mangoes for diabetes and cancer . has anyone tried mangoes for blood sugar lowering

i found some article, research result aboout mangoes and diabetes and cancer.

Research recently presented at a meeting of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB), for instance, revealed that eating mangoes every day can help moderate and even lower blood sugar levels, despite their natural sugar content. This is good news for people with type 2 diabetes who may benefit from consuming mangoes regularly as part of a low-sugar diet.

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  • I always eat mangoes during its season. If within limits no spike in blood sugar seen.

  • There is one scientific study conducted in Australia almost ten years ago that supports the view that if Mango is consumed in moderation, it may help reduce blood sugar levels.

  • norreal -

    The actual word for "moderation" is 10 grams dried mango powder = 100 grams mango (based on the study data). Not sure how many follow that moderation rule while eating mangoes.

    Moreover, fruits loaded with fructose will not move the needle much as fructose by itself has a very low GI. Higher the fructose less the spike but fructose is bad. It's not just about how much the needle moves but also knowing what fructose does to advanced glycation end products (AGEs).

  • Limited amount of mangoes have limited amount of fructose in it. Being low in glycemic index it will not spike blood sugar at the same time it has got lowering effect on HbA1c . Only when this limit, which is difficult to ascertain , is crossed only then it stimulate advanced glycation end products .

  • When my four weekly A1C plateaued at 6.5/6.4, I tool 150 grams of mango daily. It came down to 6.0. May be coincidence.

  • 150 grams is a shade above the experimental research of 100. Fructose is low in GI so can we consume that instead of sugar and enjoy life as it is sweeter by 170% as compared to sugar? No.

    Diabetics should not be taking more than 15-20 grams fructose from all sources combined in a day, lower the better.

    So how wasthe TG change?

    Weekly A1C? Hmm never heard of going for weekly A1C tests.

  • kcpl: I take an A1C every four weeks. You missed 'four' there. However, when I went on a 800 calorie diet my HbA1C plunged by 1.8% on the sixth day! BTW A1C time range is 47 - 150 days and most literature put it on 60-120n days! Further, recent scores have a disproportionate impact, that is, if you are on a rapid decline scores will go down very fast and vice versa.

  • In case of diabetics the life of red blood cells is shorter due to comparatively high BS levels. So some times the level of Hba1c is falsely lower compared to actual BS level.


  • Shrisamarth: Thanks. This has been an eye opener for me.

  • norreal -

    My bad!

    And, once you start hitting non diabetic range the RBC life can also increase.

    800 kcal diet is intermittent fasting diet as one simply cannot live on 800 kcal for life long. Jenny Ruhl (the mother of self management of diabetes on LCHF) is also trying that as new thing in her life, but not exactly 800. It's 1/4 of normal kcal for 2 days a week! Skeptics with open mind are best seekers of truth while skeptics with closed mind end up no where. Jenny Ruhl's new experiments proves this :)

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