what is an anecdote medical miracle?

many anecdote miracle cures can be quoted.

but the main thing to remember, is,

not to detest science or modern medicine.

these cases, true or false, may fall within some 2 percent or so.

i dont posses a solid scientific evidence to fix the percentage to 2 for all diseases.

i have just copied from the diabetic context of 2 percent secondary causes of diabetes.

that i can explain perfectly.

"Secondary diabetes is diabetes that results as a consequence of another medical condition"

suppose a female has pcos [polycystic ovarian syndrome]- she develops diabetes because of that .

no amount of traditional treatment for diabetes can cure the diabetes of the female.she goes to many mbbbs, md doctors. at last

she goes to a village medicine man- who looks at the disease in a hollistic manner and gives medicine for the [ovarian] problem. disease cured in a few weeks.

but what is the percentage of such medical miracles?

very very low.

last week my daughters friend came to dine with us .

she told us:

her mother had kidney stones.

unwilling to remove by medical means. she went to a gurudwara.

some holy water she took.

later medical check up showed no stones.

how to disbelieve.?

a man in latin america due to cancer returned to kerala.it came in the kerala daily manorama.

with no hope and cancer advancing he went back to brazil.

there a local medicine man asked him to swallow live,a bug like creature, an insect .few bugs he swallowed.

. cancer disappeared.my daughter's friend remarked - the bugs swallowed the cancer.

when my son was six months old - he had chronic diarrhoea and pain , always crying.

.he was given anti biotics and medicines for colic.

i was away on employment and my wife went to stay with her mother..

many doctors.

then a famous paediatrition at a distant town medical college said to my wife :

we have tried all medicines.

then my brother in law and mother in law went to a local vaidyan [local medicine man]. not even a qualified ayurvedic physician,.they did not take the baby even.

he gave a concoction-the quath.no use.

they went to the same man a second time after a week.

this time he added to the concoction 7 earth worms and seven other small insects living in earth . everything boiled together.after, start, consuming this concoction

on the second day the baby began to reduce crying.

third day: he began sleeping continuously.

4th day onwards he began smiling and everything normal..

many years later i told my wife :

he was probably infected by a bacterium, specific to the locality of your parents home , for which the usual antibiotics failed.

but the local earth worms probably contained a chemical that could combat the local bacterium.

true or false explanation -

indiacratus wife retorted.

when your science failed you are so stingy ,

please learn yo give credit to others!!

indiacratus kept silent because it was time for the next meals!!

he murmerd to himself in low tone - both are scientific my dear little girl wife.

the lesson to learn.

history of science teaches -

there are no mysteries -

only our incomplete understanding.

good luck

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  • Sincerely Meetu77., do u really expect an answer ? (just kidding :) )

  • Rspected Sir., I do follow your writings and they have been really a wealth of info. Well meant and without prejudice. Everything does fall in the gambit of science., yes., i agree. But the basic dimensions we seek as reference are very much limited. How on earth can \we know., the other parameters which control our thoughts.,and other living beings. Sorry to out of science gambit., to understand physics i have to be a physics guy., to understand chemistry i have to be a chemist., similarly to understand mantra effects i have to be a mantric. it it virtually impossible to apply our scintific approach to everything and try to fit the world around us into physics and chemistry. Maybe its possible but neither our life nor intelligence is sufficient to understand this. May be all this is too big for us., and diabetes is only a pretext given by god to understand our limitations.

    Regards Sir., i mean no offence. Sorry if i digressed.

  • @ Meetu77 ., I remember a verse in sanskrit saying "Bhojanagre sada padhyam lavanadraka bhakshyanam" meaning it is recommended to have ginger and salt always before having meals. (it did nit say further about food :) ) . i was reading effects of ginger and dibetes and it means a lot. just for your info and benefit to all. (LCHF being the common help). :)





    and more links but these just for info.

  • On a daily basis, 5 gms of ginger paste in curd or buttermilk will reduce bs level ( information based on previous posts in Health Unlocked )

  • dear menon sar,

    that buttermilk reduces the hunger in a man is well known.

    therefore it is worthwhile to check up if the bs fall is due to reduced intake via reduced hunger or something in ginger buttermilk.

    this can be varified by standardising the meals for a few days and taking food with and with out ginger-buttermilk.

    good luck.

  • It is said that ginger acts as insulin in our system.

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