can anybody describe a food plate for vegitarians following LCHF

this was given originaly as a reply to kclvbn's question- at some places ,like many people i have used calories and kilocalories synonymously.

At the onset let me tell you , I do not agree that lchf is to be used randomly.

The scientific world recommends it only for, obesity and that too if other means fails and only for a period of one year.

But if people are determined to go for it –

They can go the way I had suggested some time ago in my two, just substitute an amount of fat equal to the amount of carbs ,u just removed from the usda food plate. Not more than that., and a limitation of saturated fats to 7 percent. for which I gave a name LCCF . the usda food plate is chosen as the basis because we must get all nutrients and minerals.

Low carb, compensatory fat . there is nothing much in a name . I just wanted to emphasise that fat overeating is detrimental.

Remove the carbs from what?

You have to chose a food amount along the line of the USDA food plate or Harvard healthy plate. [ for the calories you are supposed to take].from that remove any amount of starch as suggested above say, 100gms. This 100 has to be tailored individually, finding the individuals ability to handle insulin.

The technique to be applied is to design a food plate ,

And then by food exchange go for any food you like.

It will be clear shortly.but we have to remember the basic plate.

in truth when I came to the forum last year I was telling ,in the west they have diabetic education programmes. We have nothing. The basic agenda of the forum should be, first, this minimal education.

The 1000 calories you wanted is too small for an average man . let us go for 2000 calories instead. Let us work out for a 60 kg man.You can take half of it later.

Apply the formula 900+10w for BEE

900+600 =1500,,

presuming the person is a moderately working-

Add 40 percent –gives 1500+600 = 2100 calories.

any one wants to know further detais about this calculation ,please let me know ,iwill explain later.

To make three meals, we devide by 3 to get 700calories per meal.[2100/3]

From this meal, some 100 or 200 can be removed ,to make it a snack midway between meals.

Say 600 main meal and snack 100, or 500 +200 wchichever you like.


we will calculate for 700 ,the total now.

Now they say proteins are to be limited to 15 percent of the total calories intake, [10 to 20 percent usda]

This will give 105 cals.[ 15%of700]that means we can eat per meal 26 grams of meat or fish .[105 /4=26]protein is 4 cals per gm.

Ie, proteins 105 cals

So far so good ,everything for a healthy man.not diabetic

In LCHF we take a maximum of 100 grams of starch [ variable?]per day.

Giving 400 cals per day,

In a meal then it is- carbs- 133 cals [400/3-meals]


And considering oil only for a moment for fats we have to consume 462 grams of oil , [700-(105+133)]

Ie, fats 462 cals [51 grammes]since a gram of oil is 9 cals.

sesame or groundnut, not palm oils as they contain near 90 percent saturated fats,.and saturated fats to be limited as expressed above.

As a gram of fat is 9 cals, deviding 462 by 9 give 51gms of fat , roughly 53 ml = 11 teaspoons= 3.5 table spoons of oil.

Theoretically speaking the body requires only 5 grams of linoleic acid per day[ essential fatty acids] but that will be a lot of work load, on the liver making from starches all the needed fats. for mostly cell wall maintenance.

But remember this 3.5 will be distributed in meat, nuts, milk etc . we will handle it later.

As such we just consume that much oil per meal.

Let us summarise.

Total cals per meal 700

Proteins 105—26gms

Carbs 133---33gms

Fats 462---51gms

We have to convert thes calories to real foods now

We collect some facts now.

A chappathy or a cup of rice, an idli ,each carries 80 calories but carry 15 grams of starch,.carbs[ the books tell like this but it is just roughly only]

A cup of milk 15 grams of carbs .

, A half cup of boiled vegitable,

or A full cup of raw sliced vegitable both

5 grams each of starch ,.

A small apple equals 15 grams of starch.


Place the calculated amounts of fat and protein straight on the food plate

Consider starch next.

Keep an idli or chappathy giving 80 calories in the plate.

The rest 53 calories for fruits and vegitables .[133-80]

53 devided by4 gives 13 grams.

We devide them as, 13= 7.5 and 5.5,,[7.5 for vegitables and 5.5 for fruits]

Ie, half cup cooked and half cup raw vegitables giving 7.5 and one third of an apple for the 5.5


Now this meal plate is complete .

You can exchange any item for other foods , say a cup of milk for an apple etc, for taste.

