Diabetes India

Diabetic - Need entertainment

Diabetic - Need entertainment

The right place is Toronto, Canada.

What ever you wish, you will get it 100%

Various massage like Therapeutic, Erotic, Adult, Reiki, Nuru, Tantric and more are here.


Recently, one doctor invented a hormone therapy here which helps a lot for all sorts of pain, Alzimer, and MS......


My advice for the diabetic patient is 1- take 500 mg of Vit-C -------5 times a day at a interval of 3 hours.

2- Take lot of anti-oxidants 3- Daily detox method (Harde / Chebula / Kadukkai) during bed time.

4- Avoid sex and sexual thoughts .5-Sing and dance or walk regularly.


Feel free to ask me: ayurvetha@gmail

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