counting calories in meals for a day

the below given is a reply i gave to a question by NATARAJ, just few questions below .hope this will be useful to many.

if anyone wants to read the question by nataraj i have given it at the extreme bottom. going through his question may be good for a fuller understanding of the answer i have given

Dear nataraj ,

You are really a great man ,

This is the second time time I find someone coming to the forum with a clorie request. We here in India never go for carb or calorie counting . eat anything ,then just complain – my bs levels are uncontrollable, alloppathy does not work.

Diabetes management means carbohydrate counting and calorie counting.

There is no use grumbling over medicine and doctor if the three factors- physical works , food and medicine cannot be balanced.

There is no other go but follow the western science, otherwise we go back to the bullock cart age.

At least 50 percent of diabetics should not find any problem balancing this.

Of course in some people whatever we do blood sugar remains disobedient.

The general out look is

for going for tablets, first.

then a bed time insulin[once per day only]

then a biphasic insulin twice a day,

then a basal bolus regimen .

then if a1c is greater than 8.5

go for insulin pump.

All are requested correct or edit my responses as I commit a lot of mistakes.

Your weight is perfect with 5ft 4inches and 63.6kg. but that is a bit high .

You need a bmi =21- that may require a reduction to57 kg. u can calculate are presently near 25

u have not given your age- let me presume u are around 65.

At this age that climbing steps I doubt is not good. But if you stop it, please substitute an exercise lying on bed just equivalent.

Ur figures are perfect .dont make any change . if you have bp ask the doc to give some medicine like enalapril.

were you in the army?

For you as well as for all others I will calculate the total calories u consume per day.instead of giving a 1500 kcals diet.

From this by addition those who want a higher food can be calculated.

U can also send me message for small doubts.

Morning one cup coffee/tea – 40 kcals

[ as one cup milk -cows is 80 cals- you may recount as I think 50/50 water and milk in the coffee]

The second cup 40

Ragi you can consider it equal

to a cup and a ¼ cup of rice 100cals


2 dosa [each =80] 160kcals cals

One chappathy =80 calories

Vegitable curry=25

Rice 80

curd 80

[ this is because the calorie value of milk does not alter with lactobacillus activity]

Sambar 25

The dinner you have not specified .

if equal to 2 cup rice and one cup cooked vegitables

May be 100 cals

TOTAL730 calories

You are very near to the famous 600 calories of the Newcastle experimenters.600 calories.

All your figures are perfect

I don’t find fruits in your food. Fruits and some raw vegitables are a must in good meal.for those who want to add consider one banana , small apple, etc are 15 grams carbs and 60 calories.

Good luck.

the question by nataraj


Can U please give me dtails of 1500 orbelow per day caloriy for south Indian vegetarian meals for Bloodsugar and HBP patients. n

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From last 20 years I am Type 2 and from last 2 yarsHBp I have taken Triglynase 2mg 1-1 and Metxl 50/5 1-0 and temsan 20mg 0-01 and Ecosapirin AV 75 mg 0-01 each day From last 4 months My Blood test reports shows all r nonrmal even lipid profile and LFT and Kidney function tests also normal value. HBAC is 6.1 Myheight is 5.4 feet and wt is 63.6 KG.

Mydialy diet plan is asfollows Morning two cup of water after 30 minutes one cup of cofee slight sugar and brisk walk for 4o minutes ( going to Park for 18 Minutes and back for 18Minutes etc ) totaly 75 minutes after I take one cup ofcofee slight sugar. afterI used upand down stair cases for 25 stps it may take 30minutes. afterwards I take one cup of Ragimalt without sugar after bath around 10AM I take lunch dosa 2 or roti 1and I/2 and at 2/230 Pm Take one chapati with vegitable Palys and take some less quantitty of raise with sambar and curd . Evening going to park andfor 18 minutes and brisk walk for 40 minutes and back for 18 daYS Night A mixture of boiled paddy rice ( called as puri or Mandakki ) with karibev leaves and carror and onion and capscicum mixture. Please guide me

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  • Sir, you are on right track add some oil seeds - preferably FLEX Seed - 15 Grams per day, and I hope you will be free from Diabetes within few months, add some dry fruits.

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