But for the vegetarian.


Suppose you want to substitute 100 cals of fish/ meat? 26 grams- with plant originated foods.

Take for instance ,

take 100 grams of ground nuts-contains 26 grams of protein .alright substituted,., most other nuts also follow this pattern

But this ground nuts also contains 50 grams of oil – remove so much from the oil we had agreed earlier.

ie all the oil you may wont make any difference.

It also contains 15 grams of carbs = no problem,

remove the apple and the vegitables totaling roughly 13=15.,

Everything balances but the USDA scientists are going to make a hue and cry.THEY would say ,no, you cannot remove the vegitables and fruits for ground nuts.

Vitamins, minerals- coloring materials, soft skin , unbalanced food- they will grumble.let them grumble and hurt their lungs- it is left to you.

you see the nutrition crisis. They are people near nobel price.a vegetarian cannot have all the nutrients and LCHF. Go for the indiacratus solution .

there is an item with out starch, but full protein, and is a vegitable [ botany people, please excuse, I know it is another kingdom], but it is expensive, mashrooms.

This LCHF can give two advantages you can carelessly overeat,.a bit.

Or you may get rid of few years of insulin.

I am not competent to comment on such issues. because I am not a researcher in all this, I just tell you what the scientists are telling.

I follow the foot steps of the great men, scientists who invented this science .NUTRITION.fine tuning of this plate and correcting mistakes are invited.

I commit many mistakes , kindly help – those in the forum who know better than me in NUTRITION theories. Certainly there are many.!!thanks in advance for others in seaech of this diet.

I will give a standard plate later if I get time, the above plate is not perfect for many reasons.


I have considerd vegitables and fruits as not containing proteins and meat and fish as lean –with out fat, .if somebody could correct it. It is only a matter of time.this is what I said fine tuning.

I have laid the clues. anyway. dear kcl vbn, this is not a big problem.

But it is imperative-no alternative, that you have to remember your once calculated food plate.

People on insulin or near insulin also follow this food exchange strategy please.

Do never over eat. It tortures your organs; Diabetic or not.

.in other words if a man takes a holiday for rest with his family don’t take the usual 4 idlis. i know some of you will not be pleased. indiacratus, is he really from south robbing others idlis.

Good luck

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  • LCHF has to be used CONSISTENTLY and not RANDOMLY. This is till the so called scientific world can prove that saturated fat causes CVD/CHD/Obesity on Low carbs. They are desperately trying to prove it since six decades but have failed to prove it so far:

    The conclusion of this expansive study is --

    "A meta-analysis of prospective epidemiologic studies showed that there is no significant evidence for concluding that dietary saturated fat is associated with an increased risk of CHD or CVD. More data are needed to elucidate whether CVD risks are likely to be influenced by the specific nutrients used to replace saturated fat."

    So Saturated FAT is BAD is a FAILED HYPOTHESIS. People need to come out of denial. The last sentence also states -- "More data are needed to elucidate whether CVD risks are likely to be influenced by the specific nutrients used to replace saturated fat." < -- this means CARBS to me and anyone who has slightest understanding of what damage High Carbs Low Fat has done in less than 5 decades.

    USDA Food Plate is what has caused Obesity and Diabetes so that Food Triangle is a "Death Triangle".

    Diabetics will need to switch to LCHF if they want better sugar control on lesser or ZERO Drugs. Depends at what stage they are switching. Even ZERO drugs stage is attainable when on LCHF. Harvard research and Food plate stands exposed but lot of advertising dollars are spent to cover the real facts -- Obesity and Diabetes has increased eve since Low fat Nonsense started gaining momentum.

  • With due respect to your detailed analysis, may I request you to post documented evidence of 'scientific world recommending LCHF only for obesity ,that too for one year only '

  • dear ram,

    thanks for the polite words.hi, you maintain the protocols of a science parlor .great.

    i will give those references.may take a day or two.

    in the mean time can you give me

    [1] the original swedish council recomendation.

    [2]any scientific body aproving LCHF out side sweden.

    any institution like the NIH , a university weblink

    4] anyone responsible on earth recomending -

    "eat anything you like, but limit carbs to 100 grams"

    this is basically in relation to my two former questions.

    where does the overeaten fat go?

    what is atherosclerotic plaque made up of.[ from my two articles given on LCHF few months back]

    please do not give me links like mercola. diet doctor and the like websites from which many of these lchf people pick up.

    any institution like the NIH , a university weblink, a text book will do for me.

    you go to any medical college- you will find standard and substandard researchers ,phd s, just giving a 'study'.hope what i mean, you understand.

    you are really great person .


