what is the biochemical principle behind some people telling carbo hydrate is the killer?fat in combination with carbs only is trouble

what is the biochemical principle behind some people telling carbo hydrate is the killer?fat in combination with carbs only is trouble some.

it is in the company of carbs that fat increases lipid profile.otherwise fat is innocent.it can keep at any desired blood glucose level.

the right answer is:

within the recomended proportion , ie, balanced diet and limited food-

all are good -carbs ,proteins and fats.

over and above the body's requirements everything is bad ,including oxygen ,water and food.[not only fats or carbs]

then what is this talk about carbs?

i will give an 'exagerated proportion- reply' to emphasise the meaning.

we take fat and proteins alone:


blood glucose rise.:


no rise in glucose because -

there is no fat to glucose path inside the body.

protein to glucose is a slow path ,time consuming .so no bs rise too much.

lipids=lipid profile.


as there is no carbs,

most of the fat will be expended for


burned in the citric acid cycle to disappear as

[atp] co2 and water.how can there be fats available to float in blood if it is all used for energy?

now enter carbs:


with carbohydrates available ,enough and more, the body jumps for carbs for energy.

some small amount of fats and proteins are used for repairing works inside the body.the rest will be stored or thrown out of body.

so in case of excess of carbs

there will be both glucose rise and lipid profile going up.

this is what some people say carbohydrates are the culprits.

this analysis tells us how the low carb diet like atkins work.

in fact all diet therapy for diebetes is disguised low carb diets.

but for reasons of not being providing all the nutrients and other reasons

the world medical bodies recommend only balanced diet both for the healthy and the diabetic.

how can there be something to float in blood or

stored in fat cells when we feed in ,only the just necessary quantity.that is balanced and limited food.

in a diabetic

if insulin is absent give insulin.

that is the right choice.

but there are some few people who goes obese/overweight even if they eat only the just necessary food.

that is by itself a disease ,not to be considerd as over eating.

if exercise ,food control etc does not work -

for them, the american diabetes organisation recomends low carb diet.for a period of maximum two years.

a moderately low carb diet is 130 grams per day.this is not recommended as a diabetic diet.

it is recommended for those who are both diabetic and overweight/obese for weight reduction.

good luck.

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  • Many researchers say that we are carb. Seekers. Hunting started only in Stone Age ,when hunting tools were devised . Before that period people were simly gatherers ,lived mainly on wild fruits,nuts roots and berries.

  • Even Atkins diet failed in its original form, where there was no limit to eating protein and fat. Later on diet was modified to limit protein.

  • dear patliputra,

    the protein limitation comes up because protein contains nitrogen and cannot be stored as such or cannot be discharged out through urine..

    after removing the nitrogen the carbon skeleton then can be returned to the glucose path.

    but this takes place in the liver ,

    and in the liver it can be converted to glycogen direct .there fore sending to blood and recapture is unnecessary-

    so only the just wanted amount of bs rise takes place through this protein path[and urea goes to urine.]

    this last two sentences [exclude bracket,] were proposed as a hypothesis as early as the beginning of the last century.---i am not sure of its accuracy.

    but removing nitrogen and sending through urine is work load for kidney,

    not advised in kidney disease particularly.

    so comes the restriction

    10 to 20 percent of food calories only from protein.

    but in case of healthy people some people say it can go up to 30 percent--no comments.

    your understanding of atkins is perfect.

    good luck

  • I think this discussion has in deed thrown up lots of interesting and educative discussions but now has reached a stage when we have to accept that diet is a highly personalized issue with innumerable variables affecting it's choice and leave it at that.I am mentioning this because I see that sometimes the discussions become acrimonious.I for one believe in moderate eating of a variety of foods and keep track of of what is going on.

  • your understanding is obviously perfect and welcome

  • One of very few sane voices no this forum.

  • dear patliputra,

    agreed that venkatji is a person with a balanced understanding.


    have you tried to define sanity, rational or right thinking?

    it is not easy to do.

    it will end up like the logicians who set sail to prove the foundations of mathematics.

    they ended up in a theorem called.

    GODEL's incompleteness theorem.


    'right thinking' is just impossible to define

    good luck

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