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Diabetic Truth – Type II

I have been diagnosed Diabetic in the year 2000 with the mark of 26 + (more than 400 in India). 5.3 is the normal reading. I didn’t take any medication for that but was a regular alcoholic user. When I landed in Canada, in the year 2004 July, the machine shows 25 + error. One of the doctor recommended metformin 2000 mg / day. By God’s grace I didn’t take but I gave up the habit of 24 years of drinking (1981-2004) alcohol from January 2005.

Because of Diabetic conditions, I had severe hair falling, cataract, and weakness in legs, tiredness and irregular sleeping pattern. I had to extract few tooth and during that time I took insulin to reduce my sugar level. In 2014 I did cataract surgery for one eye in Vasan eye care, Tirunelveli. During that I took insulin to reduce my blood sugar level.

I am drinking about 2 litres of honey every month as a sugar replacement for coffee and tea.

From my experience I want to share some thing I found regarding this Diabetic. We have to follow a simple life style with happiness (inner bliss). Changing food, alcohol, late sleep – restless, extreme travel and whatever causing stress will trigger the disease.

Remedies from “appa veda”

1.Cassia auriculata : In Tamil it is termed as “aa-vaa-rai”(common name-senna auriculata). You can buy the flower powder and 1 tea spoon can be taken either with milk or hot water morning and evening for 120 days continuously.

2 Normally the root, bark, flower, leaf and fruit all the five collectively called as “panchangam”. 10mg of this powder three times a day for 120 days will stimulate the pancreas to secrete insulin. Burning sensation in legs, over thirst, weight loss, general weakness, dizziness and more symptoms will be eradicated. Body texture and color will be beautiful and the odor will not be bad thereafter.

You can make special body massage oil from the bark, turmeric, little green chilli and sesame oil which will help a lot to get rid of fatigue, pain, heat, burning and cracks.

Neem, Bilwa and Tulsi (basil) and Turmeric 3:2:1:0.5 has to be made as a combo and to be taken 1 teaspoon morning and evening for 60 days. During this season, you can take vitamin-c 500 mg 4 times a day and Vitamin-E 1000 I.U in the evening. Because the diabetic patient is in need anti- oxidant in a regular basis.

No alcohol is advised. 9 PM to 5AM sleep also a must.

Oil bath on Saturdays and Wednesday for men and Tuesday and Friday for women is highly recommended.

Moringa leaf powder 1 teaspoon in the morning and evening along with a cup of hot water will dramatically reduce the blood sugar level.

World health organisation has recommended fenugreek as a supplement for diabetic patient. Take Fenugreek and coriander seed in the ratio of 1:2, roast and grind then keep it. Take 4 tea spoons, add 4 cups of water and boil it until the water become 3 and half cups. Split evenly for three times and drink before 40 minutes of each meal. This procedure has to be followed 60 days success fully to yield good results.

During the bed time ( 9 / 10 PM) it is advised to swallow 5 teaspoons of pure organic coconut oil.

Then kani (honey fruit but tastes very bitter) is really a good remedy. This is available in south India. I made this fruit as a capsule form and am given for three times daily. This is excellent and works better.

For more details, people can email to ayurvetha@gmail.com

Apart from these, there are lot in market like black jeera(nigila sativa), Gooseberry juice, canary seed, Alpha lipoic acid, cinnamon pills, curry leaf, butter milk , mulberry, diab-tea and more. I did a research lot on these.

The number one option is senna auriculata, Vitamin-C, E and Then kani.

Jamun fruit powder and seeds also good remedy.

For some people Arjuna is helping in both the heart conditions and diabetic.

From Australia there is a famous top selling siddha product called D’CARE. This product saves kidney for the diabetic patients.

If I am going to write all about diabetic, the pages will be run out. Personal skype consultation is available. It is better to book an appointment through 1-416 995 0416 or ayurvetha@gmail.com


Regarding insulin, a better and safest life style, harmless when compared with metformin, glyburide and Janumite, etc.


“Our God is a God who saves! The Sovereign LORD rescues us from death.” –Psalm 68:20

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It is a different view and experience. Anything is okay if the end result is positive.


Pharma companies misguided mostly. Fear is the 1 enemy. Wrong life style and laziness is the next.


Thenkani(2 times), Vit-c 500mg(3 times), and gallnut powder in bed time ---Highly recommended


can u plz say complete details about that thenkani and can u plz provide its photo if possible


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