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hi! I'm having gum problem since last 2 months, pl help me


since last 2 months i gum are swollen, it is paining and bleeding also at the time of brushing. Is there any connection of diabetes with this problem? pl help.

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If you are diabetic then high blood sugar levels can affect healing of any wounds and infections. What are your sugar levels? What is your diet and which medications are you taking?

If you are worried / anxious about diabetic side effects then big culprit is uncontrolled Sugar levels so first you need Glucose meter at home keep a record of it , its important you should know how your BG levels plays throughout the day and according to your meds , food , different activity which is affecting your BG levels it may spike or make it low for a long period of time it will lead to problems so anyone who got diagnosed its a must to keep a meter at home , after many readings and adjusting a time will come when u have almost predictable readings ( tight balance between Diet Lchf , Medicine and exercise ) till then this phobia always remains " is this due to diabetics ? " so if your blood sugar is not in a normal range plz keep it under normal range 140 through out the day , its simple yet difficult but achievable just put your mind to it .. :)

Consult a good diabologist and a dentist urgently. Delay may cause adverse effects.

Use pepper powder mixed with salt and clean your teeth and gum, especially gum with your first and thump fingers for two minutes, instead of paste and brush. Can use the brush for a minute to clean up. You can care your gum twice a day with this mixture of pepper and salt. Found useful by many.

I experienced the same problem. I am 2type diabetic since 1994, from hereditary at the age of 35. After consulting with Diabetic specialist and controlling sugar level and taking the treatment with Dentist becomes a normal procedure for me from 1998 to 2002. (Descaling and medication) This will be repeated, then in 2007 I met with heart attack and admitted to well reputed hospital at chennai and identified 3blocks and proper procedure is made to keep 3stunents. In almost all time my HB1c is 6-7: Now administrating hum insulin twice a day and maintaining sugar level. Now the bleeding is not. As per my personal experience, for Diabetic persons Gem problem is common but proper medication in combination with Diabatologist and Heart Specialist with Dentist is preferred. Now I am using Sensodent tooth paste for brushing twice a day. Please take care. I personally feel Gem problem is associate with Heart problem may be an indication don't neglect it. Take proper care.

my friend having tooth related problem and head-ache gone with "OIL PULLING". I myself doing it regularly. When you getup just put one spoon coconut oil and 10 minutes gargle it and spit it. then wash the mouth. it says all the impurities will go with that spiting. please google and see yourself the benefits.



this is a old auyervedic remedy in new bottle. their is no harm in trying.

by the way what is your sugar level?

Consult a Dentist.

brush your tooth salt. Morning and before bed, use your finger all the best.

I had the same problem. The dentist had advised me to use Gum tone paste. It is good and it has helped.

I also had the same problem, however, before going to bed I wash my teeth with warm salt water at least three days a week. It cures the bleeding gum as well as keep the teeth clean. This is followed as per my dentist's advice.

In the morning you may take mouthful of boiled water reducing its heat to your tolerable limit twice or thrice mixed with salt and once or twice in week some pressed garlic.It will reduce all problems in the mouth.When ever some disturbances is there like ulcer in the mouth stop it till it cure and start again

Diabetic patients should consult a dentist once in every 6 months.






In U.S.A the dentist shows how to floss the teeth. Unless one knows how to floss the teeth gum area one should not attempt it.

Diabetic patients should be cautious against gingivitis, periodontitis and tooth loss. There is a two way relationship between degree of hyperglycemia and severity of periodontitis.




What you are suffering from is chronic generalised gingivitis. U need to undergo an oral prophylaxis.

I had similar issues with my gums. Started oil pulling with virgin coconut oil and within days this problem stopped. Try to brush twice a day and try to avoid scaling as it effects your enamel.