Home Remedy for Diabetes

Try to make the following mixture at home :

Preparation of Mixture :

Take the powder form of following

1] Jamun powder -- 100 grams

2] Haldi powder -- 50 grams

3] Amla powder -- 100 grams

4] Methi Powder -- 100 grams

5] Black Seed -- Onion seed -- 50 grams

6] Alsi seed powder -- flax seed powder -- 50 grams

7] Dal Chini powder -- Cinnamon powder -- 50 grams

Mix the above powders properly

Dosage :

Take Half Teaspoon of the above mixture with water or tea / coffee / milk / lassi etc 3 times a day.

You have to take the powder along with your medicines.

Take more water as intake . Keep observing your blood sugar level every week.

Since all the above mentioned items are readily available at home, you will not face any problem and this mixture will help you control your blood sugar.

Please note that this is not a cure for diabetes, but a control measure to keep your blood sugar level down.


Haresh S Narang

Email : naranghs@yahoo.com

2 Replies

  • What do mean by Jamun Powder.

    Jamun ki Gutli ka powder. or dry jamun an grind.

    pl. clarify.

  • Jamun powder is readily available in Kirana stores. OR else take dry jamun and grind. Thanks and Regards

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