  • Overeating on FAT is rare because HUNGER is driven by sugar crashes and carbs are responsible for that. FAT doesn't choke your arteries like it would choke your kitchen sink. Since you seem to be so learned why not spend some time on --

    Read all 9 parts carefully if you can.

    Then read this after that --

  • For atherosclerotic plaque go and visit

  • He doesn't believe in anything that doesn't come from Harvard or NIH. One change though is that he does believe at least SWEDEN as a NATION recognizes the advantages of LCHF. Other nations will wake up when ADA starts losing it's glory that it is vehemently protecting though Pharma and CARB-Food industry sponsorships and donations.

  • ram -- this is typical ADA statement (from what I remember reading sometime back) . They simply cannot agree that LCHF works great for sugar control but since they are faced with so much of criticism globally that they have come up with a compromising stance that take LCHF -- but only for weight reduction as weight eduction helps in sugar control. What they simply don't understand is that sugar control on LCHF is almost from the day diet is changed but weight eduction comes in a year or two. So once you have good health, good control after being on :LCHF for a year or two they want you to go back to eating same old crap that got you diabetes so that more drugs sell. Ridiculous at best!

  • Dear ram.

    I give the short answer first, then the longer one at bottom- you wanted me to give documentary evidence for –obesity etc.

    By the way I am not reading or responding the answers given by a certain person here in this forum. it is a long story. —if you want me to answer you have to ask me,

    somebody writes an error in a website-then it goes on circulating and people are mis educated .for example, if all protein is converted ultimately to carbs we can live without protein , the converted thing itself can be eaten,. That means we we don’t require protein at all. starch is enough. [ no,,, proteins, starch ,5 gm essential fats - we can survive. This is the right answer, though the liver will have to struggle a lot]

    But this cannot happen in a text book or university web link- or the national institutes, NIH articles, where many scientists read and edit. And reedit almost every 6 months. ,they even give the date last edited. the name of the professor. etc

    Don’t you think there is a difference between an article in a textbook or web link by HOD diabetology AIIMS and a posting in just some arbitrary web link where a university drop out may be doing all his special gymnastics?

    The short anser.

    “Nevertheless, this is perhaps the first statement of support—albeit for the short-term—by one of the foremost medical organizations”

    American Diabetes Association

    In its 2009 publication of Clinical Practice Recommendations, the ADA again reaffirmed its acceptance of carbohydrate-controlled diets as an effective treatment for short-term (up to one year) weight loss among obese people suffering from type two diabetes.[98]

    the longer one

    The ADA revised its Nutrition Recommendations and Interventions for Diabetes in 2008 to acknowledge low-carbohydrate diets as a legitimate weight-loss plan.[94][95] The recommendations fall short of endorsing low-carbohydrate diets as a long-term health plan, nor do they give any preference to these diets. Nevertheless, this is perhaps the first statement of support—albeit for the short-term—by one of the foremost medical organizations.[96][97] In its 2009 publication of Clinical Practice Recommendations, the ADA again reaffirmed its acceptance of carbohydrate-controlled diets as an effective treatment for short-term (up to one year) weight loss among obese people suffering from type two diabetes.[98]

    my remark

    in fact they do not use the term lchf at all ---but telling carbohydrate controlled diet somehow means a rise in either protein or fats-otherwise there will be severe starvation. and with out some amount of starvation, no weight reduction will be possible

    if you can go to the wikipedia web link, and find this portion and read onwards you will get the opinions of many world bodies .

    , and remember i always like to get corrected.there is one thing only which i dislike anyone questioning-that 'we should be good to others-everyone has a right to live', to me that is to left unquestioned.religion.

    thanks for listening,come often

    good luck

  • You would not answer me because you have no answers. Most of the time your posts are way off the real issue and you do so much of padding up before coming to real point. BTW, not all proteins convert to sugar. Upto 58% do. ;)

  • Considering the food for DM i agree with medfree/LCHF diet on regular basis. or LWMD regimen which are gaining momentum among our members.

