Insulin and insulin regimen. is it necessary that a type two diabetic should learn all about insulin?what% of type2 need inslin in old age?

Insulin and insulin regimen. is it necessary that a type two diabetic should learn all about insulin?what percentage of type 2 will end up in insulin therapy.?

Regardless of type 1dm or type 2 dm 26 percent of diabetics have to take insulin.

But only 14 percent has to take both oral medicine and insulin together.

Does this mean type 2 diabetic need not study about insulin? American government statistics cdc.

If you visit this page scroll down to about the middle of the page to view the pie chart-

Which is a circular area picture giving us an easy picture of the size of percentages.

In my opinion it is better to study about insulin and insulin regimen.whether you are t1 ort2

The reason.

We need only require to read some 15 pages[of text book page size] to get an essential general knowledge about insulin and dosing.

This will take less than ten hours studies,

if we can find out a proper website.

Leave alone the chance that we may, in old age, require insulin,

is there any present advantage in learning about insulin?.


I am of opinion that we can get a fuller understanding of ,how the tablets work and glycemic control etc , by the ten hour studies.

Because the tablet generated insulin also has the same fate inside the body.

For example,

1]if injected insulin is less needed during mid day,

then the Sulfonylurea

too will also be less needed.

2]carbohydrate counting [ at least limiting carbs ]is must for everyone including a healthy man, any diabetic

3]when we talk about basal insulin we have to learn basal energy needs, resting energy needs etc . all these things are wanted for all people even non diabetics.

Sum total, above fifty percent of knowledge we collect from learning insulin is useful for type 2 diabetics as well. only the descriptions of various insulins and injection advices may not be of immediate use by type 2 diabetics. but it will be useful if you are a charity minded person –helping others.

[ that 14 percent I said can mislead as the insulin takers cluster towards old age.

is it that virtually all above 80 will require insulin?can anyone answer.?

kindly bear with me .we are discussing and the above sentence is my understanding only , though the percentages given are from the cdc –American national statistics.

Always please point out errors in my presentations.[not of course unsubstantiated criticisms]

So ,which is a good web site from which one can get an easy

understanding of insulin .?

Web pages can mislead and confuse especially in studying insulin.

this confusion comes because some of the words linger historically and some are used in European context. Any one who finds problem can message me as well. .

Kindly read through the California university pages.[one of the top ten universities of the world]

once this page is located go to other articles by

moving forward and backwards from this page , to other pages we can have a full understanding .[ see the list on the left side and bpttom.

Good luck

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  • some time back i had asked a question .

    early switching to insulin-

    can it give a preservation effect for beta cells.

    at that time one mr menon and mr rajiv pandey sugested that it is a practice in the west.

    where as we here, somehow, are terrified at the word though medicine and insulin - is a sin,

    a sin we committed in the previous spite of my extensive argument few days ago that medicine is like water food and oxygen.

    with insulin,

    this preservation effect has to be better off than any diet therapy , since basal insulin supply just relieves the beta cells.

    more over it gives what is called a homeostasis advantage.

    look at the following from

    "Backed by solid pathophysiological rationale and evidenced by animal and human studies, it sounds prudent to shift the paradigm of insulin administration in type 2 diabetes from one of ‘last resort’ to ‘first assault’."

    kindly remember,

    i am not competent to make any opinion in matters like this. i just point out.

    i want to remain only in the student of diabetes level.

    good luck

  • Diet should be first assault. Low carb High fat Diet. Just today someone posted how his A1C is reduced from 7.2 to 5.4 and he is just on MF and no walking at all. He was one of the first adopters of LCHF on this forum more than a year ago.

    Even Jenny Ruhl went off INSULIN and is surviving on MF using LCHF diet. She is Type 2 MODY since more than a decade and a half. INSULIN for Type 2 is a must if they start with a higher number and things have to be brought under control on emergency basis.

  • you have not confirmed your age. You can help your physical body to reduce sugar level by Pranic healing. Have planned day - stick to the medication given by doctor. Have faith in yourself / whatever you do, avoid stress. Have schedule day, change in lifestyle require, Vegetarian diet, meditation is a good.

    Pranic Healing is a non touch technique, by which we can regenerate the organs. Pranic Crystal Healing is also a faster option.

    Bu consuming insulin we';re just supplementing the organ , but not helping to function normally. Pranic healing will definately supoort.

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