.This is how I am controlling my Blood Sugars

I was reading several posts, we all have a struggle and we are trying to stay afloat. I thought of sharing my struggle.

It was George Shooter whose posts inspired me to try Long Wheat and I am glad I did/

I tried both the roti/chapati and shooter's kanji/wheat soup and now I can safely say it is kanji/soup that works. There can be many reasons, this kanji takes longer time for digestion, flour density is higher. I have come back to shooters method of consuming Long wheat the soup thing with some side dish or I add rasam, sambhar,sour daal or any onion based tangy gravy which makes it edible for someone not habituated to kanji eating.

I tried with sprout mung dosas/chillas which give excellent results but the raw mung smell is just a turn off.

I enjoy Mung sprouts, I replaced it with rice. For lunch I take 1 roti and 3/4th cup of boiled sprouts to which I add 1/4 cup of brown rice and consume it as we consume rice with curry or any veg, meat. This works excellent for me Sprouts are tasty and can be easily substituted for rice.

Evening tea I take with one whole egg omelette with some carrots,beans,capsicum,mushroom cooked in 1/2 tsp coconut oil. Sometimes I make besan ka chilla or small 30 gram veg thepla. or 10 gm flour + 10 gm besan mixed with minced meat spices and spread on dosa tawa to make tikki/chilla .This I cook in 1/2 tsp coconut oil.

After long trial and errors I have now found some workable formula though this kanji thing is not my taste , I can have a daliya smashed with added ghee spices and meat but results varies. what works is unmashed wheat in kanji form.

Its been almost a month now and I have been able to keep my BS below 140 at any point of time.

I walk for half hour in the morning and do some pilates or power yoga or free hand for 15 mts in the morning and take gemer 1 post dinner.Yes I want to get rid of medicine but it might take some time.

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  • This is the essence of diabetes management.We have to learn from others but at the end of the day we have to find our own 'workable' solution.Congrats and please keep it up.

  • Thx Venkat, I have a long way to go...am 33 and is diabetic for last 4 yrs with no family history no idea how to deal it has been experimenting,observing and learning all the way. Thank you for your kind words:-)

  • Sounds impressive sir. May I ask what medicine you're taking, and how much of it? Only for diabetes?

    Many thanks, Francois

  • Hi Vasu, lady here:-) I take gemer1 post dinner.(2 minutes after dinner) .

  • Hi Naqsh,

    It is really good to hear that you are able to keep your sugar values are under control, finally. Really happy to hear that from you.

    So after trying many variations of Long Wheat, you say that 'Long Wheat Boiled (prepared as suggested by Mr. George) but Unmashed?' Please confirm it once again.

    Recently, I have been trying dosas made of Long Wheat atta batter and results are almost same.


  • Hi Swamy,

    Atlast yes :-) You remember when I last spoke to you I had fasting range of 250's and ppbs as 300+. I would read this forum & everyone's opinion was precious George, medfree and others. I tried all. Last 3 months I allowed myself to be a guinea pig. I found a mid way. Yes carbs should be controlled and shooters Long Wheat has potential.Consuming flour I noticed I was consuming almost 180 grams of flour a day, again density of seed and flour are different. I then shifted to shooters original method and it worked out well. My observations were :

    1. I consumed 50 gram seed for 2 meals while I was consuming more than double the amount in flour form.

    2. I researched on net and found 100 gram seed yields 125 gram to 135 gram flour again the carbs content is increased due to density.

    3. As the seeds are un-mashed it takes longer time to digest and probably work as low GI/slow-release. Somehow 25 gram of kanji kept me filled till lunch time with no hunger pang.

    But then to each their own, whatever works should be adopted. sprouted Mung chilla with 25 cal and low carbs worked best for me but the raw mung smell would just put me off. Mung sprouts works and I keep them.

    Thank you Swami you were my first support on this forum.

  • Great going Naqsh.

  • Hello Naqsh r u from Mumbai? From where did you get the wheat?

  • Appears Naqsh hasn't been online for some time.

    We could not find khapli gahu in mumbai & ended up getting it from Pune.

