Strengthen your nerves

I have been a diabetic almost 20 years and underwent a bypass surgery about 5 years back. May be due to the side effects of medicines I have been consuming, my nerves were going weak. I could not walk freely, had difficulty sitting and getting up from the ground and feeling heaviness in the heart. A friend with similar problems suggested a mixture of vegetable juices and consuming that since last two months today I am almost normal. In the course of six month I am sure I'll be completely normal. A course of one month just costs about Rupees one thousand. Anybody interested can call my mob 09341254097. I am from Bangalore.

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  • Kindly post the formula here,so all the members may analysis it.if found helpful,will be thankful to you.

  • How many calls u will attend better post the details to help all the members.thanks

  • Please let me know the combination. Normal means what sugar level or pain.


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