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Influenzinum 200c seems to prevent Flu

From Joe De Livera [Log on to view profile]on 2006-01-02

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Members may like to know that none of the members of our staff numbering about 150 persons contacted the Flu which is common in Sri Lanka during the month of December when the weather here is relatively cool and dry. Dust is whipped up by the wind and this I believe, is the way this flu is easily spread.

This is the second year that I have distributed it in November in the water dose which is made by inserting 2 drops of Influenzinum 200c or 3 globules into a 500ml bottle of spring water and giving a dose comprising 1 teaspoonful to each member of our staff. A booster dose is given in 2 weeks.

It is also interesting to record that none of the members of our staff caught any colds and throat infections during this time when almost everyone has caught the throat infection which is rampant in Sri Lanka right now. This is an interesting observation and I invite others to report on this new aspect of using Influenzinum.

In other years prior to the Influenzinum taken as a prophylactic, we had at least 10% of the staff on sick leave when they were wanted most in our organization during December.

Joe De Livera


Sri Lanka


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