एक चम्मच मैथी दाना+एक लहसुन की कली ख़ाली पेट पानी से गुटक लें,( कम से कम २ िगलास पानी) 8-9 माह मे शुगर लेवल नारमल होने लगेगा ।( मेरा स्वयं का अनुभवहै)

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  • What are your FBS/PPBS/A1C? Do you test at home? If not then once a month lab tests are useless for diabetes management.

    Mere reduction i not enough. It has to come in safe range.

    Loving for 9 months with high sugar is not the wisest thing to do.

    Changing diet to Low carb High Fat gets sugar in perfect range within a week max and that too on low or nil drugs.

  • I am regularly taking 1 small spoon of Dana Methi with water after brush empty stomach since last 4 years no effect. Regularly taking Mediciens two times a day before lunch and dinner, even then fasting around 170 and PP around 150. If any one can suggest any home remady for lowering sugar lavel please inform.

  • Dear Krishnakantji, Pls tell me if u take methi dana as powder or whole and after soaking or just dry?

    Also pls tell me how you are able to write yr message in Hindi as there are many who do not understad English well, I want to write for them in Hindi.


  • मेथी दाना और लह्सूनसे हाय blood sugar level control मे रखना मुश्कील है.

  • Eat less,means eat half of your hunger, vegetables grown above ground,some protein fat,in addition go to brisk walk 7/7 days in a week,be positive thinking,Thanks

  • Hunger is non-quantifiable. Calorie is, so better variable would be kcal to consume per day. One cannot be on a calorie deficit for life. It's raining so heavily here that I cannot even move out of the apartment even if I wanted to. The park in front of building is badly flooded too.The Mets have said that this will continue for 7 days to come, good monsoons picking up a bit :)

    Last 27 hrs, total of 6 inches rainfall, just 15 mm shot of average so has almost covered all the lost ground of less rainfall in June. Not sure how can one walk in such a case. It is still raining.

  • Hi medfree i follow u regularly but could not understand why u r against walking during rainy season so many options r there.parking lot,side lanes evening walk there are jogging tracks near by mean to say if will is there way is also.but i feel you discourage morning walk which is good for all. is lchf is against walking? thanks

  • I don't discourage walking. I discourage walking mindlessly just to get the sugar from High Carb Low Fat diet down. I walk, but my walks are restricted to 1-1.5km/day that too as part of daily chores of life and not dedicated walking to control sugar. I adjust diet and avoid the unnecessary walking.

    For diabetics who still cannot get sugar levels down to safe range, despite LCHF, walk is next step.

    If I start walking 6km/day i will have to eat more. norreal (a user) reduced his walks from 8 to 4km because he was losing weight (as per his last post) and I am sure if he was to walk same 8km/day he would need to eat more than what he is eating now. It's a vicious circle ... you eat more and then walk more to burn sugar and then come back to table and eat more because you had to walk more and the cycle continues.

    So, you can say I am saving money on food by walking less because that makes me eat less for same body weight (I am overweight by BMI standards). I also know that if I start walking 6 km/day my A1C will come don from 5.6 to 5, but that's too much of a pain walking 6km/day. I am trying to get A1C down by fasting (one day and intermittent). So saving still more money :)

    Moreover, High Carbs + Drugs + Walks have Failed to provide any benefit to heart as per the latest and longest federally funded study on Type 2 diabetics:


  • thanks medfree i follow lchf but walk 3km morning and same in the evening but with a satisfactory result normal BS but never feel hungry and eat more i think it varies person to person i was a little discouraged and stop walking and BS shoot up by 20/30 points now i m regular and only on 500 metformin OD only which i will discontinue in 3 months thanks to lchf.

  • It would be better if you post actual figures.

  • hi, shrisamarth i m diabetic since last 12yrs M66yrs was not very serious BS was fbs160/180 pp200/280 hb1c 8/9 since last 2 years i was serious and inspired by members i got success to day fbs 86 pp 126 and mostly fbsbelow 100 and pp below 160 only life style change lchf and methi+bhindi(leady finger) helped a lot to taper down my medicines which was 5 tab a day now only one which i will discontinue in 3


  • Nice to see one more beneficiary of LCHF diet. What is important is that you have reversed your diabetes.


