Dr. Khanikar's Diabetes medicines are now available In Delhi

Dear All. Dr. Gunaram Khanikars Diabetes medicine is available in Delhi at Rs. 130 per packet. Average monthly requirement is 8-10 packets. If anyone is interested in buying these medicines in Delhi kindly contact . These are very beneficial in controlling high Sugar levels. Wish you best of health and life.


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13 Replies

  • Thank you for this great help to Diabetes sufferers since some of Allopathic medicines cause even greater harm than the disease itself.

    I request Users - myself included - to advise true Feedbacks. Best Wishes.

  • What are these medicines, allopathic/ homeopathic / herbal or other. Also who is Dr. Gunaram,

  • These are Ayurvedic medicines. Kindly check my other post to know more on Dr. Gunaram Khanikar.

  • There is no medicine required for T2DM, as it is the problem related to food.

  • !!!

  • Mr. Pushpinder,

    How you will ensure that the medicine you are supplying is Dr. Gunaram Khanikars Diabetes medicine. Can you provide some references who have benefitted with this medicine ?

  • @rankx001. Sir providing these medicines to people in Delhi is a matter of consciousness. Why do you think that I will provide some other medicines. First of all this is not a commercial thing that we are doing. It is only to bring some good things to people. If you want to try the medicines or need any reference. Please do get in touch directly with Dr. Gunaram Khanikar. You can also arrange medicines from him. My biggest reference is my mother and close family friends who have benefitted from medicines. If you want to try you can try them too. Its a matter of personal will. I do not market these medicines, its just a matter of creating awareness for people. And as far as the genuineness of these medicines is concerned you can kindly order from Assam and compare.

  • Thanks Mr. Pushpender for your warm reply. I will contact you soon.

  • Sir you are most welcome. DO try these medicines you will like them. I want that no one should suffer from Diabetes or any other disease and everyone should have the best of health.

  • Thanks for ur concern for diabetic people

  • There is no medicine available for T2DM, because the cause for it is from FOOD. So only food is the answer for Diabetes.

  • I am a diabetic person. Can I get some references and contact details in Bangalore. So that we will try to make some trials. Because so many pharma companies are eagerly waiting for a source and formula.

  • If you really want to help diabetic people give direct link of Dr Gunaram!

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