Carbohydrate counting ,how it can be done.It is said .,in western countries many diabetics go by carbohydrate counting And live happily

Carbohydrate counting ,how it can be done.

It is said .,in western countries many people go by carbohydrate counting And live happily for many years. .[they havnt given the percentage of people , this I got from joslin diabetic center ,I think]

I have seen in my real life experience , relatives, close friends , just aquintance etc,people easily cross 75 with few tablets, with out any problems. in fact many of them just do not posses a gluco meter even . go to the lab once in a while to check, even careless living, many people . that means with care and good life style most people can lead a happy diabetic life , cross 75 with out insulin even..

But three things have to be carefully managed. The so called carbohydrate counting. medicine and the proper physical activity. carb counting many people think is the business of insulin takers and not for tablets people.


It is best ,everybody does it ,even a healthy man.

In the beginning it may appear as a complicated thing , but later by just looking at a plate of meal any body can say –how many carbs it contains.

Let us see closely the following meal.

A man usually takes 45 gram carb lunch.

He goes for a marriage reception .

decides to take 60 grams carb lunch.

, seeing the delicious items.

[ his CHO ratio for lunch time being 15 ,he plans to take 4 units of insulin along this carb covering --- . those who are on tablets may not require such a critical coverage -once in a while , ]

But how to know the served food contains -how many carbs?

The general technique is to understand what is a portion size.; and the carbs in it ,

But I will not much elaborate, please learn from elsewhere.

The idea will however evolve by intuition from the example given below.

The lunch.

One chappathy -15 gms of carbohydrate.

1/3 cup of rice-15 gms ----do--------

One cup raw vegitables

sliced like salad—5gm

half a cup multi vegitable curry 5 gm

[without potatoe etc , ie, low starch types ]

Half cup curd. 6 gm

A piece of fish or some meat-0 carbs

one spoon ghee -0carbs, protein and fats do not count for carbs counting.

half a banana of the long variety 15 gms

total 61 gms of carbo hydrate.

The COUNTING is complete we can just beging eating the lunch .

There are six types of foods classified for this purpose- they give this on a serving size.

.”[ from joslin diabetic center]

“Most of the carbohydrates we eat come from three food groups: starch, fruit and milk. Vegetables also contain some carbohydrates, but foods in the meat and fat groups contain very little carbohydrates. This list shows the average amount of carbohydrates in each food group per serving:

Carbohydrate GramsCarbohydrate Grams




To make things easy, many people begin carbohydrate counting by rounding the carbohydrate values of milk up to 15. In other words, one serving of starch, fruit or milk all contain 15 grams of carbohydrates or one carbohydrate serving”

Now if somebody wants to remove the banana and put there grapes instead ,

then you can put 15 grapes, an orange, a small apple or a peer which will all be again giving 15 gms carbs.these are the so called portion sizes

The chappathy -substitute a bread slice of 1 0z [28 gms], one dosa or one small idli

we are doing now

what is called food exchanging. Wants to Know more --

if you go this website below

You can take any item and replace an equal amount if you know the food exchange list is given below at the end

Lastly an important thing.

Nowadays scientists are telling that ,simple carbs if contained in a food does not matter much if the total carbs are within limits.

They were telling earlier that we should go for complex carbs.

But remember , if the total carbs exceed the limits then the effect of the simple carbs predominate and bs rises rapidly.

Good luck.

Exchange lists

From ADA a list of items for 15 gms.of carbs

For example there is about 15 grams of carbohydrate in:

•1 small piece of fresh fruit (4 oz)

•1/2 cup of canned or frozen fruit

•1 slice of bread (1 oz) or 1 (6 inch) tortilla

•1/2 cup of oatmeal

•1/3 cup of pasta or rice

•4-6 crackers

•1/2 English muffin or hamburger bun

•1/2 cup of black beans or starchy vegetable

•1/4 of a large baked potato (3 oz)

•2/3 cup of plain fat-free yogurt or sweetened with sugar substitutes

•2 small cookies

•2 inch square brownie or cake without frosting

•1/2 cup ice cream or sherbet

•1 Tbsp syrup, jam, jelly, sugar or honey

•2 Tbsp light syrup

•6 chicken nuggets

•1/2 cup of casserole

•1 cup of soup

•1/4 serving of a medium french fry

- See more at:

From medlie plus

Foods that have 15 grams of carbohydrates are:

•½ cup of canned fruit (without the juice or syrup)

•½ cup of oatmeal

•1/3 cup of pasta (can vary with the shape)

1 cup of soup

•1 and ¼ cup of milk

•¼ servings of medium French fries

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  • ADA is all HIGH CARB. You don't need carb counting on high carb diet as a type 2.

