as is available in Himalaya region abundantly.


    it is mostly sodium chloride may be containing many other salts as trace ..

    there is a belief that it is potassium is wrong.

    there is wide spread disbelief that it is free from sodium.

    and sodium is more troublesome thing

    it comes from pakistan region of himalaya mostly.

    " The main ingredient of rock salt is sodium chloride, though it often occurs with some impurities, usually salts of calcium or magnesium. Pure rock salt is white, though impurities can render it gray, yellow, orange, red, blue, violet or pink. It is extremely soluble in water, and is also hygroscopic, absorbing water molecules from the surrounding air. For this reason, rock salt should always be stored in airtight container.

    Read more : "

    the bad effects:

    there are two attitudes we can have about any food.

    salt in this context

    1]whether monkeys ,anthropoids and lastly the homo erectus is in the habit of taking it.

    salt -no.

    this way it will lead us to think that

    the salt in our vegitables and other foods is enough.

    no comments on this.

    may be that in some lands salt may be less and the crops are deficient for it.

    2] scientific analysis and what the great institutions of medicine say.

    they say 2300 milii grams of sodium is enough.[actually this is an upper limit]

    some national recommendation is slightly different.

    my understanding is from --

    Sodium: How much do you need?

    The Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend limiting sodium to less than 2,300 mg a day — or 1,500 mg if you're age 51 or older, or if you are black, or if you have high blood pressure, diabetes or chronic kidney disease.

    Keep in mind that these are upper limits, and less is usually best, especially if you're sensitive to the effects of sodium. If you aren't sure how much sodium your diet should include, talk to your doctor or dietitian.

    as you know i am a person who does not absorb knowledge from any many untrustworthy dot coms.mis leading people .

    good luck

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