mayo clinic the worlds topmost medical information center

probably next only to the national institutes of health usa and the medline encyclopedia..

there are two features very atractive about the site.

1] at the bottom of every article they give a 'last updated 'date.

this tells us how latest is the information we are reading.

2] they write in place of author:mayoclinic staff.

as such the article is written and probably reviewed by a committee of scientist doctors--

see what the wikipedia encyclopedia tells-

"Mayo Clinic is a nonprofit medical practice and medical research group based in Rochester, Minnesota. It is the first and largest integrated nonprofit medical group practice in the world, employing more than 3,800 physicians and scientists and 50,900 allied health staff."

what a fantastic arrangement for us to study medicine.

every diabetic and every one interested in medicine

- any subject diabetes , hypoglcemia, heart ,brain , anything medical.

please refer to this site first,

[unparalled simplicity ,confusion free, authentic , uptodate ,it can make you a virtual doctor.]

or the national institutes of usa and the medline encyclopedia, which are equally authentic.outside usa in the english speaking world diabetes uk , australia ,canada , there are similar sites.

going around in the net unguided we will only collect false information.from the many false.coms.

all this if you want to know precisely what the mbbs, md student studies in the medical college.

if a doctor tells an information other than what is in these sites , we can be assured that the doctor is either not updated or outright wrong.

have you hered?

the dcct trial on diabetes the scientists examined 1441 patients for above 10 years.

the swedeshish scientists examined above 16thousand research papers before making an opnion on low fat and low carb diets [both] for weight reduction.

good luck.

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  • whenever someone wants to know about a medical condition say dawn effect , insulin ,hyperglycemia, stent in a heart patient - anything, just type the words you want to search together with mayo clinic -then click search, you get the article by the worlds most quoted website/hospital.


    'stent mayoclinic'

    type these words and click search.

    several articles on the subject by the mayo clinic has arrived long before your finger leaves the key bord.

    where as ,before the arrival of internet and the search engines, for instance , indiacratus would search through the books,

    in the university library from morning till lunch,

    about stent in a heart patient to get a glimpse of what it is .

    finally digruntled and disappointed ;,

    since those text books are for people already aware of anatomy and physiology.but now just click the blue , highlighted word [this is called a hyperlink]--

    the meaning of the word , right in front of you.


    ignore and discourage all persons who talk against such articles of the topmost world medical bodies.

    they propagate anti wisdom , antimedicine and

    preach people to be ignorent to take us back to the bullock cart age-they themselves love to live in ignorence which they aquired from the false dotcoms..

    good luck

  • I am searching mostof information about Diabeties and HBP from google and yahoo and so manyblogs iamalso subscribers of so many blogs. So many articles it was mentioned as the infirmation was used only by athorised Doctors advise.

    For here I bring following facts for your observation.

    1 All blogs given persons for food pyramids 55 % carbohydrate 30 % proteins and 15 % fats to be consumed .

    this is basellesthis is happen in oldendays then the almost allfood were from earth as natural manure. Now most of food comes from chemical manures and it effects poisions to act slow inbody.

    therefore the old persons eat this quantity as freely and do work withoutrest .

    Now generationchanges all are sit in computer or office work their is no excercise what theabove food if heconsumes he became 100 % overwt and obesue and he may becme surviva from T2 HBP and also Hear tattack problems

    So the old theory of food consumption is not suitabl for these generatonand these days

    2 BMI for maintaing BMI they gives the picture as 1kg body wt must consume 30 gms of calorie to maintainhis wt and5 % less forwt reduction and 5 % more for wt exceess.

    here one point raises isthis BMI applicable for India or foreign peoples ?

    for Atheltics and WWW Players and resling persons were more wt so here BMI is notworking.

    3 For Diabeties persons If we consume more 55 % of carb hisBlood sugar level does not comes normalyfor this I expereimented and make so much of FBS and PPBs also

    For here I confirm Iam not neglect Doctors advise and also I am not full favour of LCHF diet o rHCLF diet systems.

    For T2 persons carb should be limited quantity and protein may some more quanity and fatalso sufficientquantity required As per Hindu systems says that AGNIYE SWAH that means what we eat is burnt with help of Ghee that is why ghee is Important olden genration Hindus ( I do not much knowledge about Muslims or chirstians whether they used Ghee Butter ) were used flenty of Ghee dipped in Rasam and drink before meals. Now generation used soup as this but soup may be ghee used or not ?

    one thing to benoticedc by allthe persons that their body resistance is different from one to other Some may b digested maximum carbohydrate easily some may be not ?

    for T2 pesons to experiemnt their own house with Glucometer and test FBS if it is high then they may think what theyconsumeovernight and alter the food. Similarily PPBS if it beyond normal value then what they ate the foodcount the carbohydrate of that food. If u reduced the carb from Breakfast definitly your PPBS became normal.

    fo rwhich I am given in previous discussions my diet chart and also testing results ofcourse

    Itmay also modifiedby mesome time it is only Vegitarian diet If u may alter for your body resistance capacity .

    If any further infirmation please share and discuss with friendly by puting your recent test results either lab or at your own house Thanks

  • @ Nataraj and Meetu77., Just adding ghee liberally to my food (of course ecxept sweets) and /or eating butter and cheese along with food my b.s is showig remarkable progress. i am following since 1 month. b.s. is below 140 most of the times. sometimes for 1 or 2 hrs it flies to 180 or so but comes back below 140. fasting 100+ and ppbs 140-160 . T2 since 2006. regards. limting rice/wheat to 1/2 cup or 2 chappatis per take. i found 3 chappatis give 180+.

    keenly following all discusions. regards.

  • Yes Meetu77., to the best possible. ofcourse i skid once or twice but i recompose. in fact kcpl had been one of best advisors. of late he is not around and by god he is too good. i think about fellow lchf ers when i feel down nd get hope. (i had been following you too and u r also a good source of inspiration.. :)

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