if people over eat fat,

where does the overeaten fat go?

overeaten fat ,if not absorbed ,creates trouble in the intestine and colon.

if absorbed the 'over' part will be stored fat.

but for this insulin is necessary . but if insulin is absent , it will be converted to ketones and will be dispelled through the urine. that damages kidneys, as ,like glucose it is not an expected work load.

never refrain from insulin injections, if doctor asks u to go for it .

it may be inconvenient . otherwise insulin is diabetics best friend.

do not think, taking medicine as unnatural. not to take medicine is what is unnatural.

good luck

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  • You are grossly wrong wrt insulin and Ketones. As is the case with most who do not have mind to understand Ketosis you have mixed up DKA with NK. Nutritional Ketosis (NK), Starvation Ketosis (SK) and DKA are three different things. Get your facts right before you make such statements.

    DKA is in absence of insulin. (this happens with type 1 primarily or type 2 who survive only on exogenous insulin because abuse of drugs to cover High carb Diet have killed all beta cells). This is a dangerous state.

    NK is in presence of Insulin (any person even with minimal amount of insulin produced will enter this stage. This is perfect state and happens on Very Low Carb High fat Diet. They are always in NK)

    SK is in presence of Insulin. (any person even with minimal amount of insulin produced will enter this stage if body is shifted to starvation mode and switches to burning fat)

    Didn't your Harvard textbooks teach you all this? Surprised :)

    Read this from a Mathematician, and Engineer and a Doctor:





    Not taking medicine and still achieving better results than what drugs could have done is NATURAL. Drugs is unnatural as it suppresses normal body functioning. Those who have already damaged the body On HIGH CARB LOW FAT nonsense to an extent where survival without DRUGS is unavoidable they are helpless. They have to keep popping pills for entire life.

    4C+4P+9F == 2000 Kcal (or whatever your daily energy need is)

    Follow this and you can never overeat FAT. FAT gives feeling of fullness for a longer time. One cannot drink Desi Ghee like one drinks a CAN of COKE and PEPSI.

  • What about 20% Grains ( Roti, Dalya etc.) + 10 % Protein ( Sprouted , Dal etc ) + 15-20% Vegetables + 10-15 % Fruits + 10 % Milk products ( Cream , Curd & Milk ) + 10 % Oil Seeds ( Till , Flex seed, Soyabeen ) + 10% Nuts ( Almond, Wall nut, Ground Nut, Pistacho, kajy etc.) + 10 % Ghee { this all is in term of Calorie intake } to be split from 900 to 2000 as per necessity.

    Please guide me , as I think to use this combination for myself as LCHF veg diet.

  • I have replied to this in your other thread. Take a cue from my actual meals and PPBS that I have posted both for veg and non veg.

  • Medfree, after reading this post from you I realize Ketosis, DKA and NK are different things. I guess you may be able to summarize how to spot these conditions on basis of symptoms? Are there pathological tests to figure out present condition? (Can all these three co-prevail?) ...

  • There's a product Ketostix strips from Bayer primarily for Insulin dependent diabetics.

    amazon.com/KETOSTIX-STRIPS-... (US)

    healthkart.com/sv/bayer-ket... (INDIA)

    Uncontrolled NK/SK (it is uncontrolled in absence of insulin and leads to DKA and hence mainly an issue in TYPE 1). So these three cannot co-prevail.

    NK persists with carbs below 50grams or lower. Dr Bernstein, Dr Attia and others who live on KETOGENIC Diet live in this state. So if you are anything above 50 grams carbs/day you can rarely hit this.

    SK is result of starvation when the body runs out of all stored glucose in liver and switches to burning fat. Normally happens on fasting beyond a day or so. Anyone who listened to medical bulletin as issued by Dr Trehan during Anna Hazare's fasts would know this. Glycogen stored in muscles cannot be used by brain.

    DKA is a state when there are no brakes applied to NK/SK and that can only happen in complete absence of INSULIN.