    Type 2 who do carb counting don't really believe in ADA nonsense and switch to LCHF.

    Rest can keep eating pills and carbs it is there choice.

    60% of diabetics who have taken poll right here on this forum have some diabetic complications or the other. Few may live without problems but those few aren't in the 60%.

    Moreover, this is carb exchange list. Not carb counting. Carb counting involves really counting the carbs going into meal. Exchanging one carb with another is just replacing one with the other. LCHF involves counting and "REDUCTION", moving away from traditional sickening "High Crab diet to Low Carb" to "Low Carb High Fat" Diet. Carb has to be replaced with good fats as diabetics (or anyone for that matter) cannot take huge amount of protein as protein also causes insulin response shooting up the insulin floating in blood. High Insulin in blood is bad for heart too.

  • Yes, because the more insulin circulated, the more growth is stimulated of the endothelial linings of arteries for example, causing them to narrow.

  • in the above presentation i have presumed that person in question is of proper weight and is having meal plan which he maintains a proper calorie total for the day.that is constant weight calorie scheme.

    for this he has to start with a balanced food plate, like the one given by the harvard university. then rearrange the food plate . this is a bit difficult job.

    that is why in texts and websites they give a scheme for a week.

    but if a person is well below the 25 BMI point then the calorie errors can be compensated later .

  • dear concerned,

    this cannot be case .

    because if what you said is true

    then there is no such thing as a healthy man.

    diabetics are just 5 percent of population.95 are non diabetics. and insulin half life is only 5 minutes . that is why in a young man bs falls to 70 even, in a 2hr test- bs falling means insulin also falls.they go together in the healthy and the one who balances with medicine.

    in a healthy man insulin release is proportional to carb incoming only.

    and carb incoming in a balanced diet is just what is necessary. no floating in the blood.

    it floats in the non medicine taker.

    on the contrary an extra fat ,in a lchf person ,floats in blood.

    the molecule cannot be stored, it cannot be used up being extra.

    that is why i appealed to all LCHF people to go lccf, precisely eating just the required amount of fat which was substituted for the reduced carbs.can you just go through my

    what is the biochemical basis of lchf?

    no amount of rhetoric from those people can get the fat molecule out of the body.

    you are not a rhetoric , i only disagree to your biochemistry-not to you ,the person.

    hi, you are seen after a long time, in a presentation by me.

    how is life ,happy going with wife,children,grand children,

    thanks for responding.

    good luck.

  • 25% of population is walking on diabetes. Others suffering from Cardiac problems, ESRD, and other problems all traced back to sugar if added up the numbers swells a lot. The fact that Pharma companies are making billions (STATINS alone is a 30 billion dollar industry) shows how healthy non diabetics are.

    One in three Americans would be walking on diabetes by 2050:

    So 5% being diabetic is an understatement.

  • How to measure that free floating fat in the blood? What lab test?

  • Triglycerides because triglycerides is the fat in the blood. It is a well established fact that on LCHF Triglycerides fall like a rock so fat floating in blood reduces on LCHF. So butter , cheese, coconut oil etc on LCHF doesn't float like butter, cheese or coconut oil floating in kitchen sink pipe. Arteries are not like kitchen sink pipe. All that talk of fat floating in blood on LCHF is humbug meant to scare people away from LCHF. It simply doesn't happen. Only a diabetic on LCHF who has gone through years of normal lipids and other markers would be able to show it and prove it. Rest are all discussing (and wrongly extrapolating) from outdated textbooks just fo the sake of ensuring that people go back to drugs and spoil "quality of life" by increasing some "useless quantity of life". :)

    Reducing TG reduces VLDL the dangerous part of lipids. Not all LDL is bad. LCHF converts even LDL to large fluffy ones which is harmless. On the ground, LCHF doesn't cause any problems. All problems are for medicare industry because it educes the money that is available through High Carb Low Fat nonsensical theory.

