How to acquire knowledge from the internet.; about diabetes or any other medical discipline?

How to acquire knowledge from the internet.; about diabetes or any other medical discipline?

Before the advent of internet we had no other alternative but approach a doctor for a piece of medical knowledge.

But from the doctor how little knowledge can be acquired?

To study from a text book of medicine is also a difficult thing because medical textbooks are big and expensive.

Moreover you cannot just read and grasp the meaning because a lot of substrate knowledge is necessary for that.;

Just as you cannot pick up a book on differential geometry and begin reading it.

But the so called hypertext linking made it easy. “ Hypertext allows us to go from one document to another by clicking on highlighted words or pictures”. The blue highlighting that we all have seen and used.

But internet is like a market place. All sorts of false knowledge is available.

How to get rid of it . when we have a doubt we ask a professor .

That is the university teacher.

But knowledge has various levels especially when we try to impart it to others..

Let me classify the the listener , ie students.

1] a house wife, who just has good command in English but passed up to predegree only.

2] a person who is just a graduate

3] one who has a degree with some biological science as part of it.botany ,zoology, a medical student etc.


All three wants to know

What is keto acidosis.?

For the first group of persons. The best thing

is to go to the net , type ‘keto acidosis

ada’ click search, and find the article given by AMERICAN DIABETES ASSOCIATION

in ada articles ,now you see just by putting the mouse pointer on ‘insulin’for instance the reply is available –you need not even click after opening the link above- wonderful !!

the ada answer is tailored for extremely simple person. It is very concise too.

But if you go to mayo clinic you get a more elaborate answer

This can be used by the person in the second category.

you can take all the set of articles.

If you go to webmd ,you will find a little more complex article for the third group.

I will not discuss now the national institute articles for- lot of typing.[ this can also be treated as belonging to the second category mentioned above.]

I will just mention the fourth set of articles =are from the NIH and the various universities of the world .

there are also places much advanced where they describe things like acetyl-CoA --Acetoacetate, beta-hydroxybutyrate, and acetone etc – these things are for the biochemistry or medicine students.

I mentioned it because you will be confused thoroughly if you go advanced articles and after half hour reading – will ask back what is keto acidosis?

Ascending the ladder of acquisition of knowledge has to be in a graduated scale[ this is from sankaracharya the great medieval Indian philosopher- adwitha ]

Go to first few of these places for the genuine and authentic acquisition of medical knowledge.

Ignore the people who dissuade us from approaching the university or university equivalent web links.

They will only take us back to the bullock cart age.

Gandhiji and Nehru [ and men like indiacratus]they fought the British colonial, imperial yoke, [quit India],not the British culture or the western science.

be patriotic ,transfer the right knowledge to our citizens.we have to catch up with them. The purpose of the forum should be that;,no other go.

Good luck

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  • Humans used to live in Jungles but that doesn't mean that they should continue to live in jungles like Nomads :)

    Once basics are understood no substrate is needed. Knowledge is not the proprietary property and internet has helped in revealing lots of truth. Just because Uncle Ancel Keys said FAT is bad 50 years back doesn't mean we should be living in that period in 21st century. A kid born today 20 years down the road will have more knoweldge than me. I just can't keep harping about Rana Pratap and History textbooks just because it was taught in schools back in my days. When i used to be in Job, i became boss of my ex boss who was 20 years older to me in the same organization. It's all about knowledge and thinking out of the box rather than cursing people who are more upto date by refusing to be stuck in age old outdated theory. I am a metallurgical engineer by profession from one of the IIT's and dealt with steel, alloy steel, arc furnaces, continuous casting for 13 years. Now I am on my own and manage servers if need be. No university taught me about it. Internet did. Ghanshyam Das Birla wouldn't have been Ghanshaym Das Birla if he waited for IIM's to come up and go there to acquire knowledge about Business Administration. Engineers at Google did not attend university to learn about Google Glass. A Mechanical Engineer by profession is now a Senoir Management professional in WIPRO. He was never trained on SW development. He self acquired the skill.