    In 99 out of 100 cases, those who try and win an argument against FAT, invariably mix up all three like the originator of this thread has done. This is not the first time. It has happened so many times here.

    NK is the best thing that a body can be in.

  • NK/SK in absence of insulin becomes DKA. DKA is uncontrolled NK/SK and this can happen only in patients who survive entirely on exogenous insulin (Type 1 or a gone case of Type 2 who has been abused with lots and lots of carbs intake covered by cocktail of drugs over an extended period of time rendering all beta cells dead so no endogenous insulin is produced and exogenous insulin is needed for survival).

    As for pathological tests -- Test for Ketones

    There are Ketostix available from Baeyer -- amazon.com/KETOSTIX-STRIPS-...

    Remember, anyone producing even minimal amount of Insulin can never go into DKA. Even type 1's live on LCHF and still not hit DKA. Example -- Dr Bernstein lives on only 30 grams carbs.

    NK is no symptoms as such. You just run your body on fat as fuel.

    DKA can get you in bad shape. But that's only if you are completely devoid of insulin.

    SK is sort of NK ith a difference that instead of dietary fat, body starts burning its own fat -- during starvation for example or during calorie restricted diet.

    Ignore the typos. I have to do lot of typing as i don't do Copy+Paste :)

  • David Mendonsa (mendonsa.com) is also low carber. He eats 50-60gms (not net carbs) At the age of 77 he says that he more fit than as on today. He is drug free and I think his Hba1c is 5.1.

  • Yes, LC is great. He is on a near ketogenic diet with that amount of carbs. Harvard researchers would only talk about Mendonsa once he is gone ... like they do with Atkins now. These researchers also will never discuss Bernstein till he is alive and all researchers will start ranting against LCHF once he also is gone.

  • last night i was in a hurry and not in a mood.

    "Overeaten fat goes down the loo". ----

    this is not true .

    if that is the case who will take castor oil for constipation. coconut oil will do. there may be a threshold for fats , individual dependent, and beyond the threshold dirrhoea starts.any undigested food, fat or p or c reaching colon and end of smaal intestine will disturbe cause microbial flora in gut disturbed.not just a minor effect, it will be severe in the long run , drastic . are you having this problem?


    ketogenic food was a the main treatment for diabetes and epilepsy, in the 19th centuary , when insulin and better drugs came up normal diets returned.

    you have not answered where the over eaten fat goes. i did it.

    and about creatinine:

    the man was already patient in the kidney.

    when shifted to high fat, the protein portion came down.then creatnine also falls by 30%

    dietary protein affects upto 30 percent rise in serum creatinine . lchf cannot clear damaged nephrons.

    in usual food protein does not cause much creatinine rise. . these case studies are to be analysed by doctors with better knowledge.

    good luck

    good luck

  • lot of rhetoric in the answer, i fail to answer.

    the main question is where does the over eaten fat go ?

    dka nk etc are not at all answers.

    good luck

  • dear ax

    that you do overeat or not , is another thing.

    you just eat the absolutely necessary food.calorie to calorie, milligram to milligram.the body wants 2000,. you take 2000 only. finished.

    wash your hand. come out of dining .

    go to the kitchen ..

    take just one spoon of oil.over and above what the body requires.[ or even 1 mg of oil will do]

    where does this 1 mg go is the question ?let me be your student.you have to be the teacher now.

    the body cannot use this 1mg . it cannot store it.because no insulin.

    ignore all nk and dka which are not answers.all irrelevant stoke, copy paste.

    clear i hope .you have enough and more, god given rational faculties to understand.

    otherwise i would not have taken this much of typing.

    answer to the point.where does it go?

    why all lchf are silent?they were all silent when i gave bio chemical basis......

    good luck

  • so,

    there is no answers to the overeaten fat question I asked.

    Two responses came up,

    1] all irrelevant talk about ketosis dka etc.

    There is a saying in kerala about some type of politicians .

    We ask how much rice?

    5kg pulses is the answer,.