    Look at Vithalram Gangaram - Pune, in below link. The person to talk to is Mr Menkar. He supplies to Mumbai.



  • I did speak to him n he has agreed to send it thanks a ton for the invaluable information

  • You are most welcome.

    Just a small note : There is a possibility of delay in dispatching on his side ( may be due to inventory issues ) & you may have to follow up with him. For eg. If he tells, he is dispatching on 29th May, Give him a call on 29th evening or 30th May, to confirm, if he has dispatched.


  • I spoke to him yesterday and said i would call back to confirm the quantities but today one number is continuously engaged and the other one is just ringing. Will try tomorrow again.

  • Hi Naqsh,

    From the very beginning I have been telling about the LW on the forum. It keeps us contented and full for a long time. I thought I couldn't have the mash, but it tastes all the more better to me than the rotis now, since we have it with a variant of curries, it enhances taste. The problem with me is I can't have the same food, day in and day out. Taste buds are too strong, I suppose ;) so I have realized this food for me is the best option.

  • I tried LW rotee. It didn't do any wonders for me, though the sample size for tests was small. Perhaps my conviction about particle size also matters holds ground otherwise why the restriction about taking mash. Next phase i will now be tying different types of sattu and report :)

    Diabetics have lost the luxury to be selective. Forget the taste buds :)

  • My sugar showed good results even when I had rotis. I am still selective in what I eat and enjoy every bit what goes into my mouth and I definitely indulge my taste buds :P

  • Gradually I will be removing all other pulses too and resorting to loading with chana daal. Many good dishes can be made with chana including koftaas etc so lots of variety to enjoy even as a curry dish:)

  • You are already doing well for your self. My problem was I could not convince myself to let go grain and consume lot of fat. But then I hope I have found a mid way which for now seems to be working. Waiting for your sattu reports.

  • aah the taste buds of poor diabetic souls have no place in heaven :( Yes peace you have been consistent and vocal about Long wheat and been my support too. Thank you darling :-)

  • The idea seems to be good. But unmashed wheat in Kanji form? How? Because when we cook the whole wheat, it is quite dry and big and not able to eat. Please clarify the way of prepration.Thanks

  • Soak the wheat overnight after thoroughly washing ( 1 part with 4 parts of water). Cook in a cooker for 20 minutes the next morning. The wheat becomes quite soft, blend it or grind in a mixer (just two rounds). Have it with some curries of your choice. If you are a non-vegetarian, all the more better because it tastes sumptuous.

  • I soak it in water overnight and in the morning cook it in the pressure cooker.

    It is easy to chew and tastes good. Anything like salad, sabji some masala can be added for taste. The fiber in this wheat keeps BS under control.

    Someday I will try roti also.

  • After listening to all Long wheat consumers' success stories ,I am inclined to give it a try .If it works for me I will include in my LCHF diet plan By the way , how much carbs are there in a 60 gms regimen of LW.

  • The carbs in the LW are in normal range which is around 70gm/ 100gm wheat The only diff. is that it has more fiber than normal wheat. I think around 10-12gm. But I think there is something more than that because no other grain is so effective as LW considering it's glycemic response.

    My experience with LW is very good since I started it ten days back.

  • Spelt wheat has higher fat. If LW is same as Spelt then that could also be one reason. That said, the friend from forum sent me half kg LW (Nilgiri -- since 1905 brand as mentioned on packet) and with that in hand I will try and find it here but looks difficult.

  • No. I think spelt is different. LW is emmer wheat. bluebirdgrainfarms.com/nutr...


  • Ok, i see that. Spelt has some 4.5% fat IIRC.

  • shrisamarth

    There could be some unidentified ingredient in trace quantity in LW.

  • Yes. My wife has used it for some typical maharashtrian preparation some years back. She said white extract ( satva - सत्व) from this wheat is more than conventional wheat. In Solapur region (Maharashtra) it is regularly cultivated and consumed. In India it's share is mere 1% of total wheat production.

  • Hi please tell me about your diet for dinner....is breakfast same as dinner would you kindly elborate?

  • your information is very helpful..iama diabetic from past 5 years.and new here...want to kw whts the hindi name for ong wheat..thanks in advance

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