    As an extension, I have read a lot over past 3 years about diabetes. And when i say a LOT i mean a LOT. Unfortunately for you, my mind can understand both sides of argument and then I chose to lead a DRUG Free life. Problem with me is i remember 99% of things that I read so i do not have to re-read. I don;t have to go into Latin names of stuff. I just look at basics and then its my body my wish. I refuse to let a outdated doctor be master of my diabetes. Outdated because they are still talking Uncle Ancel Keys nonsense and without any proof. When i talk of Dr Bernstein, they also say the same thing like you -- it's not there in textbooks and we follow guidelines and then refuse to discuss him on Diabetes and LCHF.

    There's lot of fresh air outside of outdated textbooks. Just because I studied History as part of curriculum 40 years back in school doesn't mean my 7 year old nephew also does the same. Now he has computers in his curriculum. Good you are nowhere related with education system else he would still be mugging outdated history textbooks.

    If you are confused about ketosis ask someone who can explain it to you. I delved upon this already but you kept refusing to eve learn because it is not mentioned in outdated Harvard Textbooks :)

    I know you hate the idea how come these young guys are controlling sugar without medicine. But the harsh fact is younger generation will be more intelligent and well equipped with latest happenings than outgoing generation. This is fact of life. Sooner one accepts more happy he is and hence will not call others terrorists like you do.

    The less you talk of Nehru and Gandhi family the better it would be. Because Marxists historians have ruined history of India to glorify the Gandhi family. Some textbook even called Shaheed Bhagat Singh a terrorist (in some ICSE textbook which was later changed on protest) Maybe the author was of same mindset as you. That's why I always say .... TEXTBOOKS are OUTDATED :)

    BTW, even today 65% (maybe more) Indians have no access to modern medicare. Still my nanny is touching 90+. Why? Because she was spared by the corrupted Nutritionists, Dieticians and TV Ads that sell Kellogg and LOW FAT (nonsense) Uncle Chips. Desi ghee is the reason I guess, milk directly from Buffalo with no defatting is the reason i guess. Guys in villages are more healthy. They live healthy and they die healthy.

    You know what, America even tried curtailing freedom of internet but those bills fell flat and internet stays independent and democratic as ever. So now you have NSA syping all over internet and listening to calls. If Snowden believed in textbook rules we would have never known that NSA is spying :)

    Hey but why am I talking all this. This is not to be found in Harvard textbooks or links and you won't believe in anything but that no matter how outdated and influenced by money they can be :)

  • indiacratus, have you heard the 'Temples of Syrinx' from the band 'Rush'?

    "We've taken care of everything

    The words you read, the songs you sing

    The pictures that give pleasure to your eyes

    It's one for all and all for one

    We work together, common sons

    Never need to wonder how or why".

  • Well he is hell bent that people go back to caves when there was no internet. For him knowledge is proprietary property of schools and colleges. He would be upset that why Indian kids are now being made to study on Tablets and slowly textbooks are gong to be extinct. Power of internet will rule. My 7 year old nephew searches for everything that he wants to know on Google and his typing speed with those little fingers amazes me. If I were him, i would have scolded him for accessing the internet for learning things. :)

    He doesn't realize that there would have been no Ramanujan if Hardy was as closed minded as him. Ramanujan did not go to Harvard by the way. He wouldn't tell also which school did Aryabhatt go to or which medical college published Charak Samhita. His pride lies in having his heart and soul attached to Harvard and pooh pooh others who do not agree with the dietary nonsense which made America the most obese nation on earth despite following LOW FAT nonsense :)

  • hi mr concerned,

    i dont quite understand your replies,quite the past as well.

    thanks for the response.

    you see how the main thing is ignored.

    the household woman getting a chance to learn about diabetes without difficulties as a beginner .

    the person in my first category.

    the westerners have everything , diabetes education programs, great many facilities, computer----- ,. we have indian diabetes association or international diabetes association- there are no articles at all.