  • That's what I am asking.If I have eaten extra fat what my digestive system doing? It has been observed that mostly on HCHF or HCLF diet triglycerides get eleveted. People who eat fat as their primary food they never eat anything extra. Fat has never been said to be addictive like carbs.

  • Yup!

    But Harvard and PAID (by Big Food and Big Pharma) scientists never agree. They keep speaking the same lies over and over again :) :)

    Consider body like a Hybrid vehicle. Moment it runs out of Carbs (Petrol) it switches to burning Fat (Diesel) for energy. It doesn't spike blood sugar in the process as long as body is running on Diesel :)

    Amongst FAT, MCT fats (Coconut Oil for example) are greatest and one of the best source as they release energy quickly.

    Now, those who are relying more on Harvard, will inadvertently mix up DKA with NK and then try and scare diabetics away stating that Ketosis is dangerous without realizing that DKA (in complete absence of insulin as in Type 1) DKA can result but not in type 2 who still produce minimal amount of insulin.

  • Dear indiacratus

    Your explanation of carb counts ,portion control and food exchanges is well taken ..I agree that's how one should count and control the carbs, fat and protein and calories intake ..But what is the limit for daily carbs do you suggest for a diabetic ( you are referring to carbs exceeding limit )

    Trust we don't get into hostile discussion again

  • If you cannot give Harvard/Textbook/NIH references to back your claim during any discussion it can get hostile :)

  • Dear ram,

    Thanks for the response.

    This is a highly pertinent question.

    First of all let me emphasize that the amount of carbs are not to be set for a day. but are set for a meal.

    Calories can be set for a day.

    The short answer is :

    calculate as though the diabetic is a healthy man and take the same figures .the reason is clear by common sense:

    food is for energy and repair. Every body is equal before the conservation law of energy.

    How much carbs?

    this is based on the internal anatomy and physiology of the human body

    such as 2/3 rd the cells of the human body is insulin mediated sugar absorbing.

    [the path is

    Glucose , insulin , alpha, beta bridge , ---glut 4 translocation -glucose moves in.] the brain is ,in addition to this - all glucose demanding. thus glucose is the primary source of energy in a man.]]

    [ for the alternate path you may refer to my article

    At the bottom of this response you can see a foot note,a calculation of the carbs for a 60 kg man.

    It works out to 60 grams of carbs for a meal .

    So far the discussion is about a healthy person.

    The diabetic also has to follow the same food with insulin suplimentation.

    ie, the 60 gms carbs per meal is the same .

    next we consider the man on insulin .

    55% of w=TDI,total daily insulin , devide it as 50- 50 bolus and basal.

    500 devided by TDI, and 1800 devided by Carb coverage and bs correction respectively..let us take the average values obtained as 10 and 50 [will not be same for all]

    Then we get 60 by ten as six units of insulin ..


    For bs correction [ suppose the man has a pre lunch time bs 220 and his target is120. so 220minus 120 gives gives 100.


    100 by 50 gives 2 units of insulin.

    Adding together [ 6plus 2]we have 8 units of insulin..

    He has to take 8 units of insulin for the lunch of 60 gms of carbs.

    this is the basal and bolus scheme.

    in a fixed scheme say, doctor gave 15 units bed time insulin , just follow the advised carbs by doctor and adjust food to get a proper target bs.

    Now for the diabetic on tablets .

    Theoretically everything is the same except that he has a better homeostasis and better variability is possible.

    But since we don’t tamper with the medicine

    We stick to the doctor given tablets and adjust the meal carbs for the desired bs level .

    But for academic purposes – one wants to know-the tablet treatment can just start on a lower dose and then find by trial and error. Rarely hypo comes in t2dm on tablets.

    In practice what we see everyday , people are unable to get precision control. most of them do not have the necessary knowledge about carbs ,calories etc .