    Any amount of calculation and theoratical instructions are difficult to implement in practice by ordinary people comparing to yours. Trial and error to equate the insulin requirement or resistance may weaken a man before he gets in to the right regimen.

    B W


  • sir liverane,

    that is agreed partly.

    but the basic comparison is to be made between two zygotic twins,

    one going for medicine and the other for LCHF.

    but here in the forum these people are comparing themselves with their condition prior to the lchf.

    that makes a lot of difference .

    if you get time kindly read my article on -

    there i asked two questions

    where does the overeaten fat go?

    what is atherosclerotic plaque made up of.

  • Dear Indiacratus

    I am not a nutrition scientist or a doctor but I will try to answer your two questions from what I have learnt

    .I do not think that LCHF life style recommends to eat any thing you want but restrict carbs to 100 gms..According to my understanding,it recommends that 65-70% of the calories come from healthy fats. Carbohydrates are restricted to 20% of calories taken or a maximum of 100 gms. ( for some ketogenic diet it is restricted to 50 gms ) ,remaining calories coming from protein Protein is restricted since it also gets coverted into glucose ultimately .

    Undoubtedly atherosclerotic plaque is made up of cholesterol (small dense LDL particles) Large fluffy LDL acts similar to HDL and so it is considerd to be good..But again, these small dense LDL particles mainly come from starches and sugar which are simple carbohydrates..It is the chronic inflammation caused by simple carbohydrates that is responsible for atherosclerosis,CVD/CHD. .Cholesterol is sent from the liver to heal the inflammation and it is not the culprit. It is like blaming the police man for the crime since he is seen always at the crime spot

    Thank you

  • I couldn't have said it any better.

    Overdose of INSULIN in Blood is precursor to inflammation. The day High Carbers understand this, problem is solved. All the rant about FAT would stop then and there. Since so much money is invested in Big Food and Big Pharma don't expect this to be happening in a century at least. It took them a 100 years to realize Smoking Kills! Before that they were busy advertising -- More Doctors Smoke CAMEL - and AMA/AHA was busy grabbing the advertising dollars from tobacco companies.

  • dear ram,

    it is a pleassure to answer you.

    you give clear sentences, like mine,.

    have you noticed my presentations- all are written as a geometrical theorem.

    so that all my readers can argue in favour or counter easily.

    yours also easy to grasp.when I find anyone like me – I call him great, because often I am a logician- and logicians rarely care for the substance , but they care for the format. dont worry just bamboozle!!

    whenever i am in the lab ,

    what i did , i translate my opinions into an experiment -so that any one can conduct it and find indiacratus is in or out.


    1] in order to make an explanation in any subject , one need not be a master in that field.

    See I am not a biochemist- but cut pice information I give correctly-any one can.only if one cares to absorb knowledge correctly.


    Glucose can be converted by aldose reductase, an enzyme, to sorbitol, -sorbitol , another monomer is found too much in diabetic neuropathy- an aldos reductase inhibitor thus is medicine in diabetic neuropathy.cut piece knowledge.

    Come to atomic physics-

    Planets can revolve around the sun in any distance from sun. but electrons cannot revolve like that around the nucleus.

    There are gaps- forbidden areas for electrons.

    Radiation from an atom is orbit dependent.

    So radiation cannot be continuous .we will get a discontinuous pattern because of the forbidden area.

    I should have explained MRI rather, in a medical context.


    2]if you use the term healthy fats it is in agreement with my version of high fats .

    3] it may be ketogenesis you meant I think.=== ( for some ketogenic diet it is restricted to 50 gms )

    Anyway it is a range given by nutritionists for glucose for brain 50 to 100 . these people took probably the average as 100.

    4] “Protein is restricted since it also gets coverted into glucose ultimately” “.

    Where you picked up this information . you will not find it in a text book.

    Because when a protein molecule is lost or brocken inside the cell , the cell with the aminoacids and the dna encoding constructs an entirely new protein molecule.the damaged molecule is returned to blood as creatnine.

    if all proteins are deaminated how can cell muscle repair take place.[ in order to make glucose you have to remove the nitrogen-portion =-deaminating]

    For convenience of presentation let me say

    In a balanced food this question does not arise.

    Proteins over and above the body requirements only will be de aminated and probably returned as glycogen [ or--- ,it is somewhat of a disputed issue.] .something is not fully clear to me . that is there is a constant genesis of creatinin.