    preventing the poor indian from reading such wonderful articles from ADA is clearly a crime to the nation.

    show me any article on diabetes better than ada's , for a beginner .the westerners gave us two wonderful things-one man- one vote , one man- one wife system !and science and mathematics extra.

    this person talking of terrorist etc , you know -he threatened me once with - "this is early warning" he said.

    i asked are you a terrorist?no answer!!he and his friends never answer to the point.

    i said i will put this warning as a question in the QUESTIONS so that the forum can decide.

    then he stopped his high threatening stance.

    i dont read anything from such people using abusive language in a science context.

    good luck

    show me any article.repeat

  • LOL so now you speak LIES also just to defend your outdated stance? Great!

    I don't think I threaten anyone. Have been around for longer than you have been here. Perhaps it's a problem with your understanding of English. That's one of the problems of sticking with outdated stuff :)

    My stance against ADA/MAYO still persists. I will keep responding to your stance of EAT DRUGS like peanuts.After all, if 150 guys from this forum with age varying fom 40 to 79 years have switched and benefited, LCHF is great.

  • mr ax,

    it is true there can be differing opinions.

    but why did you use the word 'pig heads' of the great science labs.

    another one telling 'outdated'- where did you get the information

    i it hostile?

    ada and WHO every year give a

    an annual position statements.

    you see their articles - nih -it always says the date last edited , date last rewiewed.

    these reviews are based on the experiments of scientists world over.

    america and european union countries are almost all the experimental world-

    40 to 60 percent carbs is recomended by european union contries.

    that means you are talking against the world not ada. it is just desguised anti american propaganda. - they are all pig heads?

    yet another constantly telling- nonsense

    spitting on the science community as a whole.

    sheer madness. that is it.

    good luck

  • Here's one small example of your so called experts. Guess all researches with a PhD and who knows Nobel Prize too (is there a Noble Prize for Stealing too?):

    Perhaps now they want to patent Ayurveda too!

  • I agree net has made information gathering much easier and faster. I now know why in my case it is important to keep track of creatinine etc.

  • Kidney is one of the most important reasons that you need to get your A1C down and numbers in control. If ADA numbers are to be believed then it has resulted in 40% diabetics having some kidney problem or the other. This just proves that those numbers aren't good.

  • medfree: I have some statistics from an authentic source ( that suggest all six dreaded outcomes including amputation and renal failure have lower than 2.5% incidence with blood sugar average of 200. My wife is 22 years younger to me and non-diabetic and she has some kidney issues for over a decade, something I have not yet experienced. I have given this personal example because it could be possible that the non-diabetic population could also have a near similar incidence figure.

  • Is she on NSAIDS frequently/regularly?

    As fo the stats, medical science revolves around the use of word -- MAY --. They never use WILL. MAY is the easiest escape route to save their skin from the dreaded side effects :)

    They will say -- SAFA "MAY" cause CVD

    STATINS "MAY" damage Liver.

    STATINS "MAY" elevate insulin levels in blood.

    STATINS "MAY" lead to diabetes.

    STATINS MAY cause Myopathy ... list goes on.

  • I am dying to participate in the discussion but my cardio thoracic surgeon has asked me to avoid strain for few days more.So can't write more.Wishing happy ending to this.

  • Get Well Soon. Your recovery will be in our prayers.

  • Medfree, my friend a little bit of humility will take you a long way.

  • indiacatus called me a terrorist so these suggestions are more needed to for him. I only retaliate if poked. You know it already. I am not calling names like him. He does it with anyone and everyone who doesn't agree with him. If he gets hostile then he should be ready for the same.

    I am a bit surprised why you did not suggest this to him when he called me a terrorist unless I am a terrorist in your opinion!

    Was there anything wrong in writing the message to patliputra?

  • The same wishes from me too. Fed up of these constant arguments over nothing. That is the reason I don't frequent this site often these days.

  • Please visit the following websites daily to understand more about the medical science.

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