  • Welcome to LCHF Club :)

    You are yet another diabetic to switch from nonsensical High Carb Low fat ADA diet (called as healthy diet by few professors of biochemistry and nutrition here) to LCHF and reduced drugs from 5 tab to 1, yet have drastically reduced your sugar levels even after being diabetic for 12 years (few professors here believe LCHF is only for early diabetics -- they can make all claims to defend their WRONG Opinion).

    Glad that you improved your sugar readings, despite 80% less tablets. Stay focused on counting carbs and limiting them to 20% of energy intake.

    Post your A1C when you next get it tested, and keep us posted in general. Educate diabetics around you on LCHF.

    Would love to hear what nutrition and biochemistry professors here have to comment. Oh one of them will just ask BMI and weight reduced :D

  • Quote - last three lines

    :D :D :D

  • Congrats,Vrindavan, Can you share your Diet Chart with me?


  • hi can u share yr diet chart

  • Don't be in a hurry to go off 500mg MF OID. It's a safe drug. I empty my glycogen stores by fasting once a week and fasting 15-16 hrs a day on rest of the days.

    To let you know, one chapati in my case makes a difference of 15 points. So, the day i find my A1C climb up, i will drop that chapati from meals and get the numbers back in control.

    In my regimen, dedicated walks is just above drugs in priority. So, i will walk once i find that dropping lone chapati per meal also is not allowing my numbers to stay stable. In shot, I will try and move to ketogenic diet.

    I have this person in mind as my next target when my numbers start going beyond what is deemed a safe (not a per ADA but real life diabetics):


    Check for signature of user "Salim Morgan" It reads as --

    Salim Morgan, T2

    60 Years

    DX: 9/2009 A1C=10.7

    A1C 2/2010: 6.7 (DX + 4 months)

    A1C 5/2010: 6.0 (DX + 8 months)

    A1C 8/2010: 5.7 (DX + 11 months)

    A1C 11/2010: 5.1 (DX + 14 months)

    A1C 9/2011: 5.6 (DX + 2 years)

    A1C 7/2012: 5.5 (DX + 2 years 10 months)

    Diet: Approximately C:10;P:15;F:75 (as % calories)

    Ketogenic (Most of the time)

    Exercise: Not much. Stairs at home & work

    NO MEDS, No Highs, No Lows

    Grandkids: 14 going on 15

    His history and numbers speak what diet does and why walking is not always essential for control blood sugar. Diet is the first step. He reduced A1C from 10.7 to 5.5 and takes no drugs, no walks, no exercise. Just takes the stairs at Home and Work. He is in state of Nutritional Ketosis, though some professors here say there's no such term as Nutritional Ketosis. Same professor says all dietary fat goes straight out through URINE. He ahs mentioned on some diabetic forum that the moment he come out of Ketosis (Nutritional) he starts facing Liver Dumps. What I am trying to say here is -- DIET is the key, then comes walks (hen diet alone cannot control) and last is DRUGS (when diet+walk cannot control).

    That said, keep doing what you are doing and get your A1C below 5.6 :)

    I have posted the above details for all to know that even getting back to 5% club from A1C as high as 10+ is possible entirely by diet (No drugs, No Walks). He ha also posted his LIPIDS history which only shows that everything improved, though nutrition and biochemistry professors here preach only 7% SAFA and ADA diet, despite know that one will need DRUGS on such a diet.

  • I use to consume this regularly ........my colestorl level becomes normal

  • By walking you do not require extra calories in any form either of carbs,fat,protein.Only one green or black tea cup.Do you becomes hungry and require extra calories just walking for 7-9 kms.in the morning answer no. i go to walk daily whether it is raining,hot weather,or in chill. our is hilly area no water is accumulate on the roads,streets,drains. we peoples are found of walking,even during school/college times used to go by feet for 6-7 kms./day in addition to other.There were no roads,no two/four wheelers,only scattered bus services were available that by reaching road 3-4 kms.by feet.,hence no hesitation in walking 8-9 kms/per day. In our town there is little hustle and bustle ,no extra calories feel.Thanks

  • One cup black coffee has just 2 calories. 8 km would need around 600kcal. Currently there are only three sources of energy -- carbs, fat, protein. So all it means is you are covering the deficit by eating more. I am surprised that as an engineer you say walking 8km need no more than a cup of black coffee.

    I have lived in Mussoorie as a student for 2 years in a famous boarding school (ranked in top 10 boarding schools in the country) in the 80's so I am aware of the terrain, climate of the hilly regions also where during monsoons all our clothing used to catch fungus in no time and it was a headache getting the wet clothes dry!