Millets for Sugar control

I have been diabetic for the seven years. For the last one year i was on nova mix 30 pen fill 20+ 22 units and My H1bC was 8.2 . On acvice from a doctor and some one who tried adviced and put me on Amyril 1/2 mg twice . Followed by Novamix30 penfill 14-16 units .

I altered my diet as follows

Foxtail Millet :Korralu (Telugu), Navane (Kannada), Thenai (Tamil)

Morning two pulkas made of normal wheat fro breakfast

Lunch Rice cooked from Foxmillet like nay other rice similarly for dinner also

After forty days of this diet my H1BC is 6.4 !

It seems worth trying . If nay one needs I can give Clarification

V S Sudhaker

age 74 from Hyderabad

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  • Meetu 77 ji I was not driven to insulin due to carbs, I was on Metformin for six years with full controlled Diabetes- about a year back I stated having stomach up set and reaction due to Metformin - after several trials with other medicines I was put fist put on Lanctus and then to Novomix 30 - Millets have less carbs

  • Mr Sudhaker ji, we are from delhi & would request you to kindly tell me what is the name of FOXTAIL MILLET in northern india. Secondly kindly tell us your DIET CHART OF WHOLE DAY, since my wife aged 68 yrs has benn living with DIABETES on oral medicine ( DIAMICRON MR 30 mg) twice daily at present. Her HbAic is around 6.6 & FBS 150/160 and BEFORE DINNER it is around 90/110.


  • Foxtail Millet (Hindi: Kangni; Tamil: Tenai; Telugu: Korra; Kannada: Navane; Malayalam: Thina)

    Morning One full medium size mug of Green Tea with two Marie biscuits

    Breakfast : Two pulkas with minimum oil veg curry

    One regular Tea w/o Sugar

    Lunch Rice made of Foxtail Millets ; with rasam (or sambar) followed by Millet serving with butter milk (no curds) Side dish of simple vegetable plus papad

    Evening Tea with one piece bajji ro wada or biscuit snack

    Night Dinner with Foxtail meal smiler to lunch

    The above is five days

    on Saturdays we have idly plus wada or Dosa for breakfast and on Saturday night regular rice for dinner

    hope this clears your doubt

    one important observation food with millets makes you feel light and fresh

  • The millets can be ground to batter and make idlies or dosas. You can even make like kichadi with those grains. Koda millet (in tamil Varagu) is very good for cooking. I am taking this for the past 5 years. I feel good as all the millets are gluten free, less carbo, high fibre.

  • It's Bajra in Hindi.

  • Dear Velchal, you have modified both medicines and diet. Wonder which has been major contributor of your success?

  • After changing the medicine sugar levels were still high but after diet chnages it has come down - as often said Sugar control is a combination of Medicine Diet and exercises

  • Pl let us know Hindi name of Millet

  • Hindi - Bajra

  • Hi,

    I am also on a millet plus Samba wheat diet. I use Sama/ chama. I heard that we can also make dosa with urad and foxtail millet plus lentils. It does not need to be fermented and is light and tasty.

    Are there whole foxtail millet and husked ones? Or is it a light brown one like khus khus?

  • Husked one . I propose to try the combination of 'Makka Gehun' which i got today in Hyderabad - When i was purchasing i found two more people who are on this long wheat and are happy with them

  • Sir, how u are u those mil lets like rice, how

  • Pl your cell no, I am also trying on foxtail millet to cure diabetis

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