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I have been advised to undergo cataract surgery for left eye,but, despite medication my BS readings are FBS 155 and PPBS 200. Now, my Dr has advised me to take T zetamet 2 a day and insulin aspart,10 units each, thrice a day for 10 days and then go for the blood test. Kindly comment, if this line of treatment is ok since I have been advised to undergo this surgery ASAP.

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  • If you are not controlling carb intake it will be difficult to control your high BS levels. What is your daily diet?

  • Breakfast @ 9AM: 2 thin chapaties (prepared from mix flour of barley, black gram and wheat in equal proportion),2 whole egg omelette with 1 slice of cheese and some vegetable.

    Lunch@2PM: 1TSP rice, vegetable, dal, 2 thin chapaties as stated above, green salad, 50ml curd and 1/2 apple or 1/2 orange or 100 gm papaya.

    Dinner@ 9PM: Same as for lunch except rice and curd.

    I also take 10 almonds soaked overnight and 1seed of walnut, in the morning.

    I take about 100 gm of nuts during the day.Take green tea, first in the morning followed by normal tea 3 more times during the day ( all without sugar)

    Had been taking VCO with black coffee once a day for a month,but, have discontinued now,for last 2 weeks.

  • Try to reduce chapatis. Replace it with cooked sprouts. Remove rice like fast acting food items. If you can do carb counting then try to restrict it 100-120gm daily.

  • I have now reduced the size of chapaties keeping the quantities to same.

    Have added fats in the form of omelette and 125 ml of whole milk at night.

    I am already underweight by 4 kgs,so, do not wish to lose more on that. How about switching over to Khapali gehun dish for breakfast as advised by Mr S George ???

  • No need to reduce calories. Food items have to be replaced. You can replace Khapali gehun for chapatis. It may help in controlling your high BS levels.

  • I have seriously thought of switching over to long wheat dish for breakfast. Searching in Navi Mumbai market where it could be available.

    Thank you for your valuable advice.

  • Thanks, Meetu. I'm trying now to reduce chapaties and replenish these with more salads and plan to have only "Long Wheat" dish for breakfast. Once I have reduced carb intake, will start taking 2 tbsp VCO with black coffee as well. Nuts, as I stated earlier, I take fistful 3 to 4 times a day, everyday.

  • Blood Sugar level should be low enough at time of surgery and some part of recovery process. Wish someone who has gone through a similar episode shares the experience.

  • It could get yr sugar levels down temporarily. U HV not mentioned how long you r on medications aand what all r u taking? U can call me or meet if u r in Hyderabad on pH 09346448950.

    My sincere suggestion is PL look for a permanent solution rather than quick fix or temporary solution. Sanjay Ghotikar.

  • But, the eye surgeon has advised me to lower m FBS to below 120 or else they would not perform the surgery. This is one of the top 5 eye hospitals in India, therefore,I have to trust them for my own good and follow their advice.

  • Certainly you have to follow doctors at hospital but you have to see how they are treating your high BS level. Sometimes they will give such a treatment that your BS may have roller coaster ride.

  • They have not prescribed me any medicine, but, my own physician has, in order to see that my FBS falls to a suitable level that will be acceptable by opthamologist before attempting the cataract surgery.

    Thank you, for your valuable comments.

  • Thank you, so much.

  • To reduce BS level, among other things, physical activity is also equally important. Increase physical activity/exercise like brisk walking, etc. and see if there is improvement.

  • Chandra sahab , I agree with India cratus that by taking Insulin during operation is no harm, and later follow LCHF diet in toto.You are following it partially. Change Khapli Gheun in your breakfast. change to salad regime. I wish you decrease in BS and a successful operation and normalisation of BS afterwards. Thank you.

  • Thank you very much.

  • Thanks to you also for replying.May God help you to over come all the problems related to your operation and good sugar level after operation. Karim

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