    By the way,A by C ratio above 30[30-to 300]is – some thing wrong in kidney.every diabetic should check this once an year.

    c for creatinine

    the restriction comes because it is just unnecessary work load for liver , ie , nitrogen removal,urea making and exit through urine.

    This restriction is restriction for over eating.never, never, for anti hyper glucose. It holds for everyone diabetic and healthy.

    Similar to this,

    it is in a context like this,I said in my articles the over eaten fat , repeat over eaten fat has to disappear as ketones through urine. Work load again for liver.and damage for kidneys –ok= anything overeaten is bad.

    5] ‘But again, these small dense LDL particles mainly come from starches and sugar which are simple carbohydrates’

    this you will not find in any text book.- ‘..

    this is clearly wrong- if not you can correct me because I want to be a man with out mistakes.

    When dietary lipids is available why should the body go for further genesis from carbs.

    if diatery lipids are not available what you said will happen . but the usda food plate contains everything in just proportion.they are near nobel prize scientists. We have to talk in politics against obama or dr. manmohan.because while voting we have to take a decision.

    But in

    otherwise I will tell you great many thanks. But show me in a text book or text equivalent university website.

    carbs –starches do not enter blood stream- only gluocose and its isomers enter blood.

    The density diference of lipoproteins arises due to the way protein binding takes place.

    .study from the university- don’t learn from roadside.


    “it is the chronic inflammation caused by simple carbohydrates that is responsible for atherosclerosis,CVD/CHD.”

    this again you will not find in a text book.

    what you will find in a text book is- extraglucose in blood, hyperglycemia (diabetes) will destroy capillaries, coronary artery, eye, kidney, nerves,endless --------

    I think u found it in one of those websites I said earlier.


    who says cholesterol is a culprit?

    Cholesterol is like glucose is an absolutely wanted thing inside the body.the body knows how to make it inside fully- no need in diet . only the 5 gm linoleic acd is necessary ,no other lipids.

    It is hyper cholesterolemia like hyperglycemia that is the culprit.

    Anyway the policeman anology is wonderful. Congrats for are a lovely person.

    You join me, let us be logicians!!joke again.

    Good luck, come often

  • correction 50 to 150 -nutritionists minimum for glucose for brain -average=100

  • As for proteins converting to sugar -- So that you do not find hard ... here you go:

    So proteins will convert to Sugar upto 58%. No rocket science here. Ask any diabetic who practices ketogenic diet including Dr Bernstein who lives by 6:12:12 rule (30 gms carbs /day) Ask any diabetic who Hogs PASTA and he will tell you this simple bit of information which no textbook talks as you say :)

    Here's one book --

    And dietary cholesterol has no impact on Cholesterol if on Low Carb. Its a myth spread by High Carb Low Fat school. Dr Bernstein lives on 30gms CARBS/day so i guess his brain must be non functional as per nutritionists who think brain needs 100grams/day. :) :)

  • Thanks Medfree for answering the 'protein question. on behalf of me

    Indiacratus - It is difficult to give you text book references for the questions put forth by you since majority of the research work on adversities of high carb diet vs benefits of the high fat diet ( you can call it as low carb substitutional fat if you think high fat conveys a different meaning of unlimited consumption of fat ) has taken place only in the past 20-25 years.Probably it will take more time for the fat facts to come to text books. Remember, it has taken more than half -a –century and still the failed fat hypothesis created by Ancel Keys is not fully eradicated . So it is too early to expect the fat facts from recent research findings to appear in text books. .I can only provide you a documented evidence relating CVD and small dense LDL particles released in the editorials of American Heart Association and a citation of the work done by Dr Ronald M Krauss and others on the influence of dietary carbohydrate in promoting small dense atherogenic LDL particle

    I have also another research paper by Dr Darlene M Dreon and others - Donner Laboratory ,University of California, Berkeley on the same subject which I will try to send you later

  • Sir please keep posting those links for all. I seem to be a lone fighter against the HIGH CARB menace out here with few like AxEffect chipping in now and then because I do not know when someone will get all my posts deleted like it happened last time recently. I am spending 2-3 hrs of my time daily educating diabetics against the menace of ADA, AMA, AHA et al and the drug companies that control them.

    Afterall, it took them 100 years to realize that smoking kills. It will take 100 years for them to realise that CARBS Kill (if ever that happens). Till then we diabetics have to take control of our Diabetes in our own hands reading works of great doctors like Dr Attia and others which the AMA fans will never ever care to read and understand as for them world begin and ends with AMA, ADA, AHA, AND and Harvard.

