Foot Care for Diabetics

Having diabetes means never having a “minor” cut, bump, or bruise on your feet.

In fact, the risk of foot disease is doubled for diabetics, and almost 30 percent of diabetics over 40 develop problems with their feet.

But don’t resign your poor feet to a life of problems yet! Taking good care of your feet can become just as natural as taking insulin or following a diet plan, which will prevent you from developing foot disease in the future.

Take Care of Your Body

Keeping up with your overall health will benefit you hugely in the long run, and it will also decrease your chances at developing foot problems in the future. And when we say, “Take care of your body,” we mean it! Carefully manage your diabetes, keeping your glucose in target range, exercise to keep the blood flowing to your feet, and talk to your doctor about special shoes you can wear.

Take Care of Your Feet

While you’re busy taking care of your overall health and wellness, make sure you pay special attention to your feet. Wash them daily and be sure to dry off completely – especially between the toes. Use lotion daily to keep your skin in good condition, keep your nails clean and trim, and avoid subjecting the ol’ dogs to hot water or hot pavement.

Taking care of your feet should be second nature to you in order to continue living a full and healthy life well into your old age!

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