    Split meal and split the tablets- is an advice that can be tried. For this we need not consult a doctor. .- I don’t know much about it. It no doubt works in many.

    I will re write this with more explanations and put it with a proper source website later , some time next week as a question . till then

    good luck


    regarding hostile


    I did not feel you were hostile to me.

    If I appeared hostile to you , it must be because you are a soft and lovely person easily hurt.

    i am of course someone with a rugged but clear stance.

    Be robust,not delicate, but ready to change .

    Otherwise how can we defend the good and fight evil.

    I am never diplomatic in a science context.

    [But I believe we may have to diplomatic elsewhere.]


    Foot note

    to find the calories for an individual.

    from the following formula:

    900+10 w for a man


    700+7w for a female.

    Where w is weight of body.

    You may ref as well,


    from the above , consider this quote.

    . Let us work out for a 60 kg man..

    Apply the formula 900+10w for BEE

    900+600 =1500,,

    presuming the person is a moderately working-

    Add 40 percent –gives 1500+600 = 2100 calories.

    any one wants to know further details about this calculation ,please let me know ,I will explain later. these are not just anybody’s opinions but are text book precise informations

    To make three meals, we divide 2100 by 3 to get 700calories per meal.[2100/3]

    From this meal, some 100 or 200 can be removed ,to make it a snack midway between meals.

    Say 600 main meal and snack 100,

    Consider 600 calories.

    45 to 65 percent of this has to be from carbohydrates according to nutritionists,

    That is for the healthy man.

    .say ,being diabetic we chose the lowest 45 and round it to 40.

    40 percent of 600 gives 240 calories. 4 kcals per gram of carbohydrate.Deviding by 4 we get grams of carbs ,equal to 60 grams ,the same as in the main question under consideration.

  • 60grams carbs/meal to a diabetic is like asking him to commit harakiri. Spike glucose and then bring it down by INSULIN shots is most unintelligent way of controlling sugar. Diabetic should not be eating 30-35 grams carbs in a single meal and no more than 100gms/day.

  • If I follow this recommendation.My calculations would be-

    I am 55kg. means I need 550 cal. 40% of it 220.

    220/4=55gm carbs 3 meals 55 X 3=165gm + 10gm for small snack.

    Total 175gm carbs. Presently I am consuming around 125gm carbs and my sugar is in good control (89/108) with minimum medicine. So to cover those extra carbs I have to take unnecessarily extra medicine. And metformin alone can't control this carb intake so doctor would definitely prescribe sulfonyluria or DPP4 inhibitor.

    What next ? face all the side effects.

  • Medicine is "Amrit" as per him. Every diabetic should be taking it :)

    You forgot one point. With drugs to cover carb, it will also lead to High BP so blood thinners will be needed at some stage. Carbs will conk off LIPIDS so take Statins too at some stage. Then starts side effects of statins so go through them also. Basically be a permanent customer for medicare business. DPP4/incretin drugs open up chances of cancer.

    The recommendation is excellent for a human above 70 who has few years left to go in life but stupidity for a human who has 30-40 years ahead in life and is going through hectic job pressures and tensions.

    I always say .... ignore such recommendations as they would lead you to nowhere but doctors and pharmacists on regular basis. He called me a terrorist because of this :)

  • Thanks for your explanation

    The catch is the nutritional advise of 40-65% of CHO calories .I restrict it to 20% .I weigh 60 kgs. With moderate activities my calorie requirement will be 1800 /day Applying your formula , my calorie requirement is 500 for each meal + 100 for snacks between meals Restricting CHO to 20% of food calories ( not 40% ) , my CHO restriction is 90 gms per day ( 30 gms per meal, I do not take carbs for snacks) .With this I am able to control my PPBG to 120 mg/dL .Many references can be cited for increased risk of diabetic complications if the PPBG exceeds 120mg/dL .In fact even 120 mg/dl (HbA1C of 5.8%)is slightly higher than the target for risk free control.My lipid numbers are normal.