    Bottom Line :

    CARBS Kill and not Saturated Fat. Ancel Keys is the father of JUNK SCIENCE where he cherry picked data from 7 counties and rejected 14 others just because the regression analysis of data wasn't yielding what he set out to prove (ie deciding the end result even before study started).

    CANOLA, Safola and Soy Oil is dangerous and not Coconut Oil, Butter or Ghee! One can easily (and they do) overeat on HIGH CARB DIET, it is difficult (though not impossible) to overeat on a high fat diet. No one drinks Ghee like one drinks a CAN of Coke for sure :) :)

    A Cardiac Surgeon with 5000 operation under his belt was also labelled a QUACK the moment he started revealing FACTS. And fans ask for proof in textbooks. Pathetic!

  • with pleasure

  • dear ram.

    this protein subject i had discussed with him some few months back.

    in the end i found it is just wastage explaining to

    him.what i found of him :

    he does not have basic

    knowledge or a necessary sense to

    search for

    a valid source

    of knowledge.just rhetoric.

    and foul language on worlds topmost science more comments on this- i do never read his responses.

    i understand a fact or a principle in two formats only.everybody has to be like


    1]a writing in a text book or text book equivalent

    web link- university professor.or

    NIH and the like.if your child wants to become mbbs , will you ask hin to go to the roadside and will ask him to join a college-medical

    2] a biochemical explanation as

    i gave in my reply - the aldose

    reductase and neuropathy.

    you can at most ask me

    where you found this


    when i gave

    you a citation, wikipedia, i gave the gist

    from the article seperately.but

    you did not do it . he also did

    it in the past like that, that

    is one reason

    why i never read him.what is the use ,

    wasting time.

    i have gone through the first site you gave.

    did you go

    through it?it just supports what i said.this

    is what he also did in the past

    with out reading just send some


    wastage of time i will not go through the


    this first article was written around

    2005.quoting mostly 20th centuary


    why nobody is incorporating

    its contents in a lab test?the world of

    scientists found it insufficient data.

    science is like that. some one finds a fact .

    then the thing

    is repeated in many laborotories round the

    world. if found significat and agreeable, it

    will appear in

    text books and

    lab tests.he has sugested tests to be included , done for the ldl component he mentioned or found out.

    what does after all this article tells?

    it explains and elaborates the view that


    component in ldl is to be taken note of.

    everybody knows hdl is a cholesteol and

    is good.

    does it tell ldl is generated from glucose

    when enough lipids are available in

    blood? no.

    Ram ,

    it is a shame on your part, to be

    endowed with such high rational abilities and yet misguided

    by persons or weblinks

    who has not the minimum

    of a science, rational sense.

    take knowledge only from the sage.

    i am not referring to myself but to the scholars who invented the modern are in an error whirlpool-the lchf!!!no one knows its long term evils

    good luck.

  • A big LOL to your long reply which made no sense!.You are just resorting to same old scaremongering against LCHF. Perhaps it is simply beyond your grey matter to get hold of these things.

  • mr ax,

    i really feel pity on you ,

    to be in possession good rational faculties and just mad like this.

    this is a typical case like fanaticism.

  • Ax

    Yes he did ask me if I was a terrorist. You are lucky he used (intended to) milder term -- fanatic --against you. Give it a pass :)

  • Indiacratus : I have read the article before sending it & I am convinced that I have sent the right article providing evidence that starches and sugar in the diet lead to small dense atherogenic LDL particles .In fact the article is authored by John Brunzell ,Division of Metabolism,Endocrinology & Nutrition , University of Washington ,Seattle & appeared in the Editorial of American Heart Association. and is quite authentic.You wanted reference from text book or any university weblink and I have provided it I am surprised that you start using impolite words even though I have been fair to you and answered you to the point .Honestly ,I do not understand what you are trying to say..Please don't send another reply for this abusing me I am not going to indulge in this sort of hostile discussions any more.Do you feel proud of such responses as I receive from you ?please go through your reply once again

  • ram,

    show me the sentence in the article.


    from carbohydrate the liver can generate ,any cholesterol particle,other than essentials like linoleic.what i said, if the lipid particle is already there in the blood [ when balanced food is taken ]why should it be generated from carbs?

