Hi , I am 45 years old having BP 140-160/70-80. I am using Raufalfia Serpentina homeopathy medicine for BP. Recently I have stumbled with an article which claims that Raifalfia induces cancer , and other websites claim it is safe to use for BP.. Want to Know which one is correct?

Anybody has any idea how to reduce BP without any medicine ?

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  • Raulfia serpentina IS a dangerous medicine.Sudden hypotension is one of the major side effects.That is why it not used in allopathy.There are many safe drugs in allopathy for your hypertension.Please always go for safe and trusted medicines.

    Do you suffer from diabetes?

  • for depression homeopathic medicines have 100% sureshot cure much better than allopathy which is worse. myself 3 times victim now fully cured

  • You are right.Reserpine has been used for treatment of schizophrenia and other mental conditions including depression.This medication has very serious and multiple side effects.

  • Homoeopathic preparations are different from the material dosage which is commonly understood. It is not poisonous are will it have any side effects.

  • you can use dicoction of arjun bark which regulates BP and good for heart.

    otherwise u can use "mukta vati" 1 tablet twice a day after meals. both are ayurvedic medicines and have no side effects.

  • u must go for brisk walk every morning for around 5KM, in fresh air.

  • u must go for brisk walk every morning for around 5KM, in fresh air.

  • Rauwolfia serpentina " sarpagandhi" is generally used in mental disorders, both high or low BPs and in snake bites in ayurveda. The shrub is generally available every where, having small red and black fruits, leaves two big leaves in front and two small back side, total four leaves at every stem junction. its uses are many more, but to be honest homeo doctors know better than any body for the homeo medicinal use. we can't say that they are dangerous. still i have given u more choices.

    walking is must it naturally reduces BP, diabetes etc.

    Use arjun / mukta vati etc to control.

    I have used muktavati for 6 months, used curd rice without salt in the mid day meal for two months, and controlled BP from 145/90 to normal. 125/80.

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