    1 gm of CHO raises BG by 5 mg/dl . . Assuming a pre-meal base BG level of 95 mg/dL , my BG will rise to 120 mg/dL with 5 gms of CHO in my meal .I need to take oral drugs to reduce the BG increase by the remaining 25 gms of CHO in my meal .If I increase the CHO to 50gms /meal as recommended by out-dated nutritional advise, then I have to face the higher risk of diabetic complications due to rise in PPBG above 120 mg/dL or double the dosage of my oral drugs and face the side-effects of it .I think 30gms of CHO per meal is more than adequate for the quick energy required by brain and other organs as highlighted by you

    You have recommended 100 gms of carbs in your previous article , which I think is also the recommendations of proponents of LCHF diet.

  • dear ram,

    1] neither formula gives 1800

    2]it is not my formula. it is a readjustment from the famous Harris–Benedict equation for bmr-, REE, accepted by the whole world.

    3]a healthy man with 70 bs goes for ogtt .see the lab practice

    takes 75 gram in 150 gram water . the bs rise is less than 140.[ the rise 70 to 140 ].1 mg per 1 gram at the most--- 1 hr, 1.5 ,2 etc whatever it is.

    so 5 units per 1 gm is for some diabetic. not all. that is a may have found in some web link .hope it is clear now.

    3]your oral drugs i do not understand

    4] out dated -no comments. where you got it?

    are you talking about the men who invented the recombinant dna insulin.and later manipulated it molecule to molecule.sheer madness!!

    what is this small microscopic thing as lchf to be 'latest' for the great scientists to understand .

    it was known in the 19th centuary itself ,probably the ancients even . when insulin came in 1921 it disappeared.


    140 is the WHO recommendation.

    ADA 180.

    why this should be 70 to 140 .[ clue- hypoglycemia]

    where did you get this 120?

    6] i did not recommend 100 grams.

    if a child does not go in the right direction,

    after all our efforts fail ,

    then direct him along the wrong path he has chosen ,

    meaning- give him money, water ,cloths and advices for the tedious journey he is about to go.

    this is an ancient advice.

    indiacratus was designing a food plate for the LCHF people

    since ,it is the lchf person who should know, more than anyone else , carb counting and calories ,

    because of the trapped molecule of fat.

    ppbg is not the only consideration for a diabetic theraphy ,. by hook or crook anybody can get a low ppbs.


    why the whole world does not approve it. they are all 'pig heads' ?

    lchf with out fat restriction is whipping the whole body.

    'whipping the pancreas' is just ignorance of anatomy.

    and pathophysiology'

    stimulating the betacells is the right usage and , beta cells is only a mall fraction of pancreas . even alpha cells and delta cells are left un touched.

    you have lot of wrong knowledge in your brain by going to websites like mercola , diet doctor, apple a day , eating academy.

    none accepted by the world bodies of diabetes.,medicine and science.

    .i cannot clear you or anyone who has a phd ,without passing bsc in biochemistry,from these island universities,.

    lot of typing .

    i will stop .thanks for patient listening.


  • A big LOL :)

    You do not even know about the inspiration behind dietdoctor website. It's Dr Annika Dahlqvist, MD – the first LCHF pioneer -- who was center of attack for her LCHF by the so called world bodies of so called experts back in 2005 but has now officially been accepted by SWEDEN as a nation after lot of scrutiny. Dr Mercola, Dr Attia are more knowledgeable than the persons who have been infested by Pharma lobby in all bodies including FDA.

    In 2006 two dietitians at Dr. Dahlqvist’s workplace sued her for malpractice and she lost her job. They claimed that by recommending a low carb diet Dr. Dahlqvist jeopardized her patients’ lives. The Swedish Health Ministry (Socialstyrelsen) looked into the case and after two years, in January 2008, they proclaimed that Dr. Dahlqvist was right – LCHF is “in accordance with science and proven experience”!

    I guess Dr Bernstein must be a mislead 82 year old child in your opinion because he also doesn't believe in ADA nonsense and lives on 30 grams carbs/day :)

    Hey, how about reading this:

    Eating FAT improves health if you dump the HIGH CARB Diet and weight comes down and one can go off a lot of drugs. Since reduced drug sales seems to be a worry for ADA fans they call everyone who do not believe in the nonsense as mislead child.

    I guess even Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin in France (“the father of gastronomy”) - way before Atkins -- must be a mislead child because he understood well the damages of a high carb (and hence low fat) diet.