    we are supposed to take balanced food not to overload the liver.

    in other words, the article has to tell ,whether the diet contains or not,the lipid in question - it will be regenerated from, it does not tell.

    moreover in a research,

    if only the other laboratories and researchers round the world ,agree to it ,and a significant amount of this bad particle genesis is shown,

    then only , the lab people will incorporate it.[they will not test if it is some 0.01 percent is found]

    -it will also appear in the innumerable university web will certainly come as an advice from the NIH.i am not going to rake my head over it .this is a wrong practice to go through isolated researches and make self diagnosis and treatment.

    i dropped out of some people because of their foul language , but also this type of activity.

    there are many scientists ,they discus in seminars and decide if

    John Brunzell's discovery has to be accepted or rejected.they might have rejected the thesis.

    sorry if i hurt you by any means. sometimes i go very serious and rigorous.

    you are a lovely person.bear with me.

    by the way are you successful in life , family, children and so on.

    please dont ask this question back to me.

    good luck.

    good luck

  • There is no article and there will be no article from the sites that you are talking of. They all peddle High Carbs so that drugs sell. So if you cannot accept other sites might as well stop debating on this.

  • I have gotten down to a simple thumb rule. Restrict your CARBS to 100gms/day (no more than 20% of your total energy intake should be from carbs). Don't do more than 20% on proteins too as that also converts to sugar. Then eat whatever you want to eat.

  • Ram-

    Its a good analysis.Advocates of lchf diet,states that, one can and should,take higher amounts of fats.The question , rather worry;where would overeaten fat go?..... Will it get converted into higher amount of bad cholesterol?

    .....if not where does it go...

    Medfree may also pls enlightens..

  • My enlightenment is pretty simple (and I say this as one who isn't frightened by the western medicine jargon/scaremongering against fat -- so even take Coconut Oil by tablespoon in morning coffee, eat 12 eggs a week, eat 120gms cheese a week, eat butter, eat 4 kg nuts a month and use ghee. I just don't eat TRANS FAT)

    Those who are seeking answers to this "Hypothetical" state are doing it with their own knowledge of what overeating is by being on the so called HEALTHY Diet -- HIGH CARB LOW FAT. They overeat and they will always overeat due to sugar spikes and crashes (Insulin Spikes) as I have already repeat many times. Crashes signals brain to ask for more food and hence overeating.

    So first try overeat on a Low Carb High Fat diet. It is going to be a rare thing if you are just going to eat when hungry. In 9 out of 10 times you never can. For the balance if calories are in excess of requirement body will store it as Saturated fat but without causing those sugar crashes and spikes. LCHF dieters know they don't gain weight so very easily. To gain weight on LCHF it has to be on calorie counting and not simple uncontrolled overeating as it happens on HIGH CARB LOW FAT diet.

  • I think your question 'where would the overeaten fat go? ' has been already answered in this blog. You can not normally overeat fat since fat gives satiety ( sense of fullness)and limits your intake of calories .It is the carbohydrate that makes you eat /drink more. Haven't we seen people drinking pepsi and coke like fish? Haven't we seen people unable to control their craving for sweets ? With LCHF, you enter into a mode of nutritional ketosis ( NK) Instead of burning sugar , you start burning fats which gives energy like glucose giving energy when you are on high carb diet. .When you are on NK, your body fat also starts burning helping you lose excess body weight

  • I would like to add one point here.

    When body is in fasting (overnight sleep) mode, it does get into a fat burning mode. So, I never prefer a CARB loaded breakfast (unless there's some reason that I have to take a relatively higher carbs in breakfast) and hence the 2 Egg (with yolk of course) and a cup of Black Coffee with 1 TBSP Coconut Oil so that body continues in fat burning mode. Coconut oil is included as it gives quicker energy release (due to it being MCT -- it is also known as CARBS of the FAT world), unlike LCT. Much against this mayoclinic would want diabetics to start the day on few slices of toast and orange juice, egg whites (all of which will spike).