    [ in malayalam.

    ariyethra?payar anchu naazhi]

    type and keep in the files something irrelevant matter .then copy paste ,

    go on like an advertiser to road block a genuine discussion.

    2]the second response is also not answer , it is just , cautious diplomatic

    Keep away,. Intelligent – we do not over eat!!

    no comments.

    Remember one man here in the lchf has gained 10 kg over weight-he is acusing winter and his lost morning walk !!! and the claim -we don’t over eat.

    Purely by switching to high fat you cannot get weight loss- you have to be below the recommended calories.

    So let me summarize.

    Overeaten fat cannot be used inside as there is enough already.

    it cannot be stored as , in lchf -there is insufficient insulin.

    So that has to be thrown out.

    Ketones in urine is a fact ,,so let us conclude it comes out through urine.

    But that is not under zero expenditure.

    Liver has to covert it-overwork and damage’.

    Kidney has to push it through ultrafiltration.-over work and damage.

    The many pressures in nephron, bp, osmotic, hydrostatic etc- nothing can pass into the bowman’s capsule with out pressure. glomerulus and the tubules are not made up of steel.

    You see in the body , the most wanted and most innocent thing – glucose,

    when it is above requirements it causes disease , hyper glycemia- ,.

    But for about ten years of diabetes [t2] it may not show any symptoms.

    In dcct trials and ukpds they watched some 10 years , 1441 and 3800 patients respectively.all given the correct amount of medicine.

    Slow disease, no other go.this is what is called a long term side effect.

    Therefore We discuss after thirty years, since many people get retinopathy after20 to 30 years , nephropathy does not show symptoms[ not lab tests, that is why annual check up]till some 40 percent nephrons are damaged.and so on.why ketones be given special consideration, it is an acid particle.

    About the pro fat web sites like

    apple a day, mercola , diet doctor, the eating academy etc-

    The term nutritional ketosis is not found in any text book, the NATIONAL INSTITUTE of health, THE MEDLINE PLUS ENCYCLOPEDIA , mayo clinic, you check yourself[ just type nutritional ketosis NIH, for eg.in the google address bar ,click search] – the conclusion is the same -science world does not acknowledge it though Dr VOLEK, coined it.

    Why, fat mafia, drug mafia , “they prevent research”all over the world!!!!

    These web sites ,they produce an island pool and their own medical science-1000 Rs any body can start web site.so seen in some website does not mean science.

    Later, these island graduates when they come to the main land, think the mainland people are all “grossly wrong” “pigheads , outdated text knowledge,” “we take health law in our hands.”

    Come out of this island whirlpool – eat only the compensatory amount of fat.

    I will ask the fourth question some time next week.

    Good luck.

  • Since your favorite TEXTBOOKS don't talk NK/SK/DKA they are outdated. Those websites have more followers and hence more traffic than Harvard. Those who follow LCHF don't care about the junk that's there in outdated textbooks.

    I guess you do copy paste more than anyone else here.

  • Pl. check Jenny Ruhl's (http://www.phlaunt.com/diabetes/index.php) and Mendonsa's (http://www.mendosa.com/) website. These are not commercial sites they are ordinary people like us. You will get the answer. Also check this experiment. fathead-movie.com/index.php...

  • Your whole understanding of KETOSIS is completely wrong. So someone needed to point that out. There's no evidence that KETONES damage kidneys, like there is no evidence that SATURATED FAT causes CVD/CHD. It's all HUMBUG!

  • Stored in the body ! To give you a fat look ! Like when you cut a pig or a cow, you find it stored below their skin and above the flesh ! It is used up as energy when you are starving.That is our body's system to store food for itself for rainy days !

  • You forgot to mention that Cow, Pigs, Turkey, Chicken are fattened on CARBS (grains -- specifically fed corns) and not on FAT. That said, overeating FAT is a hypothetical state. You just can't over eat when there are no hunger pangs. It's the CARBS that cause hunger pangs :)

  • indiacratus: Did you study biology or medicine at Harvard? (Ref. mention by medfree)

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