Inner Engineering Program By Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev

I would like to recommend this program to all the dear members. I and my wife had done this program in July 2013. I had heard about a lot of meditation programs where meditation is taught. Had been to a few myself. But the difference this program has brought to our lives is unexplained. All I can say is I had not known what true joy and happiness is before the program. Earlier I used to get irritated by small things like someone giving horns, noise and if things do not go my way. After doing this program I have felt like never before. I started to like classical music, I could feel it. I could feel a deep sense of calm, peace and a positive outlook towards life. I felt a kind of positive energy inside me which kept me happy from within. My worries started to reduce and I started loving life.

My backache reduced considerably, a fellow members white patches were cured in 3 months time. Peoples Diabetes and Blood pressure is cured. I would highly recommend this program to dear members and their extended families. You would love it.


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  • Diabetes and BP are aggravated by stress. Inner engineering programs, 7 habits, etc. and religion help us to release unnecessary tension that we bring on ourselves by trying to control everything. Letting go and accepting what we cannot change brings about mental peace and physical wellness.

    Thanks for the info

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