  • dear ram,

    nobody has answered it.

    people overeat as a binge phenomenon-

    a person in this forum is lchf and 10 kg overweight why?.

    he was acusing winter.binge eating .if his body can correctly understand its requirements why to over eat?

    over eaten fat goes if un absorbed creats problems in colon.

    if absobed[the exces] it will return as ketones in urine or stored.10 kg build up took place like that.

    what you said of hunger ,it is not because of the glucose burning effect-

    it is because fat and proteins do not do not quickly clear from the stomack . otherwise people would have come to eat again after 2 and half hours when the bs begins to fall in, carb consumption. this does not happen. this non clearing from the stomach is like that of of high fibre, in its effect. that way, it is already a solution with low gi foods.many people are following it.

    again nutritional ketosis or fat burning ketosis both are bad. . keto genesis ok.

    somebody with out understanding coined a term . 'osis' as a subscript means disease , trouble.

    this is because you are in an error whirlpool.

    in my reply to you, i gave 1,2,3 like where is the answer.?

    because your brain is full of knowledge from those whirlpool cannot escape.

    good luck

  • It has been answered hundred times. If you are overweight on CARBS and switching to LCHF don't blame FAT. Just today, my friend's wife (who is an American and is Overweight diabetic) was on email with me and mentioned how great it is on LCHF and she is losing weight without starving and effort and her numbers have improved hell of a lot. In fact she mentioned to me to start CoQ10 supplement. I am definitely going to try that for 3-6 months. It will take ages for a mind that has been brainwashed with the idea of fat being bad to be reset :)

    Hunger is because of Sugar Crashes for sure! Harvard will never agree.

    Protein causes lower blood sugars at 2 hrs and higher later on as it spikes sugar for sure. Eat 100grams paneer bhurji and then test at 2,3,4 hrs and see yourself instead of searching answers on Harvard websites. Someone right on the forum reported having eaten 6 egg bhurji and then higher sugar numbers. Try it and even you will stop believing Harvard literature like me :)

    One doesn't BINGE on high fat diet. Only thing available for binging is NUTS but not everyone does it.


    you r seen after a time.

    i dont clearly understand what you meant.such general talk may not be of any use.

    but i will tell something which is very clear.


    science there is a judge always.

    that is experiment.

    these laboratories and universities they experiment and find , judge.

    if some one says , they can improve with lchf , with out damage, repeat with out damage, they will accept.

    show it.

    ada nonsense. is ada the only institution on earth.

    government of india can do it.

    , u can do it?

    no one has studied the evils in the long run for lchf.

    like the ukpds, dcct trials for years more than 10, with some 38000 patient years. . for that the scientists must have enough evidence.

    so they do not recomend.

    who will waste time .

    when they have a


    time tested path. the medical path, both sensible and practical.

    good luck

  • dear ax,

    what is improved the numbers from 2.1 to 1.75. ?dont remember.

    ketones , glucose , cholesterol,

    all are needed.who said not?

    it is extra glucose that gives trouble, cholesterol and ketones too.

    why ,almost everything like calcium that causes stones and ,

    everything is rejected through kidney only , rarely skin.

    doctors surprise not clear to me.

    good luck

    good luck

  • no it is wrong information.

    serum creatinine is relatively constant. it should be so.

    limits. .6 to 1.3

    he was a patient.

    his kidneys are damaged even now.

    who says lchf is responsible?

    lot of typing excuse me.

    some how i am detracted.

    good luck

  • My creatinne decreased from 1.1 (when diabetes was detected) to 0.8 and now is 0.7 (recalling from top of my head). So yes LCHF is really bad as my kidneys seem to work better now since last two years on LCHF :)

  • As I live in north India we enjoy six seasons, broadly 3 temp.jones, Summer - 40-45 deg C, the Kcal intake will be 600-800 is sufficient as per activity & age ; For Winter - 4 to 10 deg C, the Kcal intake will be 1200 - 1600 as per activity, age & working conditions; And in Autumn & Rainy Season 20 - 35 Deg C the energy requirement will be 800-1200 Kcal.

    Please decide & suggest LCHF Vegetarian Diet accordingly. in which we get complete minerals, vitamins, fiber, protein , ALA, Omega -3 , Carb, Fat etc.

  • dear kcl,

    in a day or two i will give a diet for 2000 calories.

    you can divide each item into two and get the 1000cals as you want. then you may remove or add some portions and readjust for any calories . from my present presentation itself you may arrive at the same. but vegitarian LCHF is a struggle.did you go through my article ? it points out this where i refereed to mashrooms.

    are you by the way, from the food and nutrition group? this place is already crowded . you will see it as a fresh question among questions.

    good luck

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