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Medicinal value of saffron


How good does saffron work in favour of diabetes and high BP? highlight your experiences please...

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Caution is advised in patients taking drugs that lower blood pressure. Learn more from our experts about saffron. ... Saffron may lower blood sugar levels. ... supplements are not regulated by the FDA and can have dangerous side effects

Do not take large amounts of saffron to treat hypertension without ... a slightly greater effect on reducing mean arterial pressure compared to crocin

I think I copied one of the statements/advice from WebMD and the other from Mayo Clinic or healthy living...Previously some elderly person in my family, 50 years ago, took saffron for low blood pressure

Copied from Live Strong: 'The active ingredient thought to lower blood pressure in saffron is crocin, the pigment found in saffron and safranal, one of the carotenoid derivatives found in the spice. Other carotenoids in this plant include crocetin and picrocrocin. Carotenoids, which the body can convert to vitamin A, have antioxidant properties, meaning that they may reduce cellular damage by eliminating free radicals, which are potentially harmful substances formed from normal body processes as well as environmental toxins.'

I norreal ADD: What this means is that there could be other options to costly saffron.

no doubt it is a good thing for many disorders as it is used to avoid the unpleasant adore of a lot of herbs which are great in terms of healing power but are not taken by the patients due to its smell or taste. for example I observed PURE SHILAJIT to be one of the best remedies for diabetes but due to it's smell of cow-urine it is generally disliked by the patients. if saffron is mixed with it the smell can be reduced to some extent and the shilajit acts more vigorously. I do not think only saffron will do much good if administered without other herbs.

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