Coffee ( with milk & no sugar) and Diabetes

I am a coffee loving diabetic patient and taking 5-6 times of coffee from morning to night (half cup) with one Nutrichoice Hy Fibre Digestive Biscuits each time. Though I am deciding to stop it every day, but also breaking that decision on the same day. Can any body calculate for me how much extra calories I am pushing and extent of its affect to increase my BS level. This information may help me to reduce pressure on me, since I am thinking that, this habit is the main culprit for high sugar or it may motivate me to reduce this habit.

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  • once or twice its ok. but biscuits are loaded with carbs & sugar which are not safe for a diabetic person

  • hi sonu,

    great to see you.

    you gave me a dose. the right dose. thanks.

    you are really a great person.

    give this suresh also a dose. he is drinking all coffee.

    good luck

  • dear suresh,

    The following foods each contain about 15 grams of carbohydrates in the serving size listed.

    Milk Group

    1 cup = 8 fluid ounces

    1 cup milk — nonfat, 1 percent fat, 2 percent fat, whole

    1 cup soy milk

    1 cup buttermilk

    kindly follow my pattern.

    i take a full cup of water then a quarter cup of tea .preferably warm water.

    six cups in total per day making only. 1 and half cup per day.

    i also take a bit of tooth paste and wash my mouth by swishing it around, sometimes brushing too.

    that is just teasing your crase for coffee.

    coffe can increase bp.

    a quarter cup of full milk then is only

    then 4 grams of carbs .4 grams can raise your blood sugar by 20 mg /dL.


    this is only the average and may not be the same for all.

    do you know the 15/ 15 or 20/ 20 rule for sugar consumption in hypoglycemia.?

    there you take a cup of whol;e milk or 15 grams of sugar. then wait for 15 minutes

  • this may not work the same way for a person with lactose intolerance.

    and there are many many people with lactose intolerance in various far so good , but it may cause a lot of problems in the colon

    .great miseries in fact..

  • Either coffee or tea in moderate quantities is reportedly beneficial.But 5 to 6 times a day is definitely not advisableSince you are already aware of the ill effects,it all depends on your will power.It is in your hands.

  • dear venkatji,

    it is a lot more than will.

    these people who take lot of tea or coffe tobacco,, over eaters- all are tension kids.[ me too included]

    the only way to tide over is a set of tricking a -conditional reflex or some medication or some times moving deep into the causes of the habit.

    good luck..

    your small paragraphs with net url supports is really a great work you do .[ and gangadharan nair too, but nair sahib is not seen these days]


    good luck.

  • hi,

    dear ax,

    thanks for response

    where do you get all these informations?

    in the deaddiction centeres they give , they give drugs from the anti depresent groups.

    it works for a quite high percentage of people. percentage i dont remember.

    but the persons cooperation also is necessary.otherwise breakdown and readdiction is possible-

    in practice negligible number of antidepressants are causing can choose from a large number!!!

    good luck.

  • People suffering from BS should have green tea only. As much as possible avoid tea /coffee.

  • A cup of black coffee with 1 TBSP coconut oil is the best thing to start your day with. 1 Cup coffee a day is great.

  • Depends

  • Coffee without milk early morning is best. No coffee after 2PM in any case as it conks of sleep cycle. Green tea with tulsi 5-6 cups without sugar, without milk but with lemon is best.

    Anything that reads "DIABETIC FRIENDLY" (biscuit or anything else) is not to be touched even with a barge pole.

    More than calories, first thing that you need to reign in is CARBS intake as that pushes the sugar up. Switch to Low carb High Fat -- LCHF -- diet.

  • In case you really like coffee may take Black coffee from green coffee seeds-with out roasting which will control BSL. May add cinnamon and Pumpkin seeds while making green coffee.

    Best wishesIn the aftr noon switch to Green Tea -as suggested above.

  • Thanks to all my friends & well wishers for their valuable suggestions. Taken one more strong decision ( seriously) to reduce consumption.I shall reports here outcome of reducing coffee, after some time

  • I also understand from the following link that: "Eliminate caffeine. Caffeine can impair your body's ability to handle sugar and increase the amount of stress hormones, which may increase blood sugars"

    This source given by Mr. Nair on some other discussion.

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