I was searching the net for a natural sweetner and came across stevia. In the net there are conflicting reports on it. Which one is correct? Is it safe to consume suppose everyday with tea or occasionally. I couldn't understand if stevia can be used by natives of S America for so many years how can it be harmful to human? Has anybody any idea about it?

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  • Safety issues are controversial .But I can say from personal experience that it leaves bad taste in mouth.

  • I fully agree with patliputra on the taste issue. However, there is one positive report (only one that I read) which, through corollary analysis suggests, Stevia may reverse diabetes.

  • I haven't started it , but on browsing the net I came across stevia as natural and antidiabetic sweetner so thought if I can take it in payasam , or sweet porridges etc. I take tea and other things without sugar but with 6,7 raisins or almond to get a slight sweet taste.

  • I have been using Stevia for the last 2 years and i do agree that it leaves an after taste in your mouth, but after using it for a while you do get use to of that taste. I am not too sure about it's abilities to reverse diabetes but it certainly doesn't do you any harm and it keeps you away from having SUGAR.

  • I fail to understand why such beverages cannot be taken w/o sugar. You have to force yourself for a few days afterwards tea etc with sugar you will find as not good.

    as axeeffect says cheers

  • Sugar too has a slight bitter taste but we have got used to it!

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