elephant apple

Regular use of Elephant Apple helps to:

Reduce elevated blood glucose level

Regulate the release of glucose into blood stream

Reduce elevated total cholesterol, LDL,VLDL and Triglycerides level

Stimulates pancreas to secrete insulin

Its utilization corrects faulty sugar metabolism

Protects vital organs kidney, liver, heart, limbs, eyes, nerve, against damage due to diabetes.

Reduce elevated blood pressure

Improves overall health and stamina which leads to better sexual performance

Cure pain in hips and backache

Weight loss and boost energy level

Remove weakness and makes the body strong

Most of the anti diabetic supplements available in the market are usually very bitter in taste hence they are very difficult to consume but the unique feature of our product is that it is anti diabetic but sweet in taste hence very easy to consume.

Dosage: 1 tea spoon twice a day with lukewarm water

Pack size: 200gms.

The common fruit that is an integral part of grandma’s recipe, the outenga or elephant apple has more to it than just its bitter taste and flavour. Physicians of the Government Ayurvedic College have established that this juicy fruit has the power to control diabetes, the silent killer disease.

“Allopathic medicines used for treatment of diabetes have side-effects in the long run. So it is better to use indigenous traditional knowledge system to treat diabetes,” said Dr Sarma mentioning that the traditional knowledge was based on nature, so it was more effective.

We have to go back to nature to find the cure for all the ailments presently afflicting this generation by serving that lifestyle change, consumption of junk food, lack of physical exercise, emotional stress, etc., were some of the major factors responsible for diabetes

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  • What is this elephant apple?What it is called in Hindi?

  • dont know whats its called in hindi but its also know as ou-tenga in assamese terms, rest you can google it. thanks :)

  • I guess, if one switches to LCHF diet, most of other things become useless. Unless carbs are restricted, nothing much is going to help in the long-term.

  • I have done lots and lots of experiments so can talk for sure. Eat high carbs and even drugs will fall short, finally leading you to insulin.

  • You want to sell a product. Otherwise you will mention about dosage and packaging.

    Nothing about self experience.

  • Exactly, he/she is a supplier/trader on elephant apple. No more no less.

  • sir , a reasearch report is also mentioned there and its health benifits. we have to mention dosage because we are doing it as a commercially, whats wrong in that ?

  • So, lets say i buy this product. Will this allow me to eat 6 rotees in a meal twice a day?

  • Forum is not for commercial activity.

  • Its just a awareness, that this is product is available which has great health benefits.

    who is not intrested, kindly ignore the post.

  • What is elephant apple ?

  • Looks like Wood apple -- Bel in hindi.

  • Yes. The picture looks like wood apple. Any mallu member can confirm this same as "sabarjil" in Malayalam

  • Elephant apple is the name for two fruits

    1. The sacred and medicinal fruit "vilvam" or Koovalam in Malayalam. Scientific name Aegle mamelos. This is a hard shelled fruit not very tasty

    2. "Limonia acidissima" This is another 'wood apple' commonly seen in fruit shops. This one I like though and none in my family like it

    Both are probably called "bael" in Hindi

  • G-Sharma ji, The usage of the powder form 2 time a day with worm water . OK

    From where to get and what price ? for 200 gram pack - Please to my mail id -

    ksnazim@gmail.com Thanks & Best Regards ksnazim


  • Not a big fan of anything that promotes more secretion of insulin. That's like whipping a horse at the end of the race to run faster ... it runs faster for sure but burns out pretty quickly.

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