    Here's a post from Dr Malcolm Kendrck (his name has appeared during discussions on this site) about Dr Annika Dahlqvist, MD – the first LCHF pioneer. One sentence there is worth quoting directly here --

    "She was, of course, attacked by the idiots…sorry experts"

    Here's the link to the article --

    I'll keep countering your ADA logic which is OUTDATED. Internet has given lot of power to expose corrupt bodies. Step out of Harvard nonsense. There's lot of fresh air outside on sites of Dr Mercola, Malcolm Kendrick, Dr Peter Attia, Gary Taubes ... oh but it will need lot of grey matter to get hold of things. They all defy the Harvard/USDA/FDA/ADA nonsense :)

  • Thanks for stopping

    I also want to do the same thing with self proclaimed experts

    Thank you

  • Only carb counting is not going to help for diabetics. If I eat 1 full chapati of 8" my BS will shoot 140 -145.

    But if I eat Dhokla with same amount of carbs my BS would remain around 120.

    So type of food is also important. (I regularly experiment with my food.)

  • Carb counting and restricting them will always help. Spongy dhokla has more water as compared to a chapati.

    As for insulin response (what indiacratus keep mentioning theoretically evey time he talks for so called "balanced" diet) , proteins also trigger response similar to carbs. This becomes moe amplified on Low Carb diet. There's enough study, albeit not from Harvard, on this.

    Those who take control of their own diabetes are constantly experimenting with their food specially if eating to meter and not going for random blind tests in lab and eating what their dietician tells them to eat -- High Carb Low Fat nonsense. It's the HIGH CARBS that increase fat floating in blood and not High FAT diet as such.

  • 80 - 100gm dhokla have app. same amount of carbs. 20 to 24gms equal to 20gm in chapati. My experience with besan is that it has very slow glycemic response.

  • Tue on besan. Besan Chilla i have found pretty safe.

  • I can email you my 2200 calorie diet plan that my wife worked out after researching a lot. There are helpful web sites and I can email after asking my wife. (My ID is: After a HBA1C drop of 1.8% in the first five days, since mid January 2014 I have been reducing 0.175% per week average, from 11.6% to 7.2% just through diet and exercise discipline. I reduced carbs. I take about 40 gram carb in each mean and four snacks of 20 g carb each. Two snacks between Dinner & Breakfast. [In 2005 I completely reversed diabetes. In 2009 it came in control and I did not do a single glucose test for three years. This time, I have monitored blood glucose up to ten times a day to understand the dynamics]. One site mentioned at this forum is: David Mendosa: Helping Defeat Diabetes Since 1995

  • indiacratus: If I understand correctly, because medfree found long wheat very similar to more easily available sattoo, s/he has promised to report 'one month' outcomes on roti made with sattoo. May be you too can try. Do let us know:

  • But my bottom-line is 100gms carbs/day and this doesn't fit in his scheme of things.

  • norreal,

    i have gluten -gliadin allergy i think.

    long ago i found it. dont know if it is true even. no courage to try wheat . i dont take anything wheat.

    when we have small reactions it is difficult to watch and find out.

    i dont take anything from the leguminous family as well.

    strictly against killing higher animals. now i am in trouble- what to eat?no milk ,no meat, no proteins. only the mushrooms can save me. but it is not always available and is expensive as well.i tried to cultivate it. nowadays lazy.


    you will die if you reject such a large spectrum of foods , my daughter was telling -

    thanks for the care.

    good night

    good luck.


  • indiacratus: You are on track. You will find web site (in google please search David Mendosa defeating diabetes since 1995) has tons of useful information!

