right way to manage diabetes

right way to manage diabetes

dont worry about the value

hba1c is not necessary

test your blood sugar value every month

eat any thing you want but be aware of collories

if you are in chennai call me back

now tests are available very cheap in chennai

bsb health care for diabetics


if you are type one diabetes kept a glucometer in house

others test your sugar level once in month

we provide free glucometer those who undergo master health check up with us

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  • What a fantastic post and advice for Diabetics !! It can not even communicate properly ,leave alone the substance in it.I wonder how such adv. gimmicks are allowed in this Forum when really good people are expelled

  • this is posted not for business we give free glucometer to the needy and in remote place

    mrp is 1800/- inr but we supply it to the needy for rs.1000/-

    in chennai tamilnadu south india we are doing cbg for free in camps and for the charges of rs.3/-

    we are avoiding the individuals to escape from hypoglycemis

    hypoglycemia will make you to be hospitalized and burn you bank savings

    with regard

  • So you don't receive any funding for the health checks or meters you 'give away'?

    The advice you give is a recipe for disaster, even if that was not your intention. Do you think diabetes occurs purely as a result of eating too many calories? Why are 15% of diabetics not overweight then?

    Diabetes is a disorder of carbohydrate metabolism, and although it is the 'signalling' system that becomes unable to cope (insulin resistance), controlling carbohydrate intake is the primary defence to manage and control the condition.

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