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Request to post some clarification on Long Wheat on your articles

Dear ShooterGeorge

After trying a lot to find the elusive Long Wheat in the north India where I am from, I finally had my friend in Bangalore get it from MK Retail - as per one of the photographs where it is called "jawa wheat".

Upon seeing it, all my family members instantly recognized it as "jau" or "jaw" or " जौ " . However it is NOT considered a variety of wheat in the north. So if any one goes and asks for a wheat variety, the shopkeeper won't show jau (जौ) at all. And nowadays jau is sold only as an additive along with the husk, to the 'tastier' durum wheat so people don't see it in shops that often.

Moral of the long explanation - please clarify on your main article that the Long Wheat (technically "Emmer Wheat") in the north is abundantly available as jau or jaw or जौ - it not called wheat. In the north it is typically available with the husk, but it can be found without the husk also. This clarification may save a lot of people several months of research :)

Please also clarify in your appropedia main post if having jau as a mash is necessary, or having it whole is also fine.

For your reading, here is a credible university research article that methodically studied the effects of emmer wheat on T2 diabetes.

Any observations with respect to your experiences will be of great benefit to the community.

Best regards

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  • Jau is not long wheat.

  • I am sorry to say that JAU,from which barley in made and used extensively in Beer and vine industry IS NOT a emmer wheat.Jau belong to Hordeum Vulgare L family.It also not cultivated in noth India.Off course Jau do have some medicinal properties,but here we are discussing Khapli wheat also known as popathia,rava ,gothumalu and is grown mainly in Gujrat,Maharastra,AP,TN,and Karnataka in small scale.

  • Hi patliputra,

    Are the names used in the picture above correct?


  • In Kerala there is this "sooji gothampu", available in country shops, which is traditionally prescribed for diabetics. Then in supermarkets, one gets packed 'samba wheat' in many forms (broken, puttu podi, rava and whole). I always believed these two (sooji gothampu & samba wheat) are the long wheat George refers to. Am I wrong ?

  • You are right. The wheat has several names : 1) tpopathia 2) Gothumalu 3)Samba 4) Dicoccum wheat

  • Hi Peace7, The 2nd, third & fourth names belong to different languages; Gothumalu to Telugu, Samba to Tamil & Diciccum to Latin (Scientific/Botanical name). Tpopathia is new to me.

  • Jau in the North is Barley, used for beer. Its endosperm is white, see pearl barley - white. Khapli Gehun endospetrm is reddish brown. Check botanical names for each.

  • A friend from Maharashtra told me that the name of Long Wheat in Marathi is KHAPLI GAHU ( Name in different languages ) Anil Guptaji, could you find out the Hindi name of Khapli Gahu (or Gehu) & report here. Please also have a look at the picture above.

  • Hindi speaking/Rajasthani Traders in Pune also call it Jad Gehun. My sister and her whole group of friends could not source Khapli Gehun in Delhi. They had to get from Pune. Also Mr. Kashmir Singh could not get it in Punjab. We need more inputs from North based members. I understand it grows mostly in South Maharashtra and now started in Gujarat. Pls ask your suppliers where they source it from and if new crop came. Right now old stock is over in Pune and there is no new stock yet as per my suppliers.

  • New pieces of information are coming in. Member avrs has reported a Gujarati name "BLIYA"

  • Sir, can you provide address in pune so that can be procured

  • refer my earlier posts.

  • PUNE AVAILABILITY "at above Mumb thread anilgupta101 Shah Mansukhlal ChuniLal, 1921 Blundel Road/Shivaji Market Road, Camp, Pune. Tel 020 26340470. If you come to centre Street Camp, Pune any one will guide you to Mansukhlal Dry Fruits Merchant, very famous. I am enjoying the LW as it is very tasty and healthy. Also lost weight. Cheers, good luck and may God help and bless you."

    PUNE AVAILABILITY "Pune City Vithal Gangaram, Kasturi Chowk, Near Ranka Jewellers, Ganesh peth is a regular stockist- His tel nos are 020 26386428/26. He sells for Rs60/kg and will grind on order- flour @ Rs 65/kg."

    "Hindi speaking Rajastani traders in Pune "

  • zeusinus: I too think it is between Jau and jawar. (Jau is probably barley, an item we mix with genetically manipulated wheat. Jowar is Oat)

    Mixing hau with wheat atta reduces its starchiness. Further, before eating I make it crisp in the oven.

    Could it be a variety of wheat?

  • Jau has same carbs as wheat (wheat being 2% more)

  • Yes I also find same wheat as called jaou in Mumbai

  • Where did you find it in Mumbai ?


  • The shopkeeper of shop where i purchased long wheat, when asked about it's name, he said it is called as makka gehun(check with this name in your area). Whatever i purchased matches with those grains shown in pic of SG. And i purchased it in a store where one of our community member purchases(In hyderabad). So i am confident.

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