  • dear norreal,

    i have just gone through the dr mendosa.

    not a thorough reading.

    i dont think he is away from the main stream ideas.

    my feeling has developed like this.

    for the last one year i am in this forum.


    no one came saying, say,

    'i am on 1500 calories , say,or on carb counting.'

    this simply means they eat a usual food just satisfies them and doctor prescribed drugs.probably not even caring for over weight.

    this only leads them to say -allopathy is a failure in me.

    learning as much as a doctor knows about diabetes is just not possible and is a wastage.

    no one SHOULD study television or computer engineering just to repair ones own tv set or computer.

    i studied diabetes because i come from a diabetic family.on my mother side almost all cousins in one group are diabetics.

    together with friends and others there are ten 15 people around me consulting or just talking diabetes.

    a hundred page book is enough . it covers everything just needed .

    most people do not have it.

    that is the trouble.

    these hundred pages are to be selected uniformly from all chapters.

    the national institutes do this.their articles are the best-PERFECT.

    written by brilliant professors, edited every six months.ADA and WHO every year give--

    a status position statement every year.

    any one who says , 'out dated' NIH ,ADA nonsense,WHO nonsense' is anti social.not only ignorant.

    where else we should learn from? go and see the indian diabetic association articles?there are none or namesake..

    good luck.

  • >> no one SHOULD study television or computer engineering just to repair ones own tv set or computer.

    i studied diabetes because i come from a diabetic family.on my mother side almost all cousins in one group are diabetics.

    Two sentences contradict each other. Why did you study about diabetes if you preach others not to study television or computer engineering (read diabetes) to repair their TV (read diabetes in your family). So looks like you do not want others to study so that they can be easily convinced with those outdated stuff just because it comes from a source which you consider as absolute truth. You want others to remain ignorant?

    Dr Bernstein also says ADA recommendations are nonsensical. Jeny Ruhl says the same. Mercola, Malcolm Kendrick, Dr Oz ... list goes on and on ... all say ADA's recommendations are nonsensical. They have been nonsensical and that's why Bernstein joined medical school at the age of 45 (see there ... he started learning television to fix his and others television) . Defending nonsense is more anti social than calling nonsensical dietary recommendations a big NONSENSE. All those who preach LCHF say the same. ADA recommendations indeed are nonsensical (and outdated because they keep turning blind eye to what actually works) as it is not able to offer any solution but DRUGS to keep their masters (read sponsors) happy.

    Mendonsa indeed is a deviation from mainstream because he lives on only "50 grams" carbs per day. He is just 20grams carbs more than Dr Bernstein.

    But good at least I can see a very small change in your stance now where you find Mendonsa not being different from mainstream :)

    As for CARB counting, that's the very basis of LCHF and those who talk LCHF talk carb counting. Carb counting and then limiting to Low Carb is not same as Carb exchange which is nothing but replacing one carb with another. Good that Dr Annika Dahlqvist wasn't in America else FDA would have done everything to make sure that her research is sand-boxed and she also called a QUACK because she challenged ADA's dietary nonsense of High Carb Low fat to diabetics :)

    BTW, canola oil is GMO and GMO is yet another nonsense for human race in general. In addition, more than 90% Soy is GMO is the US. So it proves what Harvard is really promoting and why. It's all about money from GMO lobby.

  • indiacaratus:

    I take a 2,000 - 2,200 calorie diet.

    The details are as follows:

    I take a snack of about 20 gram carbohydrate value each between every meal and two snacks between Dinner & Breakfast i.e. total four snacks + three meals in 24 hours.

    Itemized intake is:

    A. 4 ounces of shell less select nuts (including walnut, almonds, pistachio and alternating cashew with peanut)

    B. Over 300 calories from flaxseed

    C. 300-400 grams of fat reduced Greek Yogurt

    D. 300 grams of boneless fish/chicken breast

    E. 150 grams of Chickpeas

    F. Two servings of fruit (occasional ice cream or healthy desert)

    G. Three egg whites and a Frankfurter sausage

    H. 3-4 Indian Chapattis with 30% barley and 70% whole wheat flour (50 gram boiled basmati rice in lieu of one chapatti)..

    I. 5-6 portions of vegetable serving

    J. Herbs inclusive of Basel, garlic, cinnamon, ginger, curry leaf, mint etc.

    K. Vitamin supplements including Centrum & Calcium Vitamin D


    Lipirex 10 mg (same as Lipitor)

    Aspirin 150 mg

    Norvasc 5mg (anti hypertensive)

    Regular anti histamine]

    L: Apple cider vinegar, 35 ml daily

    M: 35 gram bitter chocolate or 20 gm cocoa

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