long wheat

lot of talk is herd about long wheat.

can i ask a question?

is it a chemical in the wheat that causes as the anti diabetic agent

or the texture of the wheat , ie, the cellulose starch skeleton-

[-amylose , amylopectin and the branching ] ,.

if it is the chemical

after boiling in water ,

remove the solids and take the water alone by anyone -

he should have reduced bs-

preferably in the morning so that a stabilised and basal set up is available inside the body.

[if the material we search is water soluble,, if it is fat soluble we have to redesign the experiment]

good luck

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  • if it is some thing that changes the physiology in the long term ---

    then a negative test result by itself will be a gain,.

  • Name of long wheat is samba wheat, it just contains more of fiber less carb

  • indian name? where is it available?

  • A good question by indiacratus. It is worth researching by drug researchers. Use of long wheat (soochi gothambu in malayalam) for treating diabetes is a part of ITK in this part of the country. I remember my father was diagnosed D in 1960. He was treated in hospital with insulin injections. After leaving the hospital he followed traditional village ways of dealing with it. Soochi gothambu was a key component of his diet. He lived many decades without much problems. Science behind the successful ITK needs to be brought through research.

  • To be scientific we must know the proximate principles of long wheat, including nature of carbohydrate,the reason for viscosity,trace elments, etc. complete analysis would be the approach. Each compotent should be tested for its efficacy to reduce glucose level and long time term effects on randomised double blind studies to established its usefulness. Bring to notice of clinical trial oriented institute refering to the obervation

    Dr. M.K.J sarma,

    Molecular Endocinologist

  • Indiacratus, happy to see you writing some thing. The name long wheat is a misnomer. It was a name given long time back by Mr.S George,when identity of this wheat was not known. If you search my previous posts you will find that I identified this wheat and gave the scientific name for the first time. In another post scientific basis of its anti diabetic action was discussed.

  • welcome back mr patliputra .

    you had left the forum for a long time.

    and the absence was conspicuous.

    good luck

  • It was not me who gave the name Long Wheat to the grain. When I searched for the name in English, some traders only showed it printed on packets. Sooji Goothambu must have been named as Long Wheat by the Britishers when they were here. I do not want undue applause or undue blame. Thank you sir for your good efforts.

  • great both of you.

    long wheat or short wheat,

    both you and patliputra are people of sanity.

    the basic thing to find out is:

    whether it is a substance in

    long wheat that causes this hypoglycemic effect.


    something inside long wheat makes a physiological effect elsewhere in the body, which in turn generates the anti diabetic effect.

    for example

    a pro diabetic hormone and its source is curtailed.


    in this second case

    reduced gycemia may not be observable immediately.

    for this however,i do not agree

    that someone need become rediabetic by

    abstaining the present diet what soever.

    good luck.

  • I strongly support mapalli. Whenever I take a stomachfull of long wheat kanji (which incidentally I find very tasty), my ppbs after 2 hrs is around 115. How does this happen in spite of high carb load is something that puzzles me. Is if fiber, low glycemic index or any other ingedients that cause this? It is worth investigating. Fifty years back sooji gothambu was the main line of treatment of diabetes in rural Kerala. My father got his diabetes reversed through a diet plan centred around sooji gothambu. It was in the 1960s.

    Coming to the nam, sooji gothambu is well understood by malayalees. For others, in the shelves products such as rawa, puttu podi, broken wheat etc are marked 'samba wheat'. These are useful guidelines.

  • dear sugu,

    then can you, repeat this trial with, usual wheat with same amount of dry weight grain.as it was in the case of long wheat.

    115 ppbs 2 hr is really unbelievable.

    because 70 to 140 is the rise in bs for a healthy